12 pack of Musashi Lean WPI Protein Powder Vanilla 1.9KG $36.95+$8.95 shipping @ Catch.com.au

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12 pack of Musashi Lean WPI Protein Powder Vanilla 1.9kg
That's 1.9 x 12 = 22.8KG of protein for only $36.95 + $8.95 standard delivery!

Musashi Lean WPI 1.9kg
Flavour: Vanilla
Protein per serve: 25g
Carbs per serve: Less than 1g
Calories per serve: 114
Formulated to build & maintain a ripped lean physique
Low in fat & carbohydrates
Use with resistance training & a balanced diet to support lean muscle growth
Easy to mix
63 serves per pack
Country of origin: New Zealand
Expiry Date: 12/09/2018
Please note: Contains milk & soy products

Mod: Likely it was a case of the wrong picture being used, item now sold out, will be moved to forums as price error if confirmed it's only 1 pack/orders cancelled (please report if so).

Mod 2: Moved to forums, price error and orders refunded/cancelled.

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  • Is it really 22 plus kilos ??? !! For approximately 46 dollars delivered ?

    • Well it says a 12 pack! What else would that refer to??

      • You are right . Don’t know how to interpret that. 63 serves per pack it says. Each serve is 30 grams making it 1.9 kilos. And 12 pack would indeed be over 22 kilos !!!!!!

        Not sure if that is what the image means

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    It doesn't mention 12 pack anywhere other than the image.

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    For some reason I feel like this is either a pricing error, or more likely a photo error for the 12 pack. I would love to be wrong but to get 22kg of protein delivered for $50 seems a bit off.

    • do they have to honour it?

      • I doubt it, they'll probs just cancel your order and refund you like most places do when this stuff happens.

      • Who has to honour anything anymore these days? LOL

    • Yes most likely an error, the only 12-pack Musashi they sell are protein bars and drinks. Also they have 12-pack in the title too as opposed to the one linked in this deal

  • I have a feeling the picture is a mistake. Nothing in the description indicates 12 packs. Additionally in the cart it just mentions 1.9kg

  • It states 63 serves PER pack so maybe not an error?

    Musashi website shows RRP 159.99 per pack. So definitely not 36.95 for 12 packs.

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      Yeah agree but the RRP price?
      $160 for 1.9kg of WPI…. wow
      Hopefully there’s steroids in there

    • 63 serves =
      30 grams per serve
      1.9kg = 1900 grams
      1900 / 30 = 63

  • It means it’ll give you a 12 pack (2x 6 packs) 😂

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    Almost certainly going to be for one tub - most likely an error with the pic on their part

  • Picture says 12 pack soooo?

  • Well it says.. Don't pay $159.99…
    I think it's intended to be 12 packs.
    But most likely a pricing error.

  • This is no way in hell for 22kg of protein. It's just for the 1.9kg.

  • Shit, this stuff is $99-$110 at chemist warehouse for a single.
    Doubt this will be honored

  • I'm interested to know if it is 12 lol

  • All orders have been cancelled and refunded. Image posted was in error, indeed NOT a 12-pack :)