[AMA] I Am The Operation Manager at MSY Head Quarter, Ask Me (Almost) Anything

[UPDATE] 5:18PM 20/11/2017: Due to no more post coming in, AMA is officially closed now.

[UPDATED] 11:43AM 18/11/2017: There are a few accounts in this thread marked "Associated". User name "beetran" is the only MSY account with OZBargain. The rest of other users are not associated or related to us. Guys, I am just doing the AMA to bring MSY closers to everyone. Please do not mess around like this.

Hello everyone,

I've been a OZBargain follower for many years and I thought it is the time for me to contribute back.

A bit about myself:

  • I am the Operation Manager
  • I am based in Melbourne head quarter office
  • I am a male

Disclaimer: all my reply here express my personal opinion only, not representing MSY.

Let's start !

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  • +84

    Despite previously being fined by the ACCC , why has MSY still continued to misrepresent consumer rights?

    • -61

      Honestly, I think the ACCC can take a hike in this case. As long as they actually honour consumer rights under the ACL (and they do to my knowledge), whether they get the wording exactly right on posters and ads is so trivial a thing, I'd rather MSY keep selling stuff for dirt-cheap instead of having to push up prices by having a compliance department.

      • +44

        You personally may know your ACL right but most people don't. They may now know what a company prints on a poster is not correct but may believe the statements. That's why it is important for the ACCC to act.

        • -57

          Anyone who shops at MSY can access the internet. I don't have much sympathy for people who're too lazy to look up things themselves.

        • +63

          @0blivion: Anyone who runs a major national retail vendor can access the internet too. I don't have much sympathy for companies who are too lazy to look up their ACL obligations themselves.

        • -65


          Don't disagree - everyone can access the internet, no need for the govt to meddle. Rules like this is EXACTLY why prices for things are inflated unnecessarily. There's good regulations (food safety, consumer safety, etc), and stupid ones (like how to word ads).

        • @0blivion: What is this “who’re” you talk of?

        • -1

          It's unfortunate these are ALSO the same people that don't know how to buy suitable parts or install their parts, or break them and then blame it on the retailer. This is 95% of people who go to MSY unfortunately.

    • Dear Shanakatak, due to the complexity of the law, I'm unable to discuss this topic over here. Any formal publication will be announce on MSY website.
      MSY Technology have made modifications to the structure of our business to provide faster, more accurate services.

      • +25

        I am the Operation Manager
        …will be announce on MSY website.

        Did you do the wording for those posters/ads? :p

        • +14

          Grammar Nazi?
          Take a chill pill, dude. I'll bet you didn't score 100% in your HSC English subject, or have a PhD in English Literature either.

        • -16

          @dangerdanger: no but you'd expect a member of a company operating in AU to speak very good English.

        • +33


          You'd expect all Straylian's to speak good Oz-glish as well. But guess what - they don't.

          You wouldn't hire someone great at their job - just because they don't score top marks in English? I think you'll find very few Aussies are employable by your books then.

          And the country of the 'mother tongue' (UK) shouldn't hire Aussies because I'm sure they're laughing at our grammar.

          Maybe he's first generation immigrant. Who cares. If he's a good person, he runs a good business / branch, doesn't rip off customers, and works hard - then his grammar isn't crucial.

        • +1


          You wouldn't hire someone great at their job - just because they don't score top marks in English?

          If someone was hiring for a relatively high position, such as an Operations Manager, and someone sent through a CV with lots of spelling or grammatical errors, that CV will more than likely go straight into in the bin beforE anyone even talks about whether they're good at a job or not.

          …then his grammar isn't crucial.

          What would you think of a company who sent you letters and correspondence that is littered with spelling and grammatical errors?

          I think most people would agree that it would make the company sound quite unprofessional

          Not saying that there's a need for perfect english, but at least a level that's good enough to communicate in a professional manner.

        • +1

          I'm sure there are plenty of members of highly successful multinationals operating in AU that don't speak a word of English.

          Most of Aldi Audi staff in Germany probably don't speak English well despite the company operating in AU

          More specifically onshore through the years quite few businesses were started by Greek and Italian immigrant,
          lately Chinese and Indian immigrants,

        • +4

          @bobbified: Sure… If their role is corporate comms. This guy, however, is the ops manager with english likely a second or third language. I speak only one, and probably not all that well at that. How about you?
          Senior management where I work are mostly expats and have varying levels English, I don't for a minute confuse that with unprofessionalism though.

        • -5


          I speak only one, and probably not all that well at that. How about you?

          I do speak my another language other than English but that other language doesn't really matter. You could call the other language a bonus, but it's the local language in the country you live or do business in that's important.

          Senior management where I work are mostly expats and have varying levels English, I don't for a minute confuse that with unprofessionalism though

          I'm not referring to verbal communications where there's a person standing in front of you or you're talking amongst staff that know each other. When you stand in front of someone and talk, it's not just the words in the conversation that are used to judge. There's also body language, tone, speed and a whole lot of other things.

          When it comes to written communication, there's nothing other than the written words, so it has to be as correct as possible to make sure the correct message is conveyed. Companies recognise this and they spend lots of money on corporate communications teams.

          So what would you really think if you received a really poorly written letter from a large company filled with spelling and grammatical errors? Then you try call up to make sure you understand the contents of the letter, only to be connected to an overseas call centre where the operators doesn't speak fluent English.

        • +10

          @dangerdanger: in fairness, we are talking some fairly commonly used plurals here, not a PhD in English! I shop online from sellers from various parts of Asia frequently and I always feel tempted to offer free editing of their ads to help with English grammar, but wonder if it will be taken the wrong way…

          However, to be more constructive about it, OP, if you want to improve your English, I would write:

          • Operations Manager (not Operation Manager)
          • Headquarters (not Head Quarter)
          • bring MSY closer to (not bring MSY closers to)
          • all replies here express (not all reply here express)
          • will be announced (not will be announce)

          I hope this helps you :)

        • +3

          At work, I've seen emails flying around from senior management with some typos and grammatical errors every now and then. Unless it's a formal announcement being sent out to stakeholders, I wouldn't think much of the errors in this informal AMA on ozbargain

        • -1


          At work, I've seen emails flying around from senior management with some typos and grammatical errors every now and then.

          There's nothing wrong with those types of errors in internal communicatios. It only matters when the intended audience is outside the company walls and those errors could potentially impact the company's image.

          I wouldn't think much of the errors in this informal AMA on ozbargain

          I do agree with you on that and it doesn't bother me at all. My original comment was a actually tongue-in-cheek one. lol

      • +7

        Australian Consumer Law is actually very simple. It's a mystery why you guys still can't grasp it

        • +16

          Apple is close to the worlds richest company and they still got it wrong.

          edit. on 2 separate occasions as well.

        • +2

          @Olokun: Well, there's reasonable argument here for knowing it was wrong and doing it, or being completely ignorant to it all anyway.

          We are talking apple here, a place where they try to cut corners even while in some of the worst labour markets in the world.

        • +7


          My point was that the ACL isn't as straight forward as taylorn8r was making it out to be by demonstrating that even very large companies occasionally fall foul of it. Especially the 'Misleading and Descriptive Conduct' provisions. Some more examples off the top of my head:

          • Telstra
          • Optus
          • TPG
          • Zamels
          • Harvey Norman
          • Coles
          • Woolworths
          • JB HiFi
          • Kogan

          Just to name a few.

        • +1

          @Olokun: Oh right, well I basically fully agree. albiet I would accept some of them to retort if it was put to them, that the ACL's laws/guidelines feel like blanket generalizations in a lot of places where it should be more specific.

          In the end, the fact its like a blanket probably helps us 9 times out of 10 cases, but yeah.

          Excuse my reply if it makes no sense, I'm quite deep into friday night cold beverages.

        • +1

          @Olokun: Which is also why organisations such as the one I work for have specific training courses around the core tenants of the ACL in regards to this.
          Looking at the MSY website in reference to the representations they were guilty of, there were some pretty obvious ones that should not have been made.

        • +1

          No its not. Can you tell precisely, how long the warranty is on an iphone, per ACL ?

        • -3

          @Olokun: Apple got it wrong when it didn't understand Australain consumers are pack of whingers and when they drop their phone and shatter their screens or drop it in the water, that you have to give these people a brand new phone otherwise the ACCC gets too many complaint phone calls. ACCC doesn't want to pickup these phone calls so ingeniously handballs it back to the retailer/manufacturer to go deal with this shit. ACCC probably also things these guys make enough money, so just go deal with these people otherwise we will make up bullshit rules like when your english isn't good enough and make a crappy sign we will fine you.

    • What did they do?

  • +10

    I can sense an EA Games type situation happening here…

    • +16

      Well at least MSY doesn't sell you a motherboard without the capacitors and ask you to pay for loot boxes to restore them.

  • +3

    How does MSY determine what products to put on sale and when? (Especially ones that go on sale for what must be below-cost prices)?

    • +1

      Dear 0blivion, products on sale is set by our PM team, many factors need to take into consideration, including but not limit to the price we get from our supplier, etc. MSY Technology aim to have regular promotions every week. For our latest promotion, please subscribe to our newsletter by registering your email address with us.

  • +3

    Heaps of stuff MSY sells is often listed for sale under the cost price of what many smaller computer shops can buy for from the same distributors like Synnex or Ingram.

    Is MSY's business model basically sell volume and make money off rebates?

    • +23

      Dear decrytion, MSY Technology operates similar to other large retail chains, we buy in bulk in order to lower the unit cost and pass this savings to customer.

  • +1

    Do you sell Franchise Business?

    • +1

      Dear ozyboy, sorry, we currently don't offer franchise business, but will mention to our management team regarding this.

  • +6

    I wanted to read "I am the Ozbargain manager"

  • +1

    Best out of warranty return excuse.

    • +4

      We face it, no excuse. We will fix all these issues as soon as possible.

      If you still have any warranty return issue, please send me an email to [email protected] and I'll sort it out for you

      • +50

        I think Frugal Rock worded his question poorly.

        I assume he meant "what is the best excuse someone has had for an out-of-warranty return?"

        • +45

          @Frugal Rock: i do, you just bad at.

        • -56

          "i do, you just bad at."

          Gold. What was that about wording poorly, again?

        • +72

          @Frugal Rock: oh, the irony.

        • -54

          The irony is you not knowing the difference between a proper sentence and a syntactic error, and getting no result yourself. You don't stink, it's the minimalist waft of sardonic personal hygiene. How come your idiot-proof, virtue signalling reworded version got no actual result. No horse whispering traction. No facilitated felicitations. Did you just take longer, overdefined means to a lesser end. Where's the Close Encounters duelling digital accordion moment, or have you just been fruitlessly fashioning laccolithic buttes out of mashed potato?

        • +36

          @Frugal Rock: It's a little sad you have to write your comment like it's a Harvard thesis to overcompensate and justify your point.

        • +18

          @Frugal Rock: me love mashed potato you come cook me eat.

        • +6


          (profanity) nailed it XD

        • +3

          @Frugal Rock: Did you tip your fedora after submitting that comment?

        • +3

          @Frugal Rock: oh god, r/iamverysmart is leaking

        • -2

          Thanks for asking. No, but I doffed my fitted "Make this sentence comparatively more understood, for the very first time, ever!" red trucker cap in humble exultation when Alanis Morissette's Sentence Magic 2.0 Clarity Edition drew sweet, sweet fresh air from the rep. Nothing but "I've got this" faceplant. Negative net understanding FTW. Just one pixel away from CS!

        • @Frugal Rock: Dude, your neckbeard is showing

        • -1

          More or less than your Encino High uniform, Moon Unit?

        • +1

          @Frugal Rock: My apologies, I hadn't realized I was talking to somebody on the spectrum.

        • -1

          You should Dymo your Commodore 64. Again.

  • +2

    Is your order system centralised or do branches run their own?

    Background: I put in an order to be paid on collection a couple of years ago and never heard back re collection or stock. Attempts to confirm or cancel were unsuccessful. My order may still be in the system for all I know. So I have abandoned it, and also abandoned shopping at MSY.

    • Dear greenpossum, branch orders are sent directly to the store and handled by the staff there. May I know which store you place the order with and we'll check into this?

      • Auburn. Think it was like 2 or 3 years ago in December for a Samsung monitor that probably isn't made now.

        • +3

          Dear greenpossum, thank you for the reply. We will be centralising the system to make ordering process more simple and easier to to manage. We hope this move will provide a better experience to all customers shopping with MSY Technology.

        • +13

          @beetran: The more and more I read of this, the more and more it sounds like PR scripted answers. I mean, were you already centralizing the ordering system, did this comment alone cause it to happen..? This goes for many many replies here..

          .. and don't get me wrong, you guys are common recipients to a bunch of my money.

    • I had same prob at Hurstville.

  • +5

    Do MSY keep an archive of all the PDFs ever published?

    • +3

      Dear whirlpool_guy, to my best knowledge, we do keep archive of the published materials

      • +1

        There must be many GBs of PDFs! :) How old is the oldest PDF?

        • Need to check with the IT guys on this one. I only have 10 records on hand now

        • +11

          Check this out, all PARTS.pdf links from 2003 till now!

        • +5

          @beetran: The PDF for parts list is awesome!

          All prices listed easily to scan and price up a new machine..

          Never remove the PARTS.pdf

      • +1

        It would be great if this was made available for download.

    • Ah, PARTS.pdf, the holy grail. You've just got to have that thing bookmarked permanently. Never ever remove it.

  • Any plans to introduce Afterpay or ZipPay as a payment method in the future?

    • +8

      Setup for ZipPay is underway. ETA is Feb-18

      • +1

        Awesome news. They're great services if used responsibly.

        • +41

          Hard. I believe most of us in OZBargain buy first think later and the ZipPay will make it even worse

      • +2

        Please consider Afterpay as well. The fees are only a little higher than ZipPay. ZipPay is what scummy little retailers seem to use, AfterPay has a lot of mainstream appeal like Target, Big W, Officeworks, etc.

  • +23

    Why does the msy website look so terrible? Is it really because it makes it look cheaper?

    • +36

      A whole new website is underway. Beta is out for internal testing now (no bugs so far, just need some more stress test). Final version will be released really soon.

      • +8

        I hope it sticks somewhat to the iconic MSY "style"

      • +44

        I'm happy as long as there is a Parts.PDF to be honest

        • +13

          I'd be happy if they just remove the rest of the site, and make the home page parts.pdf.

      • +9

        You know a good way to stress test ? Get a product ozbs like and list a deal only for ozbs.
        Depending on the deal, I can bet your site will be stress tested in a matter of minutes.

      • Currently MSY web doesn't work on my Android tablet (Pixel C). Love to see it works on the new website. :)

    • +1

      Is it really because it makes it look cheaper?

      Considering the REP has dodged the question, i knew an ex employee who said this was the reason, and to discourage newbs. Things might have changed now.

      • +4

        Bunnings is the master at the psychology of it, msy is participant in the same promotional style.

        The technique to make you believe the lowest possible price because
        we don't spend much on our brochures, shop fittings, website, use old equipment. Don't spend on signage

        Lastly the presentations of prices.
        Bunnings use 37c here and there it makes you believe that efforts made to bring down as far can go.

        Msy, similar with whole dollar amounts most items won't end in 0 5 or 9 to create the perception there is not markup to the nearest 5 or minimal profit.
        $ 1 2 3 4 6 7 8 are regular on most items.

      • +2

        I have been wanting to know what's up with the crap, text-dense looking MSY site for years.

        Love the idea it's done intentionally to discourage "newbs," by being user-unfriendly. Just like the staff at the Ultimo store.

        I swear it's like Soup Nazi service in there. Or like buying computer parts at a funeral. Grim yet amusing. A free FU with every purchase - now that's a bargain.

    • designed by their CEO lol

  • +2

    Hello - what level of education/career path led you to become the operation manager? Cheers

    • +18

      Bachelor of Business :)

      • I have a masters in commerce, can I join you guys? XD

        • +5

          i think yes, and you can be his boss ;>

  • I have noticed recently that your PC Parts List is not stocking the latest parts.. For example; The AMD Threadripper 10 Core CPU and also the RX Vega line of AMD Graphics Cards.. When do you expect us to see these available in-store?

    • +3

      We are going through a major review in stock level at the moment. Hopefully everything will be in place before Christmas

  • +1

    why doesnt msy provide bags?

    • +69

      Save cost and save the enviroment

      • +25

        save cost really though

    • +6

      They provide boxes.

      • +8

        I prefer Boxing gloves when shopping at MSY ;)

    • +4

      It's not a supermarket.. how much stuff do you need a bag for?

      • +1

        You do need a box when picking up a kit.
        They might have one, but anyone buying 10+ items from a discount warehouse would be sensible to take their own.

  • +1

    What sort of deals can we expect for Cyber Monday from MSY, and will we see more stores out west in sydney? Thanks

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