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Nuheara Iqbuds $339.15, Normally $399


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I'm an owner of IQbuds and will be picking up a couple more for Christmas gifts now the price is the lowest I've seen before.
They are incredible, and I can't go a day without them. The blended listening features are out of this world.

There's a good review video here:

Unbox Therapy https://youtu.be/FcnzA1WUI8Q

Don't forget cashrewards 3.5% cashback on the nuheara shop site too.

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  • I'm finding wireless buds are probably the worse thing to use in places where there's heaps of RF interference. They generally do not have enough oomph to receive from the phone (and between each bud) giving drop outs etc. It's especially bad in urban built up areas where every man and their dog runs some wireless device.

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      I've had no problems with my iQbuds since the co realeased a firmware update. Battery life has improved and you can configure the touch controls now as well. News coming in dec/jan hopefully to add more features/products.

      • Nah.. it's a general thing (not specific to any brand per se) and I am suspecting it happens to all buds (eg. like where I am in Chatswood or in parts of Sydney City). It's almost impossible to walk around some of the main streets here without drop outs from any one of my five sets of buds. My bigger Bose QC35 works ok but as strong it is, it will still struggle a bit under these conditions with a fade in and out for a few tenths of a second.
        I am curious though - what the hell are these people running in parts of town that can knock out a localised RF signal? Something must be blasting 2.4Ghz RF like crazy.

        • What are your thoughts on the Bose QC35s?
          Have you tried them on a flight?

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          @mrbargainpuddle: Yeah.. the QC35's are the very best you can get in commercial noise cancellation (arguably the Sony MDR-1000X is "better" but thats subjective). It works beautifully on a flight and allows you to sleep through it without the whinning engine noise.
          I usually only use it outside when I'm in my introvert mode. I use buds more regularly since it is easier to pull out and communicate with people otherwise and weighs much less. lol..

        • @bchliu: Nice. Yeah I was researching them a little bit. Good to hear from an actual user though. I can never sleep on flights and think it's because of the drone of the engine, so the QC35s might be my next big purchase.
          I know what you're saying bout the buds being more 'sociable'. That's what I like about these iqbuds, you don't have to take them out or pause the music when people have the audacity to talk to you haha. It's all seamlessly integrated.

        • @mrbargainpuddle: I did think about getting the QC25's as buds. But wasn't happy with the battery life on it and the ring around the neck style so got the QC20's instead for my use in the office (I write a lot of documents and on the mobile a lot in meetings).

          Bought too many headphones/buds lately.. Gonna stop for a couple of years I think. lol

        • 2.4Ghz RF

          Isn't that n-spec wifi?

        • @0blivion: Yeah.. also the same spec as Bluetooth, portable home phones, Microwave ovens and a whole batch of other electronics too (Drones, remote controlled stuff etc). Everything gets jammed into this band almost hence why very low powered buds do not work very well in these situations. Even Apple has a full write up of it since it's one of their common complaints from their customers too:

  • Thanks for joining and "letting" us know, can you get your bosses to do 50% off and ill bite :)

    • pfffff I wish you luck on that journey, plenty of grateful ears outside of yours for these to go into

      • Sure especially this bit (extract from an amazon review), "It's great for what it is and the tech it packs in, but it's most annoying short fall is what ANY BLUETOOTH DEVICE should not to f*** up. The RANGE sucks. Yes it tells you up front in the manual but seriously?! I can't put my phone in my pants pocket w/o losing connection!!??!!!!!"

        This seems to come up a lot in the amazon reviews as well as the poor battery life, what is the point of wireless when you can't get the most important aspect of it correct.

        • cool man. Why buy them even at 50% off then? I've had a completely different experience to that reviewer.
          Like the poster above mentioned, they released a firmware update and it resolved the connection weakness.
          I haven't had a single issue using them with an iphone7 in the side, back, or front pants pocket ;)

        • @mrbargainpuddle: I was mucking around, I wouldn't buy them but what irked me was that you were new to the site and your first post was recommending these?

          Also the reviews regarding poor battery life and connection issues on Amazon were post the Nuheara update which was in Sep 2017, anyhow couldn't care less but your post was somewhat suspect.

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    serious at this price point i would consider the SONY WF-1000X WIRELESS NOISE CANCELLING. Tell your boss he priced it 90% over priced

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      Do realise the major selling point is hearing argumentation.

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    Pretty good deal. Happy with mine.

    Should've waited for this discount. Lesson is not to do price checks for things you already bought.

  • If you want noise cancellation, good quality music, lightweight and don't mind going without the wireless function (it reduces sound quality)….you could potentially consider Shure SE535. From reviews, it looks like product. When you reach at a price 300+ for an earphone…I think you want something that would be portable and good sound quality…

  • I bought the Xiaomi version for 35 dollars delivered from GearBest and they are at least 95% of the audio quality of these..

    GFY $340