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WTF Mobileciti Deals: Samsung Galaxy S8 $798, iPhone SE 32GB $393, Huawei 360 Camera $99 / Mate 10 $799, Nokia 8 $649


Hi all,

Some Wednesday-Thursday-Friday deals for Mobileciti this week. All deals are for 24 hours only from 00:00-23:59 while stocks lasts.




As usual, you'll get 100% Australian Stock, Local Manufaturers Warranty, TRS if eligible, and GST Invoice.

In stock, ready to dispatch or pick up from Parramatta.


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      2 year

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    Any LG g6, v20 deals??

  • TightArse won't like this, he usually has the funny Codes :)

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    S8 has a new colour Midngiht Dyslexic Black. I'll have to see this!

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      Haha thanks, fixed

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    Anything for the Note 8?

  • What's the benefit of buying here vs. buying the Nokia 8 from this Ebay store: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/BRAND-NEW-NOKIA-8-64GB-DUAL-SIM-... with the 1yr breakdown & accidental damage cover from Virginia Surety?

    Sure it's from Hong Kong, but with that cover it would be covered for both breakdown and accidental damage.

    • If the same price, I'd rather deal with the manufacturer for warranty issues.
      Also Aussie stock will have an Aussie charger in the box. From Hong Kong they come with a rather useless travel adapter.

      • True… I just wanted that accidental damage cover because I drop my phone quite a bit and don't like having a case

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    Looks like a strong deal. Might think about jumping on this one

  • Is it worth spending an extra ~$260 on Mate 10 ? Mate 9 is available from Amazon for $537 delivered. Any phone gurus please advise.

    • I use a mate 9 (right now to answer this) and do not feel urge to upgrade to Mate 10. That's BC 9 is pretty decent already. But given the price in this deal I would go for mate 10 and be future proofed….Well…11 months more till they come out with next one.

  • S8 was $708 last week at Amaysim with 2 years local warranty.

    • Link?

        • Not the same product.

          ….grey import.

        • And that was in the past, unless u have a time machine, this is the best deal you can get.

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          Just saying with usual price cycles you can save if you're prepared to wait a week or so.

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          And I’m saying it’s not the same product.

          You link the FD model with no TRS claimable.

          No amount of waiting will turn it into Australian stock.

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      That was local stock not aussie stock.
      Aussie stock comes with 2 years manufacture warranty. You can take s8 to any Samsung store to repair.
      Local stock ( my way of understanding) is a fancy term for fast shipping (still grey import s8 but dispatch locally). You can't take it to Samsung store. Don't be too optimistic with online warranty.

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    Hello, will you have similar deal on the Mate 10 Pro? (Holding breath)

    • The Mate 10 Pro is an Optus exclusive mobile in Australia, if you don’t get it from Optus it will be a grey import.

      • Hi ChemicalMan,

        Mobileciti also has AU stock of the Mate 10 Pro, see our listings and also the bottom of Huawei AU site. Thanks

    • Hi Fijiboy,

      Currently all our Mate 10 Pro preorders are sold out, but I'll make sure to let you know if in the future we are able to do a deal on the Mate 10 Pro. Thanks

      • Yes yes please do a deal on the mate 10 pro! Or if anyone knows of deals going on at the moment let me know!

        Is it really only optus exclusive? But hopefully comes unlocked if purchased out right.

  • Any possibility of a deal on the S8+? :)

  • Edit

    • Did you apply the coupon "WTF" in cart?

  • Is there any chance of better than $888 for the Huawei Phone/Camera pair, as per your previous deal?

  • About to buy a Note 8 (Aussie Stock) in sydney, box opened for $1000
    any thoughts, any options ?

    • A few stores were running sales with brand new Note 8’s for $988, $998 ( Harvey Norman, JB).

      I’d have another look?

    • Get a sealed one and with receipt

  • will the each sale start from midnight?

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      Hi Cicciospirit,

      Yes each sales starts midnight

      • thanks.
        any deals on accessories.. like the smart cover?

  • Any deal for iPhone 8 or 8+? Please

    • Yeah I am waiting for an iPhone 8 deal too….

    • Hi zhiliangh,

      I've added the iPhone 8 256GB to the sale for tomorrow. Thanks

      • Perfect! Thanks!

  • Just want to be sure, does the Huawei 360 Panoramic VR Camera work fine on the Huawei Mate 9?

    • Hi dsv626,

      Yes the Huawei 360 camera will work fine with the Mate 9 and any other Type-C Android phone with Android 6.0 or later. Thanks

      • Got it today. Thanks for the fast shipping. But my phone doesn't recognize it. I have One Plus 3T with USB type-c running Android 8.0. any idea what could be the issue?

        • Hi Kuls,

          Have you downloaded the Huawei 360 Camera App? Thanks

        • @lyl: yes. It just says connect camera. Camera is already connected but it doesn't recognize it.

  • I'm getting the error Coupon code "WTF" is not valid. Does the sale start at midnight today?

    • Hi AK6

      Yes, the sales start at midnight. Just tested and coupon works for me. The Huawei Mate 10 and 360 camera are the items for Wednesday, the other items start at Thursday and Friday.

      • I tried again but no luck. I have registered with the site for first time , am I missing something?
        Also, would you have an offer on iphone X as well?

      • Hey Mate, could you please help me out here? I'm getting the same error message?

        • Hi AK6,

          Sorry for the late reply, which item are you trying to order? Thanks

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    Note8 will be see below 1000$

    • I don't think the note8 is part of it.

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    Do you have note 8?

  • The LG G6 phone is still not on special!!!!
    Will this phone ever be on sale ever again?

  • Can we get a deal on the Huawei W1's please?

  • Any deals going on the samsung

  • Today is wed. 9.49 S.A. time and camera is $178.00 no $99 like you advertise

    • Hi Maximax,

      You need to enter the coupon code 'WTF' at checkout to bring the price down. Thanks

  • Is the Samsung S8 deal available in-store or is it online order only?

    • Hi Kevin222,

      The Samsung Galaxy S8 deal is available online only, but there is an option at checkout to pick it up in store. Thanks

  • Which parcel service do they use?
    If it's Fasttrack it's a no go for me …

    • Hi dragonos81,

      Free shipping can be either Fastway or Auspost eParcel, but there are options for Auspost Standard & eParcel express at checkout. Thanks

  • it says - Network Branding: Optus
    does this make any difference? especially in getting android updates? will there be lots of preinstalled apps? n what about boot load up time?

  • Tempted to get the s8 or should I wait it out

    • Wait for Note8

      • Hrm I was just thinking nornsl s8.

        • Try holding the S8 at JB Officeworks or HN, they're the slim but tall kinda phones. Too easy to drop/slip outta hand imo

        • @payton: yeah i should try it. its like the bing deal but without the shipping

  • Hi Op, any deals on iPhone7 128/256GB jet black?

  • For Samsung Galaxy S8 it says - Network Branding: Optus
    does this make any difference? especially in getting android updates/preinstalled apps/boot load up time?

    • +1

      Hi karan singh rathore,

      Network branding means there will be a bootup logo (the Optus logo goes by very quickly so shouldn't add much bootup time), and one preinstalled 'Yes Optus' app. As for software updates, it might arrive at a different day than the unbranded one, checkout the sammobile dates for the OPS (Optus) and XSA (Unbranded) updates. Thanks

  • Hi I tried to order Iphone se 32Gb but it mentions the code is not valid. Could you check please.
    Thank you

    • sorry didn't realize it is only apply on THU.

  • Just tried bringing an S8 to the cart, says out of stock. Missed out on this one

  • Hi Store Rep, I have purchased Galaxy S8 this morning and then I came across the following thread when I have tried investigating why the network branding of this phone is OPTUS.

    Can you please re-confirm,
    It indeed is a Brand New phone /Sealed in box and covered by Samsung 24 months warranty if I take it to my local Samsung store in Canberra?
    Also please confirm that it is not a OPTUS demo stock?

    If I am to cancel my order (depending on your response to my questions above) how can it be done?

    • Hi pgsn,

      Yes we sell Brand New and Sealed Australian Stock, so you'll be covered by the Samsung 24 months warranty and be able to take it to your local Samsung store for warranty issues. No it is not optus Demo stock. Our contact us page. Thanks

      • Thanks mate for the prompt response. is there a way to get rid this bootup logo and Optus related apps with no warranty implications?

  • Got the Huawei 360 camera today. But my phone doesn't recognize it. Did anyone buy it and it worked with their phone?

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    this deal seems to be a bit dodgy, i went to purchase the s8 yesterday and it said there was no stock but there is stock on the website today, what is up with that?

    • Hi Clintonjackson,
      Sorry to hear that, what time did you try? We were sold out for a brief period before mid-day, but soon restocked, and continued receiving orders for this deal until midnight

      • i tried a few times around that time, any chance you can still honour the deal?

        • Can you PM me? I'll see what I can do, thanks

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