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Telstra MF910V Pre-Paid 4GX Pocket Wi-Fi Modem + 5GB $29.50 @ Coles

  • LTE 4G Wi-Fi Hotspot supports up to 10 users
  • LTE download speeds up to 150Mbps
  • Up to 7 hours operating time
  • Supports the new LTE 700 4GX Telstra network
  • Display - 4 LED indicators
  • Battery - Long life with a 2300mAh battery (non user replaceable)
  • Connectivity/Multimedia
  • Standard SIM card (2FF) locked to Telstra
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 Dual Band (2.4GHz & 5GHz) b/g/n, MIMO 2x2, up to 10 users
  • LTE 700, 1800, 2600
  • 3G UMTS 850, 2100
  • LTE speeds up to 150Mbps download.
  • Activate before 26th February 2018

eBay unlock code link

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  • +1

    Something went wrong with the link.


    Is it locked?

    • Fixed, thanks

      Is it locked?

      I assume so, unlock link in op.

      • Can I pay $3 to unlock unlimited internet on Telstra?

        They rip me off before.

        I paid adsl2 internet and they offer me adsl regional speed.

        • Which modem are you using?

    • I couldn't access the modem after I logged in?

  • + 5GB

    how much time do you get to use the data?

    • +3

      30 Days, with Telstra i always make sure to check number of days too :-)

      • +1

        I have Telstra data sims with a 28 day expiry, so good to check to make sure.

  • +7

    The device is ok
    Speed Test around 30-40Mbps download
    while I test on iphone and getting around 60Mbps

    I bought this when Woolies was selling at $10

    • I can't believe I missed that!

  • +2

    Oh ffs, i waited weeks for this to be on special… Gave up and ordered online yesterday for 55…

    • +1

      Buy this and return the other one.

      • +1

        It didn’t arrive yet. Just cancel the order before it’s shipped.

        • Already shipped, due to arrive today…

          The other one was off ebay (unlocked) so can't return it cheaply anymore either :(

          ah well

  • +2

    You can get a unlock code off ebay for $3.

  • $50 minimum order from Coles Online.. kinda sucks.. They get sold out too quickly at the shops themselves

    • +1

      Buy 2 - then you'll have more data and a spare device for backup or sale on Gumtree. :)

  • Can i use the telstra data share sim with this?

    • +1

      Yes, as long as you have the correct size SIM to go into it.

      • Are you sure?

        Got told last week from Telstra staff in store and via chat that you had to get phone/modem with an applicable contract to get the data share happening.

        Would not be the first time Telstra/Optus/Vodafone staff gave non-correct answer lol )

        • +1

          I'm positive that data sharing works fine.

          I have my $99 per month phone plan which has 20GB data, I have a share SIM (from before Telstra started to charge extra $5 per month) in my Telstra MF910V, which I purchased when Woolworth's was selling them for $10.

          On my account/data usage it appears as a second phone number/data and it combines the two.

          Unless Telstra has changed something about how they are suppling the SIM share cards?

        • @DrKazanovaKK:

          Thanks for your reply. Will have to get in touch with Telstra again on behalf of my friend and ask them again to clarify.

          They really push you to sign a new contract and often are happy to bend the truth to get that over the line.

  • +1

    Grabbed 3, don't judge. Cheers!

  • +1

    I've been using one as my home internet for 6 months from the $10 deal, they're pretty good and can even allow devices to connect to each other.

    If I was to upgrade to a dedicated home 4g router, would I see much improvement in 4g reliability? I'm fine with the current speeds, but the reception jumps up and down all over the place.

    The towers in my town (Kingscliff NSW) are rubbish, both weak and congested, but I'm hoping I can get something better to boost our connection.

    • +1

      It has an external antenna port, you could use that to put an antenna outside the home or closer to a window.

      • +1

        Yes, I've been thinking about this for a while. Wasn't sure if the antenna was worth a try, or if I save the money and jump straight to a more powerful device, possibly with more powerful antennas/gain?

        Pretty sure the antennas can be picked up ridiculously cheap of Aliexpress, so it's probably a good first port of call. Any placement advice? As far from the concrete walls as possible I guess?

        • +1

          Give an external antenna a try, but as this has two inputs, 1 & 2 , try to get an antenna with two as well as cables long enough to get to where you want to get better signal, as well as close to a power point for the modem ( unless your use is limited to below 3-4 hrs or happy to use a power bank ).

          I'm using same model with an improvement for added antenna, ( as well as an unlocked Optus Huawei modem and various Vodafone models with similar results ).

          I feel your pain, probably suffer worse reception and speeds as you as I'm +-35 Klm further South on the N.N.S.W. coast, but with lot's of hills in the Byron Shire here and at times thousands of festival goers using same tower for the Splendour in the Grass Festival and Falls etc.

        • @ozhunter68: Which external antenna do you have?

        • I have a uplink Vr600 modem router and had to use 4G while my ADSL2 was dead for 3 weeks, so plugged in USB modem (was $29.95 inc 5 GB data) and he router used the USB 4G modem as the connection ,and Vr600 did wireless to the house, VR600 supports 4G back-up.

          with the USB, you might be able to get a USB cable long enough so that the 4G modem can be placed somewhere for better reception.

    • +2

      Yup same here in the Maclean district of the Northern Rivers. The fabled 700Mhz LTE when it was first rolled out once tested at 50Mbps download, now averages 15Mbps. 850Mhz 3G is almost as fast now the pressures off of it.

      The worst bit is how ping times have also worsened from better than 30ms to now be 40-50ms and that's buggered up HD streaming from overseas.

      Clearly when Telstra moved to exclude non-telstra devices from using their "flagship" 700Mhz it was in recognition that the spectrum was already getting over-loaded - years before they imagined it would.

      • Clearly when Telstra moved to exclude non-telstra devices from using their "flagship" 700Mhz it was in recognition that the spectrum was already getting over-loaded - years before they imagined it would.

        When did they do that? Could you disclose your source of that info, I did a quick search but couldn't find anything.

        • +2

          4-5 months ago, they pushed out a firmware upgrade for Telstra issue phones and internet devices. Some devices had to do a manual upload. It was all over whirlpool at the time.

          Try a non telstra or unlocked device and you get 1800Mhz or one of Telstra's other LTE frequencies.

          See here: https://crowdsupport.telstra.com.au/t5/Announcements/Changes...

          and here: https://forums.whirlpool.net.au/archive/2654281

        • +1

          Following our network upgrade, some BYO devices may no longer connect to our 4G 700MHz network band. They will instead operate on our 4G 2600MHz or 1800MHz bands. It may also fall back to our 3G network which may result in slower data speeds in some locations for a small proportion of customers. You can find out more about the coverage available in your area by visiting here.

          Oh bugger… My phone is a BYO ZTE Axon 7, it shows LTE+ most of the time, and I was delusionaly thinking it picks up their 4GX network.

  • Minimum spend is $50

    • Available Instore

  • +1
  • You can buy in store or just Coles online?

    • Yes, in store is available also. Usually at the service desk.

  • +2

    Grabbed two of these when Woolies we're clearing them out for $10. Easy to unlock with an eBay purchased code. Use them with the cheap Kogan Prepaid cards (frequently on sale for $1 (or free) for 16GB) and keep one in the car for music streaming. Also good for uploading large files if you're stuck on ADSL2+ like me…

    • Haha,…wish I was stuck on ADSL2+. I am stuck on mobile internet with bad reception ( no ADSL available here till NBN arrives next late year ).

      • +2

        My condolences.

    • Could you please explain how this works? Don't you have to enter your details, credit card info, as well as select a plan in order to active the card? It's not just free 16gb is it?

      • +3

        Kogan frequently do deals for their prepaid plans. Sometimes it's $4.95 for the first month, sometimes $1, sometimes free. Usually you have two or three months to activate. So you just order a few SIMs, sign up for each one and tell it not to auto-renew. Once it's used up, you ditch the SIM and put a new one in and repeat the process. This only works if you're using this for the data (i.e. with a wifi dongle or a dual sim phone) and don't care about porting your number across.

  • +1

    just grabbed one to take to my mums house or nans, thanks

  • Whats the big deal with these things over just using hotspot on your phone?

    • +5


    • +2

      Phone is not an ideal device to run as a hotspot to provide home internet. It may come as a surprise but ~ 5% of Australians don't have cabled broadband. Our phoneline for example is on a pair-gain which means we can only get 28kbps dial-up, if it's even still available.

      We live in regional Australia, but in a built up acreage area. The NBN can't come quick enough for us as we rely on mobile broadband from the local phone tower via a device like this connected to a home router to improve on the pocket wifi's signal and so we can connect ethernet devices like a desktop PC.

      A phone's battery would soon run down when used as a wifi device, gets hot too. The quickest way to stuff the battery, regular recharging and heat.
      But to use occasionally to get you online is fine.

    • +2

      I use this as my home internet connection. You can leave it there doing it's job. Phone hotspot is way less convenient for that.

      Out and about, phone all the way, it's exactly the same.

    • Got ya. thanks bros

    • +1

      At a time when using phone as hotspot it becomes hot like burning coal…

    • +1

      In weaker reception areas hotspot will not always work/super slow touch and go, sometimes No go at all.

  • I went to Officeworks first (closer to me) to see if they price matched. They had the 910Z version (newer) and couldn't do the price match because coles is 910V. Went to Coles Melb Central and they had 4 available 1 in orange box and more in green. She scanned both boxes at $29.50, I flipped it on its side and orange is 910Z - I took that one obviously :)

    • I noticed that they have the newer model at a different Coles too. Are there any improvements in the new model?

      • No idea. I asked the Officeworks guy what the change was, he couldn't tell me. Physically they look the same. The Z version should be $59, but I say go to coles as they're scanning for $29.50

      • +3

        The 910V is dual band, 910Z is only 2.4

        • So the V version is better ?

        • @Sleepy24seven:

          hahaha if that's the case I shot myself in the foot

          EDIT: Just googled Z vs V and yep. dual band vs 2.4 only… Might take it back to Coles to swap out

    • What’s are the main differences between the V and Z versions ?

      • No idea. I asked the Officeworks guy what the change was, he couldn't tell me. Physically they look the same. The Z version should be $59, but I say go to coles as they're scanning for $29.50

    • +1

      Went back to Coles and exchanged for the green one… The old (V) unit looks more advanced than the Z, in this case the new model looks to be a cost cutting exercise.

  • Any bands this thing cannot do? For example are there any Optus/Vodafone bands not available?

    • +1

      No Optus 3G unless you're near a 2100Mhz tower - 900Mhz missing

      No Vodafone 3G for same reason as above and no Vodafone 850Mhz 4G.

      • Not much good then is it, Is there a modem out there that covers the lot?

  • Does anyone know whether you can put a prepaid Kogan mobile with calls sim in this (if unlocked) and just use the data?

    • +1


    • Yes, this is literally my home setup.

      $3 unlock codes on eBay.

      • +2

        Doesn't Kogan use Vodafone? The comment above seems to suggest it doesn't support Vodafone's 850Mhz 4G band.

        • It can if the other bands can pick up compatible Vodafone towers with those bands, most likely much weaker and slower. Just depends where your using it.

        • I took a few months sampling Sims from Telstra, Optus and Vodafone, and I'm the end Vodafone (Kogan) had the smoothest all around performance.

          Completely dependant on location.

        • +1


          If you tested yours over a few months in your area, I believe you, although I am actually very surprised to hear that.

          The only logical reason I can think of is that you must be testing this close to either a Vodafone 3G/2100mHz and 4G/1800mHz tower, or both, with a lot of free bandwidth to boot.

          As this modem lacks the 3G/900mHz B8, as well as the 4G/850mHz B5 and 4G/2100mHz B1.

          Then that would also mean that you can't access the Telstra 4G/B28 and/or Telstra 3G/850mHz B5 when you have a Telstra sim connected.

          Have you checked on the details of the Towers in your area? Would be interesting to find out for me, haha.

  • +1

    Awesome, thanks

  • What about unlimited Telstra mobile broadband?

    Anyone can unlock that?

  • +1

    Thank you OP. Bought and unlocked with no drama.

  • +1

    Thanks OP.

  • +1

    Any 365 days data sim?

  • +1

    Hey guys,
    Got one of these for while I’m travelling over Christmas, and am going to unlock it.
    Any advice on the best value short term prepaid data sims available?

  • Where do I get a external antenna for this?

  • +1

    For those having trouble finding the V model (in green box), Coles Merryland had a stack of them lying around.

  • Beware. I ordered online for delivery. Addrf a few extra items. It is due for delivery in a couple of hours and just get an email to say no stock of MF910v so it was removed from my order. So ended up paying for delivery for a few grocery items that weren't important. . and the Ice Creams were out of stock too.. Not Happy.

    • that sux.

  • Just purchased one and trying to activate. Am I misunderstanding the title or does buying this come already with 5gb to use? Is it automatically loaded in the SIM card it comes with that's already in the modem?

    • +1

      How did you go with your activation? If activating the included sim or similar sim starter pack before Feb. 26th. 2018, you should get included 5GB instead of the usual 3GB.

      • Do you have the link to the promotion for the 5gb data? My friend activated and it's only 3gb.

        • Just look up Telstra prepaid mobile Modem or starter packs to see which are illegible for bonus data.

    • +1

      From my understanding, go to telstra.com/activate then fill in the number, it should recognise it, provide ID docs to activate

  • Did anyone purchase a spare one of these that they would be willing to sell?

    • I just bought one at coles Parabanks, adelaide today, its still $29.50. I was supposed to get vodafone pocket wifi, but cost heaps to unlock, so i go with the telstra one

  • Hi all, i bought a MF910V from Coles when they had the $29.50 promo last week. I have also bought the unlock code off eBay.

    I dont seem to be able to get the device (unlocked) to work with my amaysim prepaid service.


    IP Type: IPv4
    IP Type for Roaming: IPv4
    Profile Name: amaysim internet
    APN: yesinternet
    DNS Mode: Auto
    Authentication: PAP
    User Name: (blank)
    Password: (blank)

    any idea what else is missing / wrong?

    • I'm also having problem with my amaysim prepaid. Roaming is not even possible when using a phone.

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