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Samsung: Evo Plus 128GB Micro SD Card US $34/AU $44.7, 64GB BAR Metallic USB 3.0 Flash Drive US $18/AU $23.6 @ LightInTheBox


due to we get too many order recently, some order's process time might few longer than usual(1 week or more), more restock is on the way, so be patience if your order still not send out, pm me to check order status

$AUD based on current exchange rate, pay in US for lowest price.
we guarantee all these is Genuine, if anyone get fake, we will compensate 3 times you paid.

special deal for starbearer

Samsung Evo Plus 128GB Micro SD Card
US$34/AU$44.7 cheaper than last frontpage deal
stolen some coupon from my colleague who charge other country's site, not sure how many still left
more code added, thanks to normandy101's math
if all sold out again, you can do your math like normandy101 to see if you can get any lunck

Samsung Evo Plus 64GB Micro SD Card

Samsung 64GB (METAL) USB 3.0 Flash Drive US$18/AU$23.6 cheaper than last frontpage deal
limited quantity:200

It's showing me higher AUD price than mentioned in the title
* Choose USD as your currency from top left hand corner. Don't select AUD, always choose to pay in USD, it will work out cheaper even after your credit card conversion fees. Also read the below.

How do I ensure I get the cheapest AUD price possible
* To avoid higher currency conversion rates and to get cheapest price from these Chinese websites, always choose to pay in USD, (Choose "USD" from top left hand corner) and set your Paypal so it "bills you in the currency on Seller's Invoice". To set your PayPal account this way permanently, follow the steps shown in these snapshots [Highly recommended]

still live deal
Creality3D CR-10S 3D Printer —-US$379.99
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Bluetooth 3.0 Car Audio Music Receiver —-US$0.4

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    • check the new code

      • Thanks. Bought one

  • trying to get 128 sd card, starbearer06 has none left

    • new code is coming

  • yup all codes expired for 128sd

  • coupon all gone mate smh

  • Oh no! Looks like I missed it. OP if you get more codes I'd be keen to know please (128GB Samsung microsd) - thanks.

  • MITB/LITB, more microSD code/stock, please

    • more added now

      • I missed out again MITB/LITB, new code please

  • Pretty sure code STARBEARER06 still works for the sd card (the codes in the post's comments doesn't match with the ones in the bargain posting)

    Ordered one yesterday so can't confirm for sure but when I try to use 06 code it returns 'Sorry, your coupon has exceeded the maximum limit for usage of a single user.' whereas if I use the others it returns 'Sorry,your coupon has exceeded the maximum limit for usage.'

  • Op. Can you add more please for the 128G card. Coupons xpired.


    • +1

      morning mate, unfortunately don't have enough stock now, i might bring this back in future when we have more stock.

    • more code added,enjoy it

      • showing up as $47 AUD for me with the new codes unfortunately.

        Thanks anyway rep!

      • Thank you, kind sir.

  • Can you please include the 256gb version card next time.

  • +1

    "stolen some coupon from my colleague who charge other country's site, not sure how many still left"

    The store rep Ozbargain needs and deserves. Thanks rep, managed to snag one.

  • is evo plus good for Rasp Pi 3b (hass.io) ??

    • Overkill if anything

  • Has anyone has experience how likely we might get it before Xmas?? To Brisbane Metro.

    • free shipping normally 3-5 weeks, if you pay extra for express shipping, might have chance to get it before Xmas

      • Damn….Ok. won't get it before I travel then. All good.

      • I paid for Global Postal Expedited and it says 5-8 business days…surely it would arrive before xmas ??

        can you confirm?

        • hard to say, every place is crazy busy here. shipping company get too many package recently and hold up some package even 1 week now, also might delayed due to OOS, and also our warehouse process time might few longer than page said now. every thing is out control lol

        • @MiniInTheBox: But I paid $5 USD :(
          need to get it before xmas…I wouldnt have bought it if I knew I wont get it before xmas.

        • +1

          @jonecski: :) if you need, i can help you cancel that. but only before this order leave our warehouse, once it's leave warehouse,i can't do any thing

  • Bah, missed it again. 128gb card is gone.

  • +1

    Any more 128gb coupon??

  • Damn the 128GB code was still working last night! Forgot to go through with checkout. :(

  • Anymore code?

  • Gotta say that this site does spam your inbox with their emails. I have unsubscribed twice and the emails still keep coming in. Tagging them as Spam now.

  • +3

    SD card is cheaper here
    Samsung UHS-3 Class10 Micro SDXC Memory Card - 128G RED
    PS:Limited to first 80 stock,1 times per account,HK,AU,NZ,MY,SG,MO,TW only

    • Legend, thanks!

    • What is the coupon code? Showing as $45usd

      • AUUHS-305

        • SS128GECP brings multiples down to $59

    • Awesome!

  • Anymore codes for 64Gb?

  • Samsung Evo Plus 64GB Micro SD Card
    Coupon code has exceeded the maximum limit for usage.

    Rep, Could you please give us more coupon code?

  • all the code are expired but i just do my own math using SD106 and it works same as SD107

    • ..you just stolen more from other country

      • I would like to order 2 64MB cards… Could you please post working codes? Thanks so much :)

  • Any more codes for 64GB ?

  • Any new codes? They're all expired


    ~Go to link: https://www.lightinthebox.com/samsung-64gb-micro-sd-card-tf-...
    ~ In top right hand corner, click to select country & choose USA & save
    (Items will still ship to Australia :) )
    ~ Add item to cart
    ~ Price in cart will be US$19.00
    ~ Apply code SD09 OR SD10 (BOTH WORK at time of posting)
    ~ Price will change to US$16
    ~ Finalize purchase
    ~ If using PayPal final price will be AU $22 :) Woo Hoo!!!!

    • ……you stolen more from other country now

  • I freaked out when "Payment Confirmed" emails came thru from lightinthebox showing
    "Grand Total: USD $46.99"
    for the 128GB card ie not the post discount price of US$34.99 I clicked on.

    However the paypal invoice is for US$34.99 and logining into Lightinthebox and looking at the order status shows the US$34.99 total too - phew.

    Nasty programming on the order confirmations showing original price without discount.

  • Samsung Evo Plus 64GB Micro SD Card(lightinthebox.com)

    show $17.6

  • has anyone received the item yet??

  • Not yet, looks like the item has gone through Switzerland for some reason, originally from HongKong.

    • How do you know ?

      • There is tracking available for my order, is yours not tracked?

  • +2

    Just received mine today, looks very international, but ran H2testw and came out perfectly fine with read and write speeds over 60MB/s

    • Thanks for the update, was wondering if these had started to show up.

  • Just got mind today. Tracking still shows in Switzerland 20/12

  • Just received my 64G SD card.The package is all in Chinese. Anyone can advise me where to go for the serial number check ? And what is the H2testw test? Thanks.

  • Any more codes for the 64GB model? (looking to buy)

    Thanks Reps and folks!

    • hi mate, check my deal here

      still working and no code needed

      • thx, but cant select No Tracking (free shipping)

        • please ensure you use AU address and 1 unit per order. if still not working, please give me a screenshot

  • Just did the H2testw for the 128gb EVO Plus.
    Results are Writing speed: 18.3 MByte/s, Reading speed: 18.9 MByte/s.
    So nowhere near the speed it's supposed to reach. Fake card?

    • +1

      Just opened up mine… tried entering the verification numbers at https://support-cn.samsung.com/product_validation/productver... and it's not passing. Ran fakeflashtest on it and it seemed to fill the 128GB ok but stalled on verifying… now starting up h2testw and will let it run overnight.

      • How did the test go?

        • +3

          Passed capacity tests, speeds seem slow.

          H2testw result:

          Warning: Only 122106 of 122107 MByte tested.
          Test finished without errors.
          You can now delete the test files *.h2w or verify them again.
          Writing speed: 23.2 MByte/s
          Reading speed: 22.8 MByte/s
          H2testw v1.4

          Also re-ran fakeflashtest and realised it wasn't stalling on the verification, just doesn't give verbose output until verification is done. Writing stage is done with a series of 200MB files, average write speed about 20-25MB/s. Reading them back for verification looks like it averaged around 40MB/s.

          Above tests were done with the card in the built-in mSD card slot in a Dell Inspiron 3000.

          I then put the card in my Moto G5+ and ran A1 SD Bench. The default test gave 52.92MB/s read, 30.19MB/s write. Then did a more accurate test which involves rebooting halfway, that gave 60.97MB/s read, 29.49MB/s write.

          I then transferred about 30GB of data from another card - mixture of small files, plus a few GB each of photos, MP3s and videos. This averaged around 20MB/s to copy.

        • @quop: it would be good if someone had the Australian version as a comparison.

        • +2

          I've just redone the test with a USB 3.0 card reader.
          Writing speed: 75.8 MByte/s
          Reading speed: 83.6 MByte/s
          Definitely a lot closer to advertised speeds.

      • Looks like none of the device card slots I ran my tests with are USB 3, hence not getting near the advertised speeds.

        I also realised I was putting in the wrong number for the verification website (slaps forehead), so am now getting a successful verification.

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