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Xiaomi Smart Door/Window Sensor US$4.89, Tronsmart C24 4.8A Dual USB Car Charger $2.99 US (~$3.91 AU) @ GeekBuying


Continuing the trend of Xiaomi Smart Home products I've organised a deal on this Xiaomi Door and Window sensor. It can be setup for a wide variety of functions including phone notifications when a door/window is opened, trigger a camera to record video or turn on a light when a door is opened. The sensor requires the Xiaomi Gateway.

The Tronsmart C24 is a dual USB car charger featuring VoltIQ technology which charges more quickly than conventional charging by intelligently identifying the device's protocol and how much it can handle. VoltIQ automatically adjusts the amperage and wattage to provide the fastest possible speed up to 5V/2.4A in each port simultaneously without the risk of overheating and overcharging.

Products Price Coupon
Xiaomi Smart Door/Window Sensor $4.89 US (~$6.39 AU) IJDFTDDI No Stock
Tronsmart C24 4.8A Dual USB Car Charger $2.99 US (~$3.91 AU) HJLJWAXD

Please note: AU$ based on current exchange rate at time of posting. Xiaomi Door/Windor Sensor limited to 100pcs, and free shipping included on all orders.

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  • Any chance for a Aqara Human body motion sensor deal? (This is the motion sensor with the light/lux sensing too)

  • Does this work with the new xiaomi gateway or just with the original gateway? (New gateway is smaller and has radio)

    • Should be the same one that comes with the kit so yes

  • The door/window sensor is out of stock already?

    • Looks like a glitch. I'll have that fixed.

  • Where are people putting these besides main doors/entrances?

    • +14

      Kids' mouth, so it turns on my noise cancelling head phones.

      Ive got it on tue garage door & garage freezer door, so I know when either has been left open.

  • Can this be used for garage door? Anyone knows?

    • Yeah if you can mount both pieces together so when the door is closed they're next to each other.

      • Could we please have the stock fixed? still no add to cart option.


    • That's where I use mine so let me know if I ever forget to close the garage door.

      • Has that been a problem in the past before this device?

        • Yep, I always forget whether Ive closed the garage door or not. Now at least I'll get an alert if I ever do.

  • "In Stock Notice" there no "Add to Cart"??

    • Glitch. It's being fixed right now.

      • yep same. thanks - i'll keep checking every few minutes. any luck with the zigbee sockets and motion sensors? :D

    • Fixed.

      • thanks I managed to get myself some :)

  • +1

    oh man i need me some sensors, please fix the stock thingee! :D

    • damn i gotta go to bed, i think this will be gone when i wake up :(

      • +2

        Turn your private messaging on here and I'll see if I can PM you a code if it expires.

  • So this won't work independently through the Xioami app right? Need the gateway device?

    • Correct.

      • +1

        Have you got a special on the gateway too?

      • Missed the last deal on the 5 in 1 kit. Is there going to be another deal on the kit soon?

        • What’s the difference between multi-functional gateway and 5-in-1 kit?

        • @whatevs5656:

          The kit includes more than just the gateway

        • @LJH23: makes sense. But can you still connect Xiomi devices to the gateway in future?

        • +1


          Yep. You can piece it together yourself and buy the sensors you want individually. The kit comes with a door sensor, human body sensor, smart power socket and a button. All are pretty useful so its a good starter kit.

  • +3

    22 sensors all so that home assistant can tell google home to annoy people if the aircon is turned on while something is open.

    • Ha. This is exactly what I plan to do,including the TTS via Google Home.

      I might even turn off the AC via the Broadlink.

  • By reading the above, it appears that those who do not have the gateway may not be able to use the sensor on its own.
    Is it worth pointing it out?
    Also, can OP offer a deal on the kit?

    • Updated. I'll see if I can get a code on the gateway or kit tomorrow.

      • Please pm me if you do a gateway and sensor deal.

      • Please, please try to get one for the kit :)

      • Please PM me code for gateway too

  • +1

    Please try to better this deal, which didn't last long.

    • i'm keen too

      • Me three

    • Missed out on that. Would love to get in on it next time!

  • GeekBuying are very slow to ship. I ordered stuff over 2 weeks ago and it still hasn't shipped. So that doesn't include the time to ship.

    • Turn on your private messaging and send me your order number. I can find out what's going on.

  • Is there a limit of sensors that can connect to one gateway and also is there a range limit ?

    • keen to know as well, according to below link at Xiaomi forum, it's maximum 30 devices per gateway.

    • I think it's 30 devices from memory. range is dependent on obstacle type. Concrete wall and you will struggle. Clear line of sight is pretty good range, ball park figure is 15 metres for me.

      • ok thanks for the info Marbel and rexii2300 much appreciated. i will have to get another gateway then - i just ordered 12 more sensors :) omg so much money spent on smart home stuff…. damm ozbargain deals

        • no worries. funny you mentioned you're spending so much money on the smart home stuff. we're on the same boat. i've spent so much on OzBargain deals lately.. 12 more sensors. you much have a bigger house.

        • @Marbel:

          crazy thing is i have not received any of it yet …
          so i just simply buy another gateway and it should auto pickup the closest gateway to relay/communicate with yeah ?

        • @BilboBargains:

          Don't worry, you'll get to play with them soon. I only have one gateway so not exactly sure, though i believe you will still need to register each device per gateway. I don't think it will pick the closest gateway.

        • @Marbel:

          ok sounds easy enough . thanks for the tips :) i might grab another gateway - the ozbargain in me says wait until tomo' to see if geekbuying is cheaper lol

  • Thanks Op. Excellent price. just bought 4. Spending so much on the xiaomi gear now. oh well.

  • Does anyone know the best way to connect these sensors to the LifX bulbs?

    • +3

      Home Assistant. Add the respective components and write an Automation rule.

      • cheers!

  • I don't suppose there are any deals for the Aqara Human Body Sensors?

    • No deal on that one sorry.

  • +1

    I got a Google Home Mini today and have my Xiaomi desk lamp and Harmony remote all hooked up and working. I feel like Judy Jetson!

    Please can somebody advise whether it is easy - or indeed possible - to hook in Xiaomi smart home items such as these sensors and the camera to Google Home? Thanks!

    • +4

      Using Homeassistant on pi3 (from arrow deal!)
      HA is very picky about syntax and spaces, but straight forward and a lot of simple guides online.

      Hooking to HA to google mini is easy, 1 line. You can sent it sounds/speech. Google to HA is harder, but again there are hand holding guides

      • +1

        Thanks Magus for your helpful info. Not sure I'm up for going the Raspberry Pi route currently though. May have to curb my curiosity for a while. ;)

  • +4

    Sold Out :(
    Any chance for more stock OP?

    • Try now

      • haha i added to cart, but it sold out before I could complete the order!.. I'll keep watching

      • Thanks. Got one!

  • tried to sign up to purchase but couldn't "error 404"

  • Op any more stock for door sensor? My transaction failed when i went to pay. Said sold out :(

  • I missed that. :(

  • Sold out. Missed out.

  • Can the door sensor used for lamps? ( plugged into a socket)

    • if you have xiaomi door sensor, xiaomi gateway, xiaomi zigbee socket -> Then YES.

  • Bugger. Missed out.

  • This is too confusing.

    So what do I need to make this working?

    1x Gateway priced at 12 usd.
    And 1x sensors as shown here, priced at 9 usd.

    Is that correct?

    How easy is it to configure or is it pretty much plug&play? Being mi (Xiao Mi), sceptical of all the menu shown in full Mando.

    • It's not too difficult. Youtube has a number of vids that explain how to set it up.

      Where did you see the Gateway for 12USD?

    • to work it you need
      wifi internet
      1x gateway
      1x phone with mi home app installed (to intially program it)

      i reckon you should buy the mi home starter pack (1x gateway, 1x power socket, 1x motion detector, 1x door sensor, 1x wireless button), then extra sensors as needed

  • more deals on sensors would be nice …… the kit is just the beginning.

    considering good guys sold over 1000 google home minis last week when on special, people are starting to get into this stuff.

    my xiaomi smart home kit hasn’t arrived and i already need 8 more door sensors and 4 motion sensors for what i want to do.

  • Thanks Op bought the charger and will look into these HomeSmart devices. Sounds like a bit of fun.

    Any chance of a deal on this:

    And that will be fine for my son’s Samsung Note 8 right?

  • I get the in stock button? out of stock now?

  • +1

    Xiaomi Smart Door/Window Sensor out of stock.

    • I missed out too :(

  • :( I wish I could just sit on here all day and avoid the dissapointment of a missed bargain

  • @Clear can you do a deal on 5 port chargers and type c lightning cables?

  • Door Windows sensor is out of stock

  • FAQ for these devices: www.ozbargain.com.au/node/347657

  • Back in stock!

    • yeah at $21.95 each

  • I paid US$14.67 for three just before posting…

    • oh sorry! i thought you were referring to the sockets. mindboggled. what happens if i neg my own comment?

      edit: lol not allowed to!

  • +1

    Not in stock.