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20% off Game of Thrones Season 7 Boxsets @ JB Hi-Fi


Received a coupon code for 20% off the assorted Game of Thrones boxsets that include season 7 (excluding the "dragon figurine" edition). The code is usually generic, so I've thrown it in too.

(The exclusive editions come with an extra disc of special features. The seasons 1-7 boxsets aren't a great deal, but I've thrown them in for consistency.)

It may potentially stack with the additional 20% off coupon from a couple of days ago, so an extra 20% off from the above prices. Will confirm once the deal goes live tomorrow.

EDIT: The additional 20% off coupon does not stack with this offer, as per its terms and conditions.

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    isn't it 20% off today with the 20% off DVD's etc?

    • The boxsets are conveniently released tomorrow when the storewide sale ends.

      • yeah just noticed that lol

      • I know my local store puts a lot of things out on the shelves as soon as they get them, meaning that stuff can be "for sale" before the release date. I wonder if my local store has S7 already out? ;)

      • -2

        You can throw out the ‘convenient’ sarcasm and instead thank JB for basically extending the sale for those who were waiting for GOT.

  • GOT season six also shipping from US EBAY Blu ray plus digital HD for US$33.01 (AU$43.97) with P5OZZIE

    • Its $19.20 at jb with the 20% off stacks sign up code

    • +1

      Big w have it for $15.

      • Where did u see big w price

        • In store

        • @wxyz234:

          I bought GoT S6 BR today for $15 from Big W.

  • +2

    Can confirm code is generic, matches the code I received as well.

  • -1

    Can also stack another 20% from the Stacks discount. Making it $32.

    • +1

      Nope. "Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or coupon"

  • Was waiting for this, thanks!

  • Was about to be annoyed as I pre ordered this about a week ago for full price, but I just checked my emails and JB Hi-Fi automatically refunded me the difference. Good form on their part.

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