New Year, New Phone, but Which Android Phone?

I think time is up for me to get new phone, SGS5 looks like end of life cycle and I think time for a change.

I'm particularly casting my eyes on that Huawei Mate 10 (not Pro) as I saw somewhere that this phone exceeds SGS8 & iPhone X.

The reason for my post here is to justify if the above is correct? Would you say Huawei Mate 10 > SGS8 in terms of multi tasking, video processing, screen resolution/sharpness, battery consumption, camera quality?

Any input would be much appreciated. TIA!


  • I would do it. I owned the Huawei Mate 6 and it was a great phone. I also had 2 Nexus 6P (inB4 salt) that I never had issues with. (Except one got a cracked screen, hence 2 of them.) Huawei make some really nice phones and their quality it right up there.

    I got off the Apple/Samsung Kool-aid train a long time ago and have never been happier. I just don’t like the heavy Samsung overlay and their veiled attempt at being their own eco-system. Huawei use EMUI, and it’s ok. But also not my favourite. Why are manufacturers so afraid of stock or stock feeling OS overlays?

    I jumped ship again this year and went too the One Plus 5. And my god, this is a good phone. Fast, responsive, thin, light and battery life is fantastic. Also the Oxygen OS overlay is nearly stock and feels less cluttered than TouchWiz.

    Here is a comparison page for Mate 10, iPhone X and Galaxy S8

  • I've pulled the trigger on the Mate 10 Pro - using the Optus $59 for 20Gb deal:

    I'm also a Nexus 6P fan, which gave me confidence in the quality & value for money that Huawei have been putting out recently - much more so than the Samsungs & Apples which don't really justify their premium prices.

    What's your reason for not considering the Pro? I was hesitant given the cost until this deal came up. I'm planning on the fact that in 2 year's time the Pro version should keep its value better.

    • The pricing, the un-expandable feature of it .. mainly those 2.
      i think apart from that, everything is the same, right? well the Pro is waterproof which I may not need.

  • Get a high/medium end chinadroid when gearbest etc have a presale and have limited number of high discount coupon. Flagships are way too overrated for the vast majority of users.