BTC Market Account Verification

Has anyone have any experience with BTC Market, I submitted my account for verification around 8-10 days ago, its still under review. Freaking too slow. Same thing with CoinSpot. Taking Ages

Updated: Signed up a new account (wife's name). verified within 5 minutes

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    I did. Verified within an hour. No issues.

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    mine was done fast, same day from memory.
    coin spot are slack at the moment, but took a day there. this was about 2 months ago though.

    make sure you check your spam folders, emails can go there too.

    • Checked mate, nothing there. I think its either too many people trying to open crypto accounts or my last name (Singh) is an issue.

      • If only your middle name was Boris, Putin, or Kalashnikov…

  • BTC Market verified my account in a few minutes. Standard 100pt online ID check.

  • holy shit there are SOOOO many people looking into cryptos lately. LOL


  • Mine took ages too. They said they'd send mail but never did.
    I think the ID thing looks for recency of dates with ID and address verification.

    It's stupid to tie it to an address, cos I move around a lot it's so archaic to think it's the one thing that determines proof of identity

  • Coinspot is backed up and will take a couple of weeks apparently

  • I'm 'verified' but the letter is the only thing holding me back. Did the usual 100pt check. Haven't received it yet - applied last friday.

  • i was verified with license and electoral roll within minutes

  • Took half a second after I typed in my details, about as long as it takes to load a webpage.

    Everyone is rushing to get in on this BTC dip happening right now.

    • No one can buy unless they have cash on the exchange and now new cash transfers won't clear until after Xmas.

      • new cash transfers won't clear until after Xmas.

        Highlighting why cryptocurrencies are here to stay.

        • Agreed. It never stops for public holidays or the weekend.

  • Anyone know any other aussie exchanges that sell alt coins. Coinspot looks like a rip.

    • Just Coinspot really and yes it is a rip - do what I listed below.

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    Coinspot is shit don't even waste your time, you get charged 3% each way for a Crypto to AUD transaction plus you get walloped fees to make desposits and their verification takes like 2 weeks. Use BTC Markets to change you AUD to Litecoin, then transfer 50% of your Litecoin to Binance and 50% to cryptopia and then go ham on ALTS. When your done just go back out through BTC markets. Also, their verification doesn't usually take long, it might be because of holiday period.

    • Why litecoin instead of bitcoin or any other major coin? Or just an example

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        BTC coin transfer fee is expensive

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        BTC transfer fee is expensive and takes a few hours to go across where lite coin is cheap and you can transfer in 5 - 10 minutes to jump on trends. Sometimes instantly.

        • I am trying to understand why litecoin should be used. From what I can see the btcmarket transfer fees are (as of today) ~$9 to transfer bitcoin, ~$3.50 to transfer litecoin, and ~$1 to transfer ethereum. Is there something i'm missing here?

          Also, on binance, I can't see how to exchange litecoin for alt-coins, it seems the exchanges are for bitcoin, ethereum, BNB, and $USD.

        • @infranoise:

          Thats the transfer fee for exchange, but Im pretty sure you then have mining fees as well. Re litecoin to purchase on Binance, thats incorrect, lite coin to transfer only, apologies. You will then have to transfer in binance fro LTC to BTC

        • @TheBilly: Does it transfer LTC to Bitcoin instantly on Binance? As I wouldn't want the currency fluctuating way too much before I even put it on Alt Coins. Secondly, What wallet do you prefer for LTC? Exodus? and also Do I have to change LTC to Bitcoin for Cryptopia as well or can you buy with alt coins? if someone can answer this, it will be appreciated.

    • Thanks this make sense. However why split 50/50 between Binance and cryptomania?

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        Just my preference, no need to split 50/50 however I like to have my Lite Coin on a few exchanges in case I need to jump on a coin that is being hyped majorly and is showing some solid tech promise and it is not available on say Binance. Perfect example was Reddcoin recently. I jumped on this at 1/3 of a cent, had I not had money in Cryptopia I would've missed the ride - within a few hours it went to almost 2 cents (6-7 times gains).

        • Yep gotcha. Can't believe the fees on coinspot!

        • @nomoneynoproblems:

          It's ridiculous - I took a big loss selling my coins just to get it out of coin spot and on to others. It's the absolute worst if you want to ride small swings. It would be good for a long term 3-6 month hold as at least you know your crypto can immediately be changed for AUD when and if required and Coin Spot is immediate in that sense.

    • How do you buy alts with Litecoin on Binance? The only options I see for making purchases are BTC, ETH, BNB or USDT.

  • Mine verified within 3 days.

  • Make sure your address autocompletes… Mine was missing "Australia" and that meant I couldn't access the GreenIDCheck.

  • I signed up about a week ago. Got instant email confirmation but only just received the verification code in the mail yesterday

  • Coinspot isn’t accepting new AUD accounts from what I read

  • RIPPLES is the way to go at the min guys.

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