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Xiaomi Power Strip 6-Outlets + 3 USB Ports $13.86 USD (~ $17.96 AUD) Delivered @ DD4


Xiaomi Power Strip 6-Outlets $18.99 + discount code " DD4strip2 " = $13.86,Only 11 Days left.Limited to first 49 stock,AU and NZ only.Hope everyone will like it.

Original Xiaomi charging power strip for daily use
Compact design, save your space
6 outlets and 3 USB ports to meet your different needs
LED indicator: hidden lights, with downy light at night, easy to notice
Easy to set up and use
PC material, durable and reliable

Or maybe u like:
Xiaomi Multi-Functional Power Strip 3 with discount code :DD4strip3 = $10.18

SONOFF® S20 Wifi Smart Socket Smart Home Wireless Remote Control Timer Socket with discount code:DD4strip4 = $10.5

Xiaomi Smart Wi-Fi Socket Plug ZigBee Version US $14.23 + discount code :DD4strip5 = $10.96

Xiaomi Smart Wi-Fi Socket Plug Standard Version + discount code: DD4strip6 = $8.89

AU$ based on current Mastercard exchange rate at time of posting. Free shipping included.

Coupon use:
Please add the above items you wish to buy to your shopping cart and go to checkout,then enter the coupon code in the coupon box for application, The total discount will automatically be calculated during checkout.

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  • Delivery date…?

  • Just wondering … why does the Xiaomi power board continuously get a mention on here? Apart from a few USB ports, is the Xiaomi any better than the $4 from Big-W?

    • Because Xiaomi is in business due to ozbargain.

      • -2

        LMAO They make 15 billion revenue in USD. Yea..Ozbargainers are the main purchasers.

    • +2

      Chinese holes for Chinese products

    • +3

      apparently, that one only supports AU plug.
      And a real OZbargainer will surely have many items haver oversea plugs.

    • Many overseas electronics plug in direct without a fiddlier cheapo adapter.

  • +1

    Cheaper then last deal.

  • +1

    Coupon isn't working for me, (DD4strip2).

    Its telling me "Coupon does not meet the conditions to use"

    • same :(

      • +1

        same here
        Coupon does not meet the conditions to use

        • hi,sir,

          Please add the above items you wish to buy to your shopping cart and go to checkout,then enter the coupon code in the coupon box for application, The total discount will automatically be calculated during checkout.

        • @joyee003: doesntwork "Coupon does not meet the conditions to use"

        • @Hornpub: Not working for zigbee either (DD4strip5) or powerstrip (DD4strip3) - same "Coupon does not meet the conditions to use"

        • @bdl: do you happen to know the difference between the zigbee and the standard version?
          other than the zigbee need gateway.

          And why it is more expensive if it needs an additional item to work? i thought the gateway talks to the plug via their own signal, not wifi, thus cheaper to make.

        • @Hornpub: Hi Hornpub. Zigbee model can also measure current being used by whatever is plugged into the socket.

          It may be more expensive because of the Zigbee components or licensing being used vs. Wifi.

        • @Hornpub:
          hi,pls try to click "buy it now" instead of "add to cart"

          it seems that choosing "add to cart" will show this message.

          choosing "buy it now" is normal.

          i am fixing now.

          Sorry for all.

        • -1



          it fixed now.sorry for all.

        • @joyee003:

          The pay now function still doesn't work!

          I tried both Google Chrome and IE, but no matter what payment method I choose, I can't proceed to next stage!

    • hi,sir,

      it fixed all.could u try it again?

  • +2

    Your website is so broken you should feel embarrassed.

  • I tried, doesn't work out the couple code, still showing US$18.99, I don't want to take risk, very unfriendly website. I gave up.

    • sir,

      It fixed just now.can u do it again?

      sorry for all.

  • Is there a version that accepts all kinds of plug type, not just AU standard? Would be great while traveling.

  • +1

    Be aware that because the plugs are au backwards you will have issues with space with some of the bigger blocky type plugs.

  • Says "Failed to generate order" on clicking "place order"

    • I clicked a few times and it worked

      • Thanks - worked on 5th attempt…

  • Insurance company will not help you if a fire breaks out…

    • That's valid point, that said, will they generally with all AU bought ones? E.g. Should I get a cheapo target /kmart board instead to save money and be covered?

      • many ppls mentally is they are made same factory… why would it matter? AU products and many countries around the world use certification fort he BS lobyist to "certify" products here… so yes why take the risk… get a power plug adaptor instead

    • +1

      Apart from the insulation not covering the plugin lugs, it is a superior device to your bog-standard run-of-the-mill Aldi/Ikea/Bunnings yellow ticked device.
      Step on one those and here the cheap plastic crack, take a look inside and see how badly made a "safe" device is and you will see, unless you spend lots of money, a better quality device can not be bought for a similiar price.
      I have referred to an international website review previously of the Xiaomi Power Strip:

      In the words of Molly: "do yourself a favour."

  • Anybody succeded at paying? The Pay Now button is not working.

  • Hi all. I tempted to buy but does this product meet Australian standard?

    I am worried about the quality. I read there were some incidents with overseas adaptors in the past.

  • +1

    Ok, the coupon is now working but when I go to pay with PayPal instead of being redirected to PayPal to make payment I get the following:

    "Payment Failed
    Details : Consignee's Email is required"

    Can this be fixed? This is the most difficult attempted purchase i've ever had and i'm pretty close to giving up.

    • Same here dude.

      • hi,

        sorry for all.

        it works now?thx.

        • It is still not working.

  • +2

    The website is clearly not ready for business. none of payment methods works ha.

  • +1

    Well, I have tried every which way to order these. The website in 4 different browsers and even the DD4 ios app. I keep getting the 'failed to generate order' every single time. Very disappointing. Never had an issue with gearbest or zapals etc. Website definitely not up to standard. If im doing something wrong, please let me know. Keen to buy ASAP.

    • hi,sir,

      sorry for all.

      can i know what happened to your account if u don't mind to give us your account name?

      we will check it out and give u a solution asap.


  • Website not ready for business. Not working

    • hi,sir,

      what is your problem?can't place an order or something wrong with it ?

      • Pay Now still doesn't work!

  • Works for me now, exchange rates were slightly worse than predicted by the site (AUD pricing on website) but overall, prices were very low compared to competitors.

  • Paypal still doesn't work - visa card option works now.

    • Managed to pay with Paypal

  • Does anyone know if this would fit the Xiaomi cable

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