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LG 75" UJ657T 4K Ultra HD LED LCD Smart TV $2798 @ Harvey Norman


Good price,never been this cheap before.

They also have Samsung 75" MU6103 @$2795.


No idea which one is better.

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2017

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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    Aren't all LG LEDs not actually true 4k? Or are the 2017 models ok?

    • I believe these still use rgbw.

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        What does that mean please? Real 4K or not?

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          LG is known to use RGBW panels in some of their LCD models. Here’s a proper (detailed) write up of what it actually means http://www.avsforum.com/forum/166-lcd-flat-panel-displays/23... It’s also why Samsung markets some of their 4K tv’s as “certified RGB”.

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          It's still 4k but the pixel structure is rgbw so you have a pixel structure that looks like this:

          Image quality suffers a bit as a result. Best to go for the Samsung in this instance imo. Thankfully the oled panels don't use this structure.

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        Yes, it does.

        From rtings.com (for another model LG but with same RGBW):

        The out of the ordinary "RGBW" pixel structure also can cause smaller details and straight lines to lose sharpness.

        With some 4k content (such as text for PC monitor use) the less accurate RGBW pixel structure results in some artifacts.

        The less accurate RGBW pixel structure causes some artifacts when viewing some 4k content (such as PC text) from up close.

        Although 4:4:4 color is displayed properly, the screen's RGBW pixel structure produces artifacts when showing fine color detail, artifacts like jagged lines and missing pixels.

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          Ah damn it, now I can’t bring myself to buy one lol

        • @bowtiehoon: Me either, unless it was even cheaper. I will wait…

    • oh… can you tell me more about what you are talking about? googling tells me nothing…

  • FYI: 100Hz refresh for both

    • Is that good or bad (needs to be 200Hz)?

    • 60Hz

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    Pricematch at JB Hifi for extra year of warranty https://www.jbhifi.com.au/Documents/Consumer%20Warranties%20...

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      $2796 at jb

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    I would love some advice. I'm planning to buy one of these. Leaving more towards Samsung only because I have only had Samsung tv's and they have been great so far.

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      The LG would be my choice. Better panel (10-bit) and overall specs. Saw them both in person and LG looked a lot nicer.

      • Thanks mate.

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        You probably saw the LG instore? Wait until you view it in a dark room, like when you’re watching a movie. The LG has very low contrast levels and terrible black uniformity. Blacks will look grey and washed out. Also uses an RGBW panel.

        Check out Rtings.

  • Better then the hisense 75n7?

    • -2

      The LG, yep

      • What features of the LG makes it better then the 75n7?

    • Also wanting to know this. The Hisense is 1k more expensive.

      The reviews don't seem so good for this TV, but all the comments in this thread seem ery positive.

  • Arent LG still using IPS panels? Instant no no.

    • IPS are good for if you want wide viewing angle and can't afford OLED.

  • Any idea on what this Aus model corresponds to in US models (from rtings.com)?

    LG E7P 2017 55" 65" OLED 4k 120 Hz WebOS N/A N/A Glossy not tested No No • 8.8 See Review
    LG C7 2017 55" 65" OLED 4k 120 Hz WebOS N/A N/A Glossy not tested No No • 8.8 See Review
    LG B7A 2017 55" 65" OLED 4k 120 Hz WebOS N/A N/A Glossy not tested No No • 8.6 See Review
    LG SJ9500 2017 65" LED 4k 120 Hz WebOS Edge IPS Semi-gloss not tested No No • 7.5 See Review
    LG SJ8500 2017 55" 65" LED 4k 120 Hz WebOS Edge IPS Semi-gloss not tested No No • 7.3 See Review
    LG UJ7700 2017 49" 55" 60" 65" LED "4k" 60 Hz WebOS Edge IPS Semi-gloss not tested No No • 7.1 See Review
    LG UJ6300 2017 43" 49" 55" 65" LED "4k" 60 Hz WebOS Direct IPS Semi-gloss not tested No No No 6.8 See Review
    LG LJ5500 2017 43" 49" 55" LED 1080p 60 Hz WebOS Direct IPS Semi-gloss not tested No No No 5.9 See Review

    if any?

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      Well the ones that say OLED can't be them. It's also edge lit. It's a UJ model and not the higher SJ… so you're left with

      LG UJ7700 2017 49" 55" 60" 65" LED "4k" 60 Hz WebOS Edge IPS Semi-gloss not tested No No • 7.1 See Review

      It's not really a like for like review however… you might be able to use that review as a really rough guide but it's obviously not the same tv.

      • Thanks @Squi1shy Should have thought to drop the OLEDs (lol) but I just wanted to post something quickly. It may not even be one of those, but I would like to know if there is an equivalent US model. Really need to ensure great SDR and HDR gaming (otherwise teenagers will revolt more than usual ;-). Rtings also has nice lag statistics for these models.

    • Think I found a similar US model (but not reviewed by rtings.com):

      UJ6570 although this model is only 70"


    • +2


      65n7 for just under $1500
      75n7 for just under $2500

      Possible. But you would need to do some work ie. get some discounted gift cards and wait for 20% off etc

      Unfortunately tvs such as these won’t fit into overhead lockers on planes.

      • your a genius brah

        not sure why the -ve votes, just looking for a bargain on 75" Hisense. So many haters lol

  • All the LG UJ models tested by rtings.com (not the UJ657…) seem to have great input lag numbers (i.e. low):


    although the UJ models seem to rate somewhat below average for both SDR and HDR gaming

    I suspect our teenagers are more worried about the input lag than image quality.

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    Limit 5 per customer. Damm. That puts me out

  • MU6103 is a 2015 model, right?

  • Was thinking of getting a 65" LG OLED this week but now I'm thinking that this may be more than adequate.

  • Buy a $2 item and split over 7 AMEX registered cards for a $2100 price?


    • $2 item: check
      Now to get 7 AMEX registered cards..

      • Use your pets' names. I think EC has 11 cards.

        • They do ID check though, tried to sign up 4 supp cards for my "siblings" but only one got through without checks, they called me up to ask for others' proof of ID.
          This is with Amex Essential.

        • @zonra: Interesting. I signed up my two parents and there was no ID checking.

  • 55 inch oled or 75 inch hisence n7?

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      does the missus like a small or a large?

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    This or the Hisense 75N7?

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      I'd like to know too. Mainly for movies and gaming but also general web stuff too.

    • How I see it, buy 65n7 wait for 75 inch TVs to come down more in price

  • 75 inch hisence n7 or a 55 inch oled?

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    Picked one of these up from Harvey Normalln Auburn for $2600 on Boxing Day. Tried to get it for less but that seemed the best they could go down to after already being so heavily discounted. Coming from a 9 year old 58" Plasma Panasonic Viera I am happy with it thus far. Web Os is great, and the magic remote is awesome. Love how it controls my Foxtel set top box also. When you compare the various 75" models, the LG is still quite good and alot of TV for the money.

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