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Apple AirPods $171.75 (25% off) @ Bing Lee


Bing Lee is currently having a 25% off Headphone Sales including Apple AirPods.

Cheaper than last (shortlived) Good Guys $179 deal before it was ozbargained.

Stock available for pick up @ Haymarket, Burwood, Chatswood, Rhodes.. Delivery is expensive $20 to metro area.

Love my AirPods.

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2017

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      Really I've only ever read the opposite of that unless it's talking about the terrible Google copies of these.

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    Delievery kills it for Queensladers.

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      kills it for victoria’s also …..

    • Go conplain to the mad hatter, Bob Katter

  • $30 delivery to SA? :(

  • Thanks OP! Cheapest I've seen so far.

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    Why is that guy hand so dark ?

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      Maybe he's black

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      Coal miner.

  • $20 delivery to QLD???

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    just go and price match at officeworks tomorrow

  • Thanks OP . Just order one Pick up at Rockdale .

  • Great price, got a pair for the missus for Xmas for ~$150 and can say they’re actually way above my expectations, awesome headphones!

    • Where from?

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        Bit of a long story lol, got 2x $20 TGG survey store credits last week then got 5% off gift cards and price matched HN, pretty easy though in store.

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    Bought a pair for mum for $197, she's opening them in t-minus 2 hours.

    She doesn't even know what Bluetooth is.

    Exciting times ahead.

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      Really it is, she can totally sync these herself. These technology is going to spoil people, they will forget the hassle Bluetooth headphones used to be.

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    Inventec is making AIRPODS 2 now

  • I was thinking about gifting this to myself last night but didn't see any deals.
    Just ordered one now, can't wait to start using it as my current BT headphone is trashed.

  • Thanks! Ordered another one for pick up as my last one ended up in the washing machine.

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      Hey same thing happened to mine and Apple replaced no questions asked. I told them it was likely water damage and they didn’t really care, as it’s a new product their replacement policy is pretty lax.

      • Sometimes it helps to be honest. Like what they did for me when I broke my Apple Watch screen.

        • I did tell them it was from the washing machine but after I had told them water damage and they agreed to replace.

  • Is it worth waiting for the new AirPods?

  • I wish these fit my ears. But the normal EarPods keep slipping out so I couldn’t gamble these fitting me. I went with BeatsX instead for $177.

  • I can’t find a reason for my fifth pair of earphones…

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    Need a matte black

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    Great price - bought one during the 20% ebay Myer sale for $183 inc postage. Must admit, one of the best purchase I've made for awhile. Slip them on whenever I do house chores and when the kids are asleep. For me the fitting is great, I can fall asleep with them in my ears; however heard they can be uncomfortable for some. Suggest trying them out first if possible.

  • Do u guys think jbhifi or Officeworks in vic will price match to them.?

    • Out of stock from online chat

      • sigh.. no chance to try to get it pricematch even.. looks like no xmas gift for myself !

  • They are available to back order in store, just did at Chatswood

  • Got a price match at JB @ $171, they were too busy to figure out Bing Lee has run out of stock.

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    I got this price matched to $159 at Officeworks :)

    • Receipt please?

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        The lady at the store was pretty grumpy about the whole thing. But she ended up getting the competitor price lower than what it really is and then gave me another 5% off so all good lol. Call ahead and check for stock, I tried 3 stores before I found one with stock, and I got the last one they had.

        • damn sir u won ozbargain .. tot u got a deal for 171 .. btw how did u get it to 168? who’s selling at that price

        • @Ragnarok1982: The Office works normal is $225. I think she took 25% off that, which brings it to $168, instead of the bing lee normal price of $229 @ 75% = $171.75. Plus another 5% as per policy brings it to $159.60! lol I would have been happy with $171 but I kept quiet when she asked me to pay $159.

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          @hazamatic: lol that’s her xmas gift for u.. congrats !

  • Hi All, Any confirmation email from Binglee for pick up, yet?

    • not yet (burwood nsw pickup)

  • Sigh, Officeworks were going to price match this but it's out of stock now. Thanks South Australia / Proclamation Day preventing me from going to OW or any other retailer yesterday.

  • Bah. Got an email that Haymarket ran out of stock with no ETA. I asked if my order can be allocated to Chatswood and if none, i'll just cancel my order. Won't be in sydney for too long.

  • I still haven't received my order. :(

  • Still waiting for pickup and the page is now removed…

  • Thank you very much for this OP, sorry it's taken so long for me to post. Rang the Good Guys & asked if they could match which they did, then applied a $20 store credit which brought the price down to $151.75!

    Happy New Year!

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    I have accessed the online Bing Lee support chat facility to enquire when this is back in stock … so those of us who ordered can expect a time for pickup.

    They say that there is no ETA for restocking. Period.

    I have asked in store, and they say they have no information but would expect the product to be in stock by about the 2nd or 3rd week of January.

    I have asked Apple, and they have the product in stock, but have priority over other retailers (obviously) but would guess about 2-3 weeks from now. However, this was quite a junior sales person, so would not give them much credence.

  • received email that my order is ready for pickup from

    • Mind if I ask which date your placed your order on? I put mine in on 26 dec but haven’t received any correspondence from them.

      • 25th

        • Thanks! hopefully I get an email tomorrow.

  • Haymarket store says no stock yet

    • they even stopped replying emails about this…

  • Has anyone who purchased this from catswood received theirs

    • I ordered mine from Rockdale more than a month ago but still haven't received it…

      • Have they given you an eta ttkc?
        Mine was purchased on 25/12/17

  • I ordered this one with pickup option from Carlingford store. Of course I haven't received it yet :-(
    I've got an email from them 4 days ago, they said the current ETA according to their supplier is approximate next 2-3 weeks.
    I'm considering to cancel this order :-(

    • When did you place your order?
      You've waited this long, may as well wait it out
      They have been so hopeless to deal with

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    Still waiting for stock from Rockdale store, I know I am one of 34 others also waiting.
    No idea if/when we will receive the headphones

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    I ordered mine on 26/12 from Rhodes. Still waiting. Called them today and they said no stock anywhere and apparently they have a back order of 800 AirPods, the update they gave was they’re waiting for Apple to supply stock.

    I’ve checked other retailers HN, Jb, officeworks etc and all showing no stock either.

    • Thanks mate for your update. I ordered from Rockdale same time as you and still no stock. Missed out the $170 eBay deal last week too…

      • Same here. Would have bought a pair from eBay then canceled my binglee order. Guess we’ll have to wait a little longer.

  • So no deal :(
    Got an email today said they can't get stock and will be refunding me.

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