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Western Digital TV Live (WDTV Live) $124 @ Officeworks


First time poster so please be easy on me. I've just seen this great price on the WDTV Live.
One of the better media players I think.

I've got one for myself currently and it plays everything I throw at it, its a great little unit, especially for that price!

Specs are;


Video - AVI (Xvid, AVC, MPEG1/2/4), MPG/MPEG, VOB, MKV (h.264, x.264, AVC, MPEG1/2/4, VC-1), TS/TP/M2T (MPEG1/2/4, AVC, VC-1), MP4/MOV (MPEG4, h.264), M2TS, WMV9
Playlist - PLS, M3U, WPL
Subtitle - SRT, ASS, SSA, SUB, SMI

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  • +3

    Great price cheapest I have seen.

    • +1

      same here! OP, great deal to break your ozbargain virginity with so i'll "be easy on you". lol

  • WOW! Nice price.
    +1 for worth 1st post!
    Keep it up mate. Hope you can find more bargain to drain our wallet :)

  • Nice player and Great price…

  • I'm a tech newbie and need some help. Is this how it works: I download movies (.avi) and store them on my external hard drive, connect that to to this media player, then connect the media player to my TV provided it has a USB port? Will the sound play for sure? Is it at all possible it won't? Thanks in advance.

    • Spot on. Except it connects to TV via HDMI or Composite cables. Sound is delivered by either of those cabling choices. Composite are supplied, if you prefer HDMI, the HDMI cable must be purchased seperately.

    • ^what devz said, but not just .avi movies that you download, it can play all the file types the OP listed above, and then some if you also install the custom firmware devz pointed out below :) However if you are a tech newbie, I suggest leaving the device as is - it's already awesome out of the box.

    • It's time to start encoding using mkv/h264/x264. Half the file size and much better quality.

  • And is there such thing as a wireless version of this? One that doesn't need a charger? Thanks

    • Wifi USB dongles can be inserted in one of the 2 USB ports.
      See here for compatibility charts: http://wdc.custhelp.com/cgi-bin/wdc.cfg/php/enduser/std_adp....
      (802.11n devices are recommended for streaming HD content)
      All WD media players require AC socket for powering the device.

    • +1

      Even better buy this cheap USB dongle which works straight out of box and good thing is you can buy it from Umart or MSY. I have used it and can confirm it works great. Can be wireless in just $23 extra bucks.
      direct link doesnt work with Umart so try searching for this one
      Generic W322U 300MBPS wireless USB dongle (brand name is Tenda)

  • +1

    http://b-rad.cc/wdlxtv-live/ for those looking to get extra functionality from this awesome media player.
    Namely ability to stream directly from network shares via LAN or Wifi is just one of the many features of this custom firmware. Please support the author if you do use the firmware, its just one person providing very useful improvements to many.

    Only one playback issue exists with this device, and its compressed matroska headers which will wig the device out. This is purely because the new matroska feature is not yet supported in WD's official firmware.
    You will only encounter this if you attempt playback of .mkv files with the compressed headers. Compressed headers can be uncompressed via mkvmerge/mkvtoolnix to allow playback.

    • The standard Western Digital firmware supports streaming via LAN/Wifi(when you insert a dongle), through either network shares or UPNP. You don't need to install custom firmware to get this.

      P.S. Great player … highly recommend it … a steal at this price.

      • Thanks for the clarify sloppy! My unit never got the chance to operate with standard firmware :)

        • Try the new official firmware - it got facebook support and plays DVD ISO's with Menus. b-rad is not yet updated his firmware and might take a while.

    • +2

      holy crap…. you had me until you said "compressed matroska headers"…. then my brain started to fade out like it did in chemistry. I'm listening but not comprehending :).

  • Cheapest i have ever seen it is $154 before this. This is a great deal for a great product. I bought it several months ago for $165. You will need to by a cheap wireless dongle to take advantage of the wireless networking features. This should cost no more than $30. You will also need to by a HDMI cable if that is avalaible on your TV.

    Brilliant and very easy to set up. Do not need to be very proficient with tech to use this. Just get it, you won't regret it.

  • This must be some sort of clearance price. Anyone know if there is a new model coming out soon (not counting the Live PLUS- which is no extra benefit to us)?

  • there is a $4.95 Handling Fee no matter I select delivery or pickup. how to avoid it?

    • +5

      walk into officeworks and buy one off the shelf

  • i think i may have prompted this price change…
    on sunday i got saturday i got chadstone store to pricematch these to $132

  • no rmvb :(

    • yeh get a ps3 instead for rmvb :D

      • dont you have to convert rmvb to avi to play on ps3?

  • It's a great device, and that's a great price for it.

    The new model has an integrated 1Tb hard disk, but costs US$200, or $US270 locally.

    But this device is great for playing files over your network, from your existing media drive.

  • Thank you OP!
    Ozbargainers have made my Xmas shopping so much easier this year!!!:)

  • -1

    Doesn't apple tv have built in wifi and same features and same price?
    Why would you choose wd over apple tv? I was just about to buy apple tv.

  • Hi,

    I download videos from YouTube and I'd like to play back these flv files.

    Does the Western Digital TV Live play back flv files?


  • Awesome price. Awesome player.

  • Pick one up at lunch, thanks

  • This is a great price I was about to order online last night went through checkout only to find that shipping was gunna be $25:( we dont have an officeworks in town so looks like I will have to go for a bit of a drive might even see if dicksmith or harvey norman will beat the price by 5%.

  • Harris Technology got it for $128. So would OW beat that price by 5%off?

    • +3

      Good Guys have thrown a spanner in the works $127.00 Pg.20-21 http://www.lasoo.com.au/catalogue/the-good-guys-catalogue-me...

      • +1

        I just printed out the GoodGuys catalogue and took it to OfficeWorks and they pricematched it + 5% so only paid $120.65
        A great deal!

    • Link says 178

      • I can see it for $127 in the catalogue

        • yes, 178 for me

      • $127 for me……(less for cash)
        maybe region specific??

        edit - It's in the Adelaide catalogue for $127

  • Show them the Harris Technology price at Officeworks and get 5% off under their price match policy http://www.officeworks.com.au/retail/content/lowest-price-gu... (unless they've already reduced their in store price to match ht).

  • tettybear

    they should price match - however online price matching includes postage

    unless you are near one of their business centres.


    "Identical products are price matched against online stores but as with any other kind of store, the item must be currently in stock. When price matching online stores we also take into account the added cost of delivery. If the identical product can be purchased and delivered via an online store for a total price lower than the one we are offering, we will beat that total price by 5%."

    so unless you scored free postage or pickup then the OW one is cheaper

  • Great player. I can throw any video format and it plays it fine!

  • +1

    Can anyone tell me whether this one can play Vietnamese subtitle ? Thanks in advance.

    • that depends on your video files, not the player…

      • +1

        No actually, playback of Vietnamese subs is often player/firmware dependent! ;)

        • I thought that was only for movies with 'happy endings' ;)

          tuanxiu1983 - it will play vietnamese (or indeed any) subtitles provided they are in .SRT, .ASS, .SSA, .SUB or .SMI format, which is pretty much all the popular types. If it is in another type google for a convertor to change it to .SRT/.SUB as these two are the most common types.

    • lol thanks for pointing this out. might not buy one then.

  • wish this unit took a HDD - looks like they are clearing this in prep for wd tv live hub

  • +1

    It will be $99 on 6-12 December on Dick Smith's staff sale.

    • +2

      Why vote me down?
      I replied just in case you have a friend working in woolworths.

      • Yeah, I'm guessing the reason was because they didn't know Woolworth staff were also included in this price. Dick Smith staff members, not so many but Wollies staff members r us alright.

  • +1

    Sorry but we are not Staff so Can't buy this for $99.

  • Wow, i didn't know these are still priced quite high considering they came out a while ago and back then (within a first week of its release) i paid $149 for it.
    Great device though. In just about a year since i got mine, I've played just about every type of file i can think of and haven't had a single issue with it. I also own a Popcorn Hour A-110 and while it is also good, WDTV is much, much better. The only thing i don't like about WDTV is its interface. It is as simple as it can possibly and i would like to see some options that Popcorn Hour interface has implemented in WDTV.
    Highly recommended though and for $129 it is worth every cent.

    • Hi there.

      I love my A-200 Popcorn hour… so much so I just bought an A-210 (same thing with a fanless aluminium case).

      Care to share why you like the WD Live better? It's certainly cheaper!

      • PCH A-200 is a different beast. It looks much better than A-110 and A-110 has a bug where if you pause what you are watching and then leave it paused for a while, then resume it, A-110 tends to simply stop showing the movie. Trying to restart it again does nothing. The only way to get it going is to reset A-110 and then resume the movie again. VERY annoying.
        Besides that, i personally find WDTV looks much better and it is quicker IMO. For example, i had 2TB external drive and 1TB external drive connected to both, but i must admit that A-110 doesn't load the drives as fast as WDTV.
        Don't get me wrong, i'm not saying that A-110 is not good because it is great, but there are a few annoying things i really dislike about it.

  • Officeworks changed their price to $124 at Fremantle branch.

    • Sneaky Basterds!

      Just went to the local OW to get them to beat HT's $128 - 5% discount = $121.60.

      OW had $129 on the shelf; the guy said $129, but when I asked for the pricematch & discount they said, "Oh sorry, they've just gone down to $124."

      Bâtards sournois!

      • Same at Sth Yarra OW. Though they had made a mistake entering it.

  • Just picked one up for $120.65 from Parramatta OW. Price matched Good Guys $127 minus 5%.

    Guy next to me was looking at them too and when I asked to price match, he said yeh I was going to ask the same thing lol.

    Thanks OP.

  • Confirmed prices Osb Park (WA) $168 in catalog, $129 shelf price, $124 at checkout

  • Same at Clarence St Sydney - $129 on shelf, $124 at checkout (and 20c for a plastic bag!)

    Got last one on shelf there…

  • I got the last one at the Marion, SA branch

    • Did you pricematch? Is it $129 shelf price, $124 at checkout?

      • $124 at checkout

    • Oops, i tell a lie, there are at least 3 still on the shelf

  • Got the last one at Clayton, Vic :)
    $124 ticketed price.

    Wasn't advertised at all though..so seems like they're just clearing stock?

  • I picked one up today at the good guys for $119 with the proviso that if the price does drop to $99 at dse like someone above said I can go back in and they will refund the difference:) have had a quick play and am impressed might have a look into different firmwares to try out next.

    • GG is $127, how did you get $119? Is that normal price?

      • just asked what their best price was like I do with anything else. When I was in harvey norman later on the guy said that their cost price was $125. Neither place had heard of the dse deal which isn't really surprising but I'm not complaining:)

  • South Australia GG catalogue says $127 less for cash - Im guessing ausbob bargained it down.

  • Website is updated to $124 now, lol. Good thing I didn't pick one up yesterday. :)

    • Haha yeah lol. I picked it up like 2hrs before they changed the price.

      Went down today to get my $5 back. Lucky I live 20m away from them lol.

  • Almost bought one… but then didnt because I thought it would be a better buy to get one which has a HDD built in - thatll save me needed to buy one of those also. Anyone know if any HDD built-in ones are a good buy atm?

  • Can someone please tell a layman the difference between this and my existing WD TV non networked device?

    • Networking.

      You can browse and stream from file shares/UPNP servers, and there's some Internet applications also - youtube/facebook … maybe 10 or so in total as of the recent official firmware upgrade

  • That's where I got lost, the networking component.

    I assume it means if you have networked PC/hard drive, it allows you to play back through the WD TV Live into the TV it is connected to.

    Similar to having a networked pc with a video out feeding off a another hard drive on the network?

    • Yep, same concept. With a little bit of set up (very minimal) you can play content off any other computer connected to the same network.

  • This is $127 at JB as well

  • I got one as a present. Didn't need the network functionality, but for $20 more than the lesser model, I figured at least it's future-proofing it a bit :)

  • Just got it for the marked price $124, they had marked the price down. Was tempted to get the $200 WDTV hub but this is brilliant. Never seen colours like this on my tv after having a direct stream of my MKV videos. Love this thing. Well worth the money to play MKV alone.

  • Has anyone else managed to snag one of these for $119 or less? I am still getting it setup but am more than happy with it seems to play everything.

  • Plenty at OW Ringwood

  • Just picked up a unit from Dee why office works (Sydney) for 93 - They price matched the Clive peters one for 98. Showed them the catalog photo from the other post on ozb.

  • picked up yesterday at Dick Smiths for $118 after getting them to pricematch + better by 10% the officeworks price

  • Price has been updated to $98!

  • I'll second that cirno. My dad saw an ad in todays paper advertising them for $124 @ Officeworks. He went down there to buy one and the guy told him they'd just dropped the price to $98! He was pretty happy.

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