expired Destiny 2 Xbox One $35 @ Target


Destiny 2 Xbox One - self explanatory… Good price compared to Ebgames and JB Hifi

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Target Australia
Target Australia

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    Another Microtransaction game, 0 endgame content game. 50% of DLC content locked behind Loot boxes


      oh yeah, call that anything more than Deadstiny… let it DIE, it is only engaging with first two missions, once you go to the social area, all goes down hill in the single player narrative… better money spend in games like Doom, wolfenstein heck even that Mess that is Mass effect Andromeda is better than this crap that aim to milk money out of their player.

      For a game that makes player to play the same thing over and over again, there are heaps of alternative, say World of Tanks, warfame etc etc.

      This game should be put to its rightful place: 10 dollar bargain bin or make free to play if they want to throw all the pay to win DLC crap to player.


        I bought the collectors edition on release with 2 DLC's included. big mistake. I play on PC so Obviously I was new to me..

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          ever since i brought the original base game, i have been wanting my money back. I played the trial of Deadstiny 2. It was promising at the start, then goes down hill free fall after that, back to the same old deadstiny original.

          PLayers should stop rewarding these developer and publishers with these crap. Where was the days of original Halo?

          We need those days back.

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    Destiny 2 PC is also available for $44 on cdkeys.com (AUS region lock)