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Delhi from $618 Flying Singapore Airlines (Mar-Nov). PER- $618, SYD- $636, MEL- $691, BNE- $716, ADL- $766, CBR- $820


Bargain flights to New Delhi from $618 return flying Singapore Airlines

Destination: Delhi

Airline: Singapore Airlines

Departure Dates: 1 March to 19 June 2018, 28 July to 18 September 2018, 13 October to 27 November 2018

Valid Till: On sale till 18 January 2018

One Stop Flights via Singapore (return):

  • Perth – $618
  • Sydney – $636
  • Melbourne – $691
  • Brisbane – $716
  • Adelaide – $766
  • Canberra – $820

Frequent Flyer:

KrisFlyer (Star Alliance) or Velocity Frequent Flyer.

This fare books itself in “K” class and earns 10% of mileage flown.

With Velocity, a round-trip from Sydney round-trip earns 1297 points and 100 status credits.

Interesting Facts about Delhi:

  • The best time to visit Delhi is from October to March when the weather is at its best. Though has it has been pointed out in the comments below, the air quality might not be ideal
  • For Australian passport holders, a visa is required to visit India (maximum stay of 60 days).
  • Try the Aloo Tiki which is a snack made out of boiled potatoes, onions and various curry spices.
  • Hosts an International Toilet museum dedicated to the history of sanitation and toilets
  • Top 3 places to see –
    • Red Fort – Delhi’s most famous monument, stands as a reminder of the Mughal emperors who ruled India.
    • Jama Masjid – India’s the largest mosque in India took 13 years to build. Its courtyard can hold an incredible 25,000 devotees.
    • Humayun’s Tomb – The inspiration for the Taj Mahal’s creation. Built in 1570, it houses the body of the second Mughal emperor, Humayun.

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  • +8

    These are incredible prices, considering its Singapore airlines. Jump on this people, go and see the Taj Mahal and eat some hella tasty food for real cheap

  • +1

    Just be wary that from April onwards it starts getting REALLY HOT.

    • +1

      Delhi is a good base to start travel towards Himalayas.

  • Crazy prices indeed!

  • Hosts an International Toilet Museum, interesting

    • +5

      Something for everyone ;)

  • Cant find anything on the website with the price listed above.

    • when are you planning to travel and where from? I will have a look for you.

      • From perth to sringar early march :)

        I'd do it but my boss sits right next to me!

  • +1

    Wow OP, never seen SQ get this cheap to India (they're normally around the $900+ mark for off-peak and $1200+ for peak [such as school holidays, Xmas, etc]).
    Shame that these prices exclude school holidays though, would've jumped on this in a heartbeat if it was!

  • +1

    The best time to visit Delhi is from October to March when the weather is at its best.

    OP plz check the facts again. Air quality will be worst during this time.

    • Thanks for the advice. I went off research on google and this was the time period suggested. I have made an edit based on your advice

    • +1

      Best to travel between Mid Sept. and before start of December.
      Weather is hell cold from mid December with fog most of the times and accidents. Best again from Mid Feb to Mid march.

  • The Taj Mahal is being cleaned this year - so it might be best to give it a miss this year! As per Fodor's guide "unless your dream Taj Mahal visit involves being photographed standing in front of a mud-caked and be-scaffolded dome, maybe give it until 2019 at the earliest."

  • +3

    It is the worst time to visit Delhi from December to February, the day starts at 1pm and ends 6pm with all the fog, air quality and winter weather.

    • +1

      Not sure why someone negged you when it is true. From Mid Dec to Jan end.

  • Good prices. Thanks for sharing

  • Why people want to stay in Delhi I believe north India is more interesting

    • +3

      Delhi is in North India. Maybe you mean the more North places such as Chandigarh and Himachal Pradesh?

  • really good pricing.

  • New Delhi
    Singapore Airlines (10 nights)
    10 Mar 2018 - 20 Mar 2018

    New Delhi
    Singapore Airlines (11 nights)
    09 Mar 2018 - 20 Mar 2018

  • So Tempting….

  • Singapore airlines sale is for other cities as well but not to the same price. I could find MEL-> MAA(Chennai) for 800$ usually it would be $1000+

    • +1

      Mel <—> Ahmedabad is @ $797 which is generally $1000+.

  • I am from New Delhi ask anything .

    • +1

      What's your shoe size?

  • OP is there any special condition attached that we need to be aware?

    • +1

      none that I am aware of.

  • OP/All, Any idea if we could do a stop over for a few days in SIN with this ?

    • +5

      Username checks out.

    • +4

      Bad things happen everywhere. Peddling a fear like that is just not right.

  • Not only for India, there looks to be good fares to Sri Lanka as well.

    MLB to CMB
    Singapore Airlines (8 nights)
    12 Jun 2018 - 20 Jun 2018

    Good price considering it is on Singapore Airlines. But the price got spiked up slightly when proceeding, so better confirm the final prices.

  • Any deals for flights originating from the other end i.e Delhi >> Mel/Syd return?

    • I can have a look for you. What are your dates, send me a message :)

  • OP, why is this happening?

    • the time you are looking for falls outside the dates specified in the deal. Try leaving early October. I can see plenty of availability

      • Oh so it only shows 'sale' fares? I know it's outside of the specified dates, just wanted to get an idea of what prices to expect for those dates (which will be more expensive, wanted to find out how much more expensive).

        • +1

          No problem. For those dates the cheapest I can find is with Sri Lankan Airlines for $829 return with good connection times through Colombo. If flying SQ then its $1,184 unfortunately.

  • I am trying to find 25 nov to 26 jan and no flights ? Syd-Hyd return and Delhi as well.

    • Since your return date (26 Jan ) is more than a year out, can't seem to find any flights for you.

      • Thanks but with 25 nov to 7 jan also no sale ?

        • not at the moment. I suggest waiting till the next sale period later in the year.

  • +2

    Not Secure Website. Payment site also not secured. Don't want to risk my money. Thanks.

    • +2

      Skyscanner or the booking site?

      If you are not comfortable with booking through the site, why dont you take a print out and get flightcentre to price match it?

  • Thank you for posting. Scored two tickets @674 each multi city. Few hours later needed another ticket which became $824. Agents are busy and the tickets are selling fast.
    It is funny though, joined work on Monday after 3 weeks holidays and find myself booking another travel on Tuesday. Irresistible prices.

    • no problems. Happy to help!

      • hi .. is there anything left with cheap prices? looking to travel in march end and return within 4 days..should i PM you dates? can you help pls?

        • unfortunately there are no longer flights with SQ at this price. There are similar prices with other airlines. Do you want to PM your dates?

  • Any deals on Kolkata, planning to go there this year.

  • -2

    Couldn't find any flights. I wanted to go around 26-26 March till 1-2 April.

  • Not able to find any flights for the mentioned price in the month of April.

  • Is it valid for Delhi to melbourne return?

    Dates please?

    • Unfortunately not the other way around. If you want to send me an PM, I can look up some dates for you.

  • Any flights from Melbourne to Hyderabad travel dates 31may to 29th june.

    • Send a PM and I will have a look for you.

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