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$50 for Opening an Account at NAB Kiosk at Chermside


I just opened an account at the NAB kiosk at Westfield Chermside QLD (opp Big W). Offer runs till 6th Dec. A deposit has to be made into the account by 13 Dec. And by the 10th of Jan I should have $50 credited to the account by NAB….. :-) Please see scanned card….

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    • They often send them separately for better security.

    • the letter attached to my card said the pin would arrive later.

    • Pin and card are always sent separately. Can you guess why? ;-)

  • Anyone got their $50? I hope NAB did not forget about it.

    • no. the t&cs state payment by the jan 10, so still another couple of days

  • Stil nothing?

    • not yet :) if nothing appears in the account overnight i'll give them a call in the morning.

      • get us updated, coz i havent got mine either, doesnt seem any1 has got the money.
        and they stated payment by 10th, so gonna ditch the account once i get the money if nothing appears overnight

        • Nothing neither. I thought Bank should be more creditable than Cup of Rewards. It seems they r all the same now.

  • The bonus credit showed up this morning, transaction date 10/Jan.

    • Same here, bonus paid on 10/1. I was going to keep the account anyway-this account is one of the best among the top banks I think, even though their staff is not the best in customer service.

  • my bonus was paid over night

  • Got my bonus too!

  • i still havent got mine, how did u guys make the deposit? i made mine at a branch

    • No bonus for me either, made the deposit by internet banking.

      Previously had a nab credit card. Maybe this is why bonus was not paid. The account bsb is the branch of my credit card branch and not the kiosk or branch near the kiosk.

    • the only conditions appear to be that you open a classic acccount at a nab retail kiosk before 6 dec and then deposit some money (via any means) into the new account before the 13 dec. ring the nab and find out.

  • got mine :) I deposited by internet transfer

  • Got my bonus this morning. Although the staff at the kiosk told me I could do an internet transfer I simply hopped off to the NAB branch about ten shops down from the kiosk and made a deposit in person there. I've been freely using the kiosk account (even though I've got another Classic Banking account from a few years back) and the details of the account (BSB/ACC numbers) do not distinguish it from a branch opened account.

  • FYI, I already received $50 from NAB deposited to classic account. Hope you all get yours as well.


  • NO payment for me!!!!
    contacted nab, was only told NOW that the deposit should have been $1 or more!!! i deposited 5cents :P
    i was never told about that, ANYONE WAS TOLD or read that the DEPOSIT HAS TO BE $1 or more??????

    does any1 still got the promotion paper that they can verify / scan and upload??

    • I didn't know you could make a 5c deposit - $1 being the minimum deposit I think to open an account at a branch. The teller must have been giving you the evil eye. Is there a reason you went with 5c deposit?

  • Thats interesting, my first deposit showing up is a 1 cent verification credit from ubank. But a deposit was also made by the required time. Sent an email response as to where my missing bonus is.

    The terms did mention $1 deposit, check the first page of this bargain for terms and the first post also mentions this.

    • where does it mention $1 officially? couldnt find it, other than the words from the guy in the first post

  • i deposited on the 13th (on the day) cause it said by and usually I thought it means it includes that day too (I asked the branch people and they said it should include). didn't get the $50 bonus. rang NAB up and they are helping me sort it out.

  • STILL NOTHING FOR ME! What the hell!

    Not happy jan, will call them tomorrow if it does not appear tonight.

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