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Linksys WRT1200AC-AU Dual Band Smart Wi-Fi Wireless Router 1300mbps $79.98 Delivered @ Warehouse 1 eBay


This is the cheapest now with 20% code ( $99.97 -$19.99 = $79.98 ).if they do not price jack OR #BeingAskhole.. Keep an eye and Enjoy shopping
Previously posted was $80.50

Speed (Mbps): 1300Mbps
Model: Wrt1200ac

Original 20% off Selected Sellers on eBay Deal Post

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    Thanks very much OP. This could definitely be put to a good use as a repeater/mesh/main router! Really want to buy one of these but I bought many modem/router that I decided to throw a couple out today.
    Resisting! Maybe when becomes much cheaper I buy one as backup and replace the Asus I bought recently from PLE.

    • Which one did you get?

      • Recently? This one was posted for $15 delivered, thanks to @PLE Computers
        Sweet as candy!

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          That's a DSL and it's only N. Worlds apart in comparison

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          @D3m3ntia: I never said otherwise! That one has an EXTRA DSL modem! Only N router as a backup/tester/repeater doesn't hurt me. In fact N routers are good enough.

    • I don't think Linksys can be used as a mesh?

  • thanks.. feel free to +1 if u love the post :)

    • Sure, sorry I should have voted

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        no worries mate..thanks & feel free to browse my other recent posts. u never know what else u may like :)

  • Anyone know how this compare to Linksys EA6900?

  • Bought one from the previous deal that I've spent the past few hours trying to setup on my FTTN connection with AussieBB.

    Just FYI it hasn't been straight forward setting up and I've resorted to the forums for help. It does seem there are some bugs or I'm just very novice.

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      Just did my in-laws connection. It wasn't a simple plug and play with their NBN, I had to log in with their account on the router.

      Hope that helps.

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        Lol no not really but thanks anyway.

        A detailed step by step would be perfect lol


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          Visit on a computer's browser that is connected to the router

          Login with the credentials found on the underside of the router

          Go through the steps on the wizard. I opted to enter the internet settings later

          Went to Connectivity > Internet tab.

          Enter your ISP settings (PPPoE, or whatever and username)

          Good Luck

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      This is just a router and it's not a VDSL2 modem. You do need to also use a VDSL2 modem but in bridge mode if connecting it to a wireless router.

      Are you using an actual VDSL2 modem connected to this router through an Ethernet cable to the WAN port (i think on the WRT1200AC the port is called Internet) on the router and have you setup the VDSL2 modem in bridge mode?. Also you may or may not need to use VLAN tagging in the router it's depending on whether AussieBB FTTN uses VLAN tagging. I know for my FTTN connection but on iiNet i had to disable VLAN tagging as it doesn't use it.

      • I am using TG789 in bridge mode, with an ethernet cable running from the TG789 LAN1 to the INTERNET port on the Linksys. I don't have credentials with AussieBB as it connects automatically usually. I can still access the internet on the bridged modem but not throught the linksys or while tts connected to the linksys

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          Have you got VLAN tagging disabled or set to 0 in the router (which is the same as disabling VLAN tagging). Aussie Broadband FTTN doesn't use VLAN tagging. So if the VLAN tagging isn't disabled such as set to 0 then you will get no connection. Also follow this (apart from it being for a Netcomm modem but the settings would be the same for your router). And select IPoE (also known as Dynamic DHCP) with no login credentials (such as username and password as IPoE doesn't use it). It should be as easy as setting the router up as IPoE (Dynamic DHCP), disable VLAN tagging and having the router to automatically obtain IP address and you should get an immediate connection. I hope this helps.


          Also the same settings are found on the Whirlpool guide for VDSL2 internet settings:

          Aussie Broadband
          Protocol: IPoE (DHCP / Automatic IP)
          VLAN: None/blank
          Login: No login required
          Aussie Broadband provides a sticky IP Address


        • I appreciate your detailed instructions.

          vlan was off and the router was set to automatic DHCP, and it still wasn't working.

          Either im missing a critical setting or bridge mode is not working as intended. I'm more inclined to think the problem is with me as it's my first time setting up this type of configuration

        • @ih8un: Often ISP connections will only work with the MAC address of your ISP supplied modem. In which case you will need to spoof this on the router. This may be your issue .

  • How is this compared to an Archer D7? Anyone can help?

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      Should work okay with 5GHz Wi-Fi switched on. https://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum-replies.cfm?t=2687495

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        Yeah, I'm one of many who's D7 no longer remains stable if I have 5Ghz wifi on. Even on 2.4Ghz it still freezes about once a week requiring a full reboot.

        • Oh wow. I'm facing the same problems. 3 yr warranty though. But its a pain going through the trouble shooting w the manufacturer and refund process.

        • @jasonlka:

          I'm also having problems with wifi. It dies completely and I have to restart the modem. It happensonce or twice a day.

        • @Colombian: apparently disabling the 5ghz helps. But this should be an acceptable resolution.

        • Just for interest sake, I've been looking into this a bit
          seems something in a Google update for Android/ Chromecast is causing grief

          I Personally have a C1200 which has beta firmware that's fixed it
          can only hope the firmware is also updated for the D7

          Relevant whirlpool link

        • @jasonlka: yeah, I'm holding off on claiming warranty hoping there's a firmware update for this. I bought it off an ebay sell, so sending unit back would still cost me money under warranty.

    • Anything is better than the D7…no dsl uptime stats in that.

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    Code cannot be used since PayPal not accepted as payment method.

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    This isn't FTTN/VDSL ready is it?

    Disregard this comment

  • bought mine the last deal. was super surprised when it arrived the next day by express post! setup took a while, but it worked out in the end.

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      How's it been holding up?

      • +1

        so far so good. no news is good news to me, so can't complain! :)

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    Mine has yet to arrive. Maybe it’s express from China?

    • Mine too, not even posted. contacted them twice but no reply.

      • Mine came in sydney after 2 days. I was pleasantly surprised since it as estimated at 10 days delivery time

    • Mine arrived last Friday (12th Jan). Ordered on 8th Jan.

  • bought one of these in the last deal as well. can someone confirm this can replace the main modem for FTTP connections? My netcomm nf17acv is playing up so returning that one for this.

    • This is just a router. It can’t replace a modem.

      You would need a modem running in bridge mode and use this for wireless and router functions.

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      Can confirm that this is all I needed for a FTTP connection.

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      FTTP shouldn't have a modem. I connect my router's WAN port directly to a UNI-D Ethernet port on the NBN connection box.

      Since cray is using a VDSL2 modem (Netcomm), i assume he/she has FTTN? If so, your modem is still required. As dbun1 said, it can be used in "bridge" mode and the Linksys can perform the router/wireless functions.

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        Thank you, I actually have fttp as mentioned =)

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          OK cool. That being the case, you might be able to ditch the Netcomm altogether. :)

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    Got ripped . 52cents

    • yeah.. if someone had bought 2 of these earlier then he/she lost $1.04 for which he/she could have used at DOLLOR SHOP to buy some item may be screen cover :D ;)

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        You save 50 cents here , you go somewhere else , you save another 50 cents.. you have one dollar and you go to the dollar store, you go buy something else.

        Be a man, do the right thing. Buy the wireless router.

      • +2

        Somebody gonna get a hurt real bad

      • Just TAKE IT! and go (waves arm in the air)

  • I'm trying to decide whether to buy a Xiaomi router (gigabit version) for around $60, or something like this? Already a bit of a Xiaomi fanboy with a few items, and likely more to come soon; am I naive in thinking their router might place nicer in my setup?
    My needs are pretty simple- couple of Chromecasts, few cameras, yeelights and phone/tablets. Just want decent coverage.

  • This or the EA6900? I am going to use it to run a separate home automation network.

  • Will this work fine if my area is getting hfc? NBN supplies a cable modem don’t they?

    • Yes it will work with HFC.

  • Awesome! I missed out last time. I've purchased a couple. One for my parents place the other for the inlaws place. Will see how the performance (i'm interested in openVPN speds) is under the supplied firmware otherwise I'll flash it to something more usefull. Cheers!

  • Anyone actually received router delivery from Warehouse1 ? mine got held up for more than 10 days, ring up their support and said no tracking information received so they have no idea ….:-(, upon checking product review site, reviews are not impressed at all, should I worry?

  • Ok, so I am an absolute retard when it comes to these things. Could someone please explain to me how I would know which router would be suitable for me? What factors do i need to take into account? im on Telstra Cable if that makes any difference lol.

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