eBay 20% off Sale - The Usual Price Jack Has Started

Surprise surprise… the price jack has begun.


I added this to my watch list on Saturday when it was $1190. Today, it's $1309.

Is this misleading conduct by the seller - inflating prices prior to a sale? I'm sick of this 'sale' bullshit. Is this something Consumer Affairs or the ACCC would be interested in?

Edit: seems Kogan got done for a similar practice so maybe it is something the ACCC would like to know about!

Edit 2: Here's the link to report it to ACCC: https://www.accc.gov.au/contact-us/contact-the-accc/report-a...

Edit 3: Company name: Austin Computers, ABN: 69780893412 - get reportin'!


Edit 5: As @nickxau pointed out, it's an obscene $1482 now, almost 22% higher than it was on Saturday.

Mod: We have removed the unobtainable deals (due to a price increase after being posted) and merged them below (5 in total), note that many were posted before this thread was made, so they will appear at the top of the comments section below. See original mod comment and discussion here. Please note that other unobtainable deals which were removed due to combining an existing sale (6 in total) which finished before this 20% off sale started weren't merged (not related to a price increase and never possible/available).

Update 19 Jan 11:40am: The eBay deal posting guidelines have been updated to reflect new requirement that deals requiring coupon codes can only be posted on the day the coupon becomes live.

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      AU $2,192.00 NOW

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        $2722 Now LOL

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          2,392.00 Now lol

    • $1753.60 + $77 delivery. Total price $1830.60

    • Can you purchase it now then apply coupon and pay when sale is live?

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        You can try and let us know when it worked.

        • +1

          I cam confirm this works :)

          • @Umar511986: That's a brilliant idea. I can't find any review on this TV though

    • Wasn't this like 1900 a few days ago? If so good find OP

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        Yes, cheapest was $1995 + shipping st HN and BL or $1999 delivered @ Sony.

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      Sweet another possible deal!! thanks ozbargain

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      You should not include cashback in the price in the title. Ozbargain policy.

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      Excludes: Northern Territory, Perth Metro, SA Regional, WA Regional, WA Remote, PO Box

      Says that in the shipping details. :(

      • +1

        TV to a PO Box… hmm

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      Cash rewards doesn't seem to register anything purchased over 1.5k for me.
      Anyone with the same issue?

    • Refresh rate?

      • +7

        Never mind 50Hz I'll pass

        • +10

          Damn… That HERTZ

    • still not sure if this is the best tv at the price.
      I still believe the n7 hisense is the best. sadly no 70 inch.

      • For this price and at this size? Absolutely best TV.

        • +1

          Can't find any review on this. What makes you think this is the best?

    • +1

      So is it not good for a console gaming?

      • Nope. Refresh rate too slow

        • how much refresh rate required/recommended for better console gaming?

          • -5

            @virtualds: 100-120 hz if u like shooting game

          • +10

            @virtualds: @ZombieLover: if u like shooting game you wouldn't be using the 100-120Hz settings as the console is only outputting at 60Hz and then the TV is doing post processing to create a simulated 100-120Hz output, which in turn adds to the time it takes to display the image, which will make the response time worse, which is horrible for if u like shooting game. As long as the TV outputs at 60Hz and has a good low response time, it is good for console gaming.

          • @virtualds: @ZombieLover: Consoles max out at 60fps/hz

          • @virtualds: @mdogxxx: Currently I'm using a Plasma TV and it's okay to play GTA.
            Do you think this LCD tv makes blurry?
            I heard the Video processing time is important, too as there could be significant latency between the console and the TV screen.
            Is it okay for GTA5 with PS4 and horizon with xbox one S ?

          • @virtualds: @Apue: If you look up some reviews for the TV on Google, you will find plenty of information about the TV and probably how it performs for gaming. I don't have this TV, but I do have a LED LCD 4K TV and I pretty much only use it for gaming and it is certainly not blurry at all. I play a fair bit of GTA V on my TV and it looks good, so I am sure this TV will outperform my TV as it is nearly double the price I paid for mine.

        • Umm, why the negs?

          50hz is terrible for gaming. You need a 60hz tv for a decent image, as well is a low input latency.

          This tv has neither.

          • +1

            @Robertoverge: I'm shocked this is only 50.

          • @Robertoverge: @Salmando:

            The display is actually 60hz. I think it’s marketed as 50hz because we traditionally had 50hz PAL tvs. It could also just be to sell higher end units.

            Likewise, 100hz panels can display 120hz.

            Most consoles, bluray players etc can only output 60/50hz anyways and the rest is done by interpolation by the display unit - which from my experience Is not perfect (noticeable judder at times, unrealistic panning etc) so I tend to turn it off.

          • @Robertoverge: @Hirokuro: doesn't seem very smart. For someone looking for a large budget TV from a big brand, a claim of 50hz just makes me look at other brands

          • @Robertoverge: @Salmando: it’s not just Sony but all manufacturers that sell 60hz units in Australia advertise them as 50hz

    • This is very entry level in terms of specs but at this price it is a no brainer especially over the Aldi 75inch. But be warned, this is bare bones and will probably suit the old mum and dad that does not need anything spesh.

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      Price was $1992.00 3 days ago direct on their website. They have now jacked it up to $2,475.

      Still as saving at $1830.60 though but not happy with what they do with the pricing before a ebay sale comes out.

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        it's showing $2722+77 now, lmfao.

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      NOW $2722 (WOW GREAAAT DEAL) all these people posting are wasting their time ! You should wait until the sale goes live then post…

      • LOL shame on the seller

      • Yeah, shame on the seller.

        Wouldn't have made a diff when i posted it - seems like they price jacked everything in their store.

      • Well, it is good to have evidence of price jacking (which is illegal). If you have the evidence, buy the product and the ACCC will make them refund the difference.

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      Ebay should change the title to You will be LUCKY to get 20% off using code "PCTECH"

    • 20% off current listed price of $2,722 is $2177.60. More expensive than the current listed price from TGG eBay which is $1,995.

      • Currently listed @ AU $2,392.00. Have they change the price again?

        • +1

          They're probably keeping an eye on the outrage in this post.

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      Ebay should not allow this seller to join such promotions.

    • Price jacking seller.

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      Price now AU $2,392.00. @ 5:54pm 15/01.

    • +1

      Yet another price jacker- name and shame!!!

    • Anyone got a link for a TCL 55" P series that might go on sale tomorrow?

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      I vote for banning such sellers from ozbargain. Once blacklisted, don't allow even their bestest of deals to be posted here…

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        Yep, they jacked up every TV I was looking at. Even with the 20% off they are now more expensive then before the 20% off (to this morning).

        They get publicity on Ozbargain for a few days with these sales and, same as always, the prices just aren't bargains when the sale goes live.

        Yet Ozbargain is flooded with individual 20% off posts that aren't proven to be deals in the future.

    • Hate sellers jacking prices like this. Whatever excuse they give that they are bearing discount cost, ebay fees, bla bla bla.
      Name and shame.

    • Don't know why these were posted as price jacking always happens

    • Poor form


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    This gets brought up everytime there is an eBay sale. Heaps of talk about reporting, but nothing more. Just have to accept that there will be price jacking and not everything is going to be a bargain.

    • +3


      This is OzBargain - the site where people will do anything to save a few cents. Why aren't we doing something about it?

      If there was ever a community that should be taking action, it should be us!

      I've taken the lead. ACCC informed. Who wants to follow my lead?

      Here's the link: https://www.accc.gov.au/contact-us/contact-the-accc/report-a...

      • If you were to include the Name of business/ACN/ABN and reason for the issue, you may get a few more people reporting it?

        I'm not sure "Price Jacking" is a reasonable description, seems a little vague.

        • Well, I've given links as well as before and after prices, so not so vague! I've included the name and ABN (I couldn't find an ACN, but ABN is enough for the form!)

      • -2

        January 2016. Been dozens of sales since then.

        • More implying that if people actually report it, fines do get issued. The idea that we should just accept it or nothing will happen is untrue.

          The main thing for a successful complaint is compiling the data and doing the math. You need to show beyond reasonable doubt there's deceptive conduct. For example show multiple items rising by around 10% just before the sale begins. Word it professionally and focus on how consumers may be deceived - not on your own losses.

          Calculate the exact difference in savings compared to the advertised 20%. Again, if you can find items with a similar percentile difference it makes it look even more deceptive.

          In short, ACCC doesn't give a crap if OzBargainer82233 didn't get his product for $50 less. They do however care if 5,000 consumers are deceived by a 20% off sale that's actually only 11%.

        • -1

          @dyl: My statement will change once I see something happen. Been massive discussions of reporting in previous posts and nothing. More the better.

  • +2

    Heaps of talk about reporting, but nothing more




  • We are aware of the issue from many posted deals related to the upcoming sale. When the deal goes live tomorrow at 10AM and the price changed to be higher than the deals posted, they will be unpublished as "Unobtainable Deals" and comments merged with this thread.

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      Cheers Scotty!

      • +1

        Thanks scotty… let's give these businesses some free advertisement/bad publicity.

    • +2

      Can we just not allow those deals until the sale begins?

      • We are working on something for future eBay sales. Unfortunately it probably won't be able to be that simple (there are other issues attributed to everyone posting deal when the clock hits 10am), but we have come up with an idea that should stop most of the unobtainable deals without having that '10am flood' issue. We'll just discuss and decide either way over the next few days (and also see how this eBay sale plays out and how our guidelines would have worked).

        • Cool thanks for reply and glad to know the mod team are working on it!

  • Why aren't we doing something about it?

    Why aren't you if it annoys you so much?

    • +13

      They're free to not participate in the sale. I doubt eBay is forcing them to be a part of it!

      • +1

        At djkelly69, if you read the post by Computer Alliance he did not mention 10%.

        In fact, he didn't mention they had to make much of a contribution and he was mainly irritated by the Free Shipping costs to them.
        So read between the lines, and you know its mostly bullshit. CA knows this, and they know everyone is price-jacking, and they know they don't want to be caught and get flack from it from customers and the ACCC. However, on the other hand, they need to move some units and not errode their market share and public mindshare, as well as the money of course.

        So basically, CA is gauging or testing the waters… they need to jack their prices up illegally about a week prior and hold it, to throw off suspicion (unlike what Kogan did the last 2 years), but need to raise it to a point where the other competitors/jackers are not going to beat them by much during the sale time. The 20% savings comes from eBay directly (share prices), and the businesses/CA needs to pay something very small like 3% fee for advertisement costs to enter and abide by the set rules/conditions.

        All in all, Computer Alliance and other sellers are being a dick. So that if they ALL act illegally together, the ACCC can't single them out.
        This means the eBay 20% sale becomes a joke. The last time I noticed an average savings of around 5% which is pathetic, when two years plus back we genuinely saw 15-25% savings. And yes, I have reported multiple businesses to the ACCC in the past, and I think they're pissed off about the whole situation but not sure if there's anything they could do less than an iron-fisted movement. I think actually calling eBay in the hundreds and making complaints to eBay directly is a more effective method… they might take more responsibility and incur penalties to businesses like back-charging them for infarctions (which would deter them from price jacking/but make them hesitant to participate as well).

        • I didn't say CA said it was 10%. I said it appeared to be 10%, which was deduced from the fact that the price in the OP (and other items I have seen and those on my eBay watch list) have increased by exactly 10%, and from comments sellers/stores have made here in the past about the discount being worn about half each between the seller and eBay. I do not run an eBay (or any other) store so I am not certain at all of the exact numbers.

          I don't disagree that the eBay sales are a joke, and it annoys me as well (I actually posted about a 20% price jack in the other thread). Personally I think the issue is more with eBay and the way their sales are run, rather than the retailers.

          I was just trying to give the OP a different viewpoint, which I found interesting, but clearly he/she didn't appreciate it.

        • Actually to be fair to CA, I got the above card from them during the 10% sale for $900. They definitely didn't inflate their prices for that sale as the same card was $999 with them (before discount), which was a steal!

        • +1

          If "they all act together" that is collusion and price fixing,which is actually worse.

          Refer Bob Hawke VS Ken Myers TV debates of the late 1960s.

        • @Dave Id:

          If someone was singled out, the free market would either sort them out, or the governing bodies may be able to act efficiently.
          Yes working together is actually colluding, but it is exponentially harder to prove guilt and enforce the law when the majority are participating. Just look at the situation in USA when it comes to Internet providers, the major ISP's are purposefully carving out sections to not compete against each other and create beds of monopolies. The minor ISP's cut aren't a concern to the big players, hence, why they have non-existent support system, horrible contracts, price gouging, and relatively poor overall quality compared to many other cities in the world.

          When it comes to a majority rigged game, it is just as likely that this "flawed system" becomes adopted rather than fixed.

          The solution?
          Create a government/society infrastructure which self-balances… so that little exploits are crucified/penalised by the society (in this case consumers), and that major exploits are rectified by the courts/government. However, any introduced bill or system needs to be based on a time-limited basis, so that they expire. If they do not, then it evolves into a possible venue of exploitation. As Batman said "you either die as a hero, or live long enough to become the villain"

          So what will happen is:
          1) eBay sales will disappear for good
          2) eBay sales will become normalised for price-jacking +15% only to later "save" -20%.
          3) ACCC steps in, and the infracting parties are have punitive charges to deter malpractice

          For consumers, in the short-term, 1 is worst and 3 is best. However, I believe we will see it become something like 1.5 where eBay in the future does 1 major 20% sale yearly instead of several, and that price-jacking occurs for most businesses and most products. In the long-term, this is bad for consumers… but unless I had a lot of influence, money, and power, I personally wouldn't have the capability to make a change. It really takes half the society to do so, or several "whales" of influential people.

  • the only reason to post ' in 3 days' sales price was to highlight the price jackers.

    most people know who they are already - if ozbargainers wanted to do something they could just stop buying from them for a week.

    the Accc are useless and should be got rid off completely- would save millions of tax payers money

  • -1

    Can someone point to exactly what law is being broken?

    • +5

      It falls under the broad banner of 'misleading and deceptive conduct', which is section 18 of the Australian Consumer Law (being Schedule 2 to the Competition and Consumer Act).

      This is what the ACCC used when they fined Kogan for price-jacking.

    • +1

      In English - false advertising.

      They're advertising 20% off, though jacking the price up. The result is far from 20% off.

  • Thanks for that - maybe one should copy that link and send it to the EBay seller concerned?

  • I was the same as you trying to find a good priced GTX 1080ti i remember earlier this year when ebay had a 20% sale a 1080ti strix could of been had for $859 how wrong i was thinking the price would go down! Strix gtx 1080ti have now been jacked up to $1,599! its crazy and straight up wrong they do it. If you find a good priced gtx 1080ti could you please post it?

    • I got my GV-N108TAORUS-11GD for 10% off $999 - was $914 shipped, at the last 10% sale (between xmas and NY) from Computer Alliance.

      Nothing comes close to even the pre-discount price at the moment :(

    • and people wonder why we buy pc parts from over seas.
      with this price jacking we put up with

  • Futu increased the price of wifi socket sad 😔

  • Unbelievably, they've raised the price again. It's now $1367.

    • They increased it yet again at 1,546.80. So now after 20% discount its $1237.44. So $47.44 more expensive than buying the graphic card a few days ago even after the 20% discount.

  • +2

    Same with Video Pro. Before the 20% "sale" started, they were advertising a LG 55” 55UJ634T Ultra HD Smart TV for $993 plus $45 postage. This morning it is now $1092 plus $45 postage. In other words, after the 20% discount is applied, you will get it at the same price as you can at other retailers like the Good Guys.At least they didn't jack up the postage cost.

  • +3


    Reference this in your reports to ACCC, show a clear link between those illegal activities and what store(s) are currently doing. Makes things easier for ACCC. Helps to also do the math on their behalf and arrive at a realistic figure (ie 9% in above case). Also helps if you can find multiple items with the same level of increase (ie above was all ~10% increase - they can't try to claim it was an awkwardly timed scheduled price change).

    • How is that comparable?

      The sellers I've seen aren't advertising 20% off, eBay is.

      • +2

        Ebay advertised that Kogan was having a 20% off sale. Kogan also advertised this on their ebay store + product pages.

        Kogan upped prices and it was a ~9% off sale.

        • -2

          Yes, so how is that comparable to this?

          Surely the key point there is Kogan advertised 20% off, who is doing that now?

        • +2

          @callum9999: are you joking?

          Literally every store and every item included says "use code x for 20% off". It doesn't say it's 20% off an inflated price/aka ~9% usual price.

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