expired [PC] Final Fantasy XIV Complete Edition Digital Download 50% off ($29.99 from $60) from Square Enix Store


Final Fantasy XIV is half price for the complete edition - that includes the base game + 2 expansions (Heavensward and Stormblood). Is an absolute blast of a game to play, especially with friends. Note however that this is a subscription based MMORPG, around $15p/m I believe after the 30 day free period you get with purchasing the game elapses.

Note that there is a free trial with some restrictions inclusive of a level 35 cap however otherwise offers infinite playtime. A suggestion would be to give the trial a shot to ensure you enjoy the game as all trial data carries over to the full game should you purchase it. The trial can also be used to 'save time' on your full game per se by leveling to the cap (10-15 hours in-game roughly) before purchase.

There is a referral program in this game which provides items to both the referrer and the referred however it is email based - so feel free to shoot me a private message if you're comfortable with that and you'd like to participate!

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