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Apple iPhone 8 Plus 64GB $79.00/Month Plan with 25GB Data - Optus Offer (24 Month Contract)


Optus have done another great deal for the IPhone 8 Plus. If you missed out at Christmas on their IPhone 8 for $59 (also on Virgin Mobile who both run out) with 20gb of data, then this is a great deal for the larger phone.
This is for both new & reconnecting customers. Reconnecting customers need to activate online
This deal is to Own the Phone

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    They had a $64 plan for iphone 8 plus (only for new customers), comparing this one to that, I think it only has 5GB more data, correct me if I am wrong.
    $79 is still expensive in my opinion, iphone 8 and 8 plus are not that popular. I don't think anyone would pay normal price on their website for 8 and 8 plus.

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      Tempting but I agree on the popularity. Apple needed to try a bit harder with the iPhone 8 instead of copy & paste from 7, 6S, 6…

    • I believe you needed to get a new phone number for that deal. Whereas this deal is for people who who need to upgrade their old phone plan, and they get to keep their old phone number. It would be a hassle trying to change your number details everywhere (banks, your job, mygov etc).

      but yea $79 is still more expensive

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        Nope, I was an existing customer and got the 8 for $59. Then added $10 for the 256GB model. I keep the old number.

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          I meant for the $64 iphone 8+ deal, from the comments it seemed that existing customers had to purchase that plan with a new number

        • @rlycheap: Ahh, right, seems like the 8+ was for new number only. Existing customers only got the non-plus.

  • It’s an okay price, not that good, I’ll wait

  • $79 is still a damn good price for a phone that recently came out.

    Why pay $105 w/14gb data or $112 w/30gb data when you can pay $79 w/25gb?

    People don't want the X or the 7 plus, if they wan't the 8 plus, then go for this plan. It's not like there anything better in the market at the moment.

    OP: You should add extra $10 for the 256gb model.

  • It has been cheaper before pre-Christmas https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/351313

  • This price is to lease the phone btw

    • The deal shows up in the “own the phone” section on the site.

      • Yeah you're right haha for some reason it didn't pop up the first time

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    I believe if you are a student, you can get 10% off $79 plan which work out $71.10 monthly.

    • do not think so. if you go through student 10% link, 79 deal is not there. maybe check instore

  • So glad I got the $59 deal for 20GB whe it was available.

    • I'm living in hope that Optus will bring that offer back…

      • Go on live chat (or ring). Tell them you ordered an Iphone 8 - when the $59 deal was on, but they said you would be put on a waiting list for the phone when they had stock but never received a call back.

        Might not work, but worth a try. They actually lost my order but honored it anyway.

        • Thanks, that's worth a shot.

  • Had been in store and they won’t do trade-up to this plan

  • Does the 'own the phone' mean you don't have to pay market value at the end of the 24 months? Fine print says you do, but optus chat is currently down

    • I spoke to Optus store -Melbourne Central and the person there said Optus will credit you$61 for Mobile Repayment for this special, only fee is if you cancel before contract ends then you have to pay the remaining handset costs and whatever charges you accrued.

  • Has anyone been able to get the previous $64 offer honoured instead of this new one? Shattered I missed it

  • Is this not a good deal? I’m on the market for an 8 Plus and more than 10 gig of data. When I saw this, I thought it was pretty good. Obviously 59 would be better - but, crying over spilt milk.

    • It seems like a good deal compared to others that are on offer at the moment. I am also kicking myself about the cheaper deal though, but such is life. Was $74 for the 256gb model too :/ instead of $89 for the current deal

      • Yeah. That was good. I have now gone for the $79 plan and pleased. Except when people mention the $74 for 256 plan. Then I cry a bit. But then I think, “I went from 5gb for 89 on an old android, to 79 for 25gig on a new iPhone. Ignore them!”


        • Yeah, i'm thinking of getting it too tbh. I paid over $100 a month for my iphone 6+ with 5gb 3 years ago, the upgrade is sounding pretty darn good compared to that. Will be great not having to worry about data ever again.

  • is it a good plan guys? i am using iphone 6s for 2 years now and thinking of an upgrade. im currently on optus $30/month sim plan only. thinking of getting a new bigger iphone but not sure is it worth it to pay for that price per month

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