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FREE Belkin 15M Cat5e Blue RJ45 Ethernet Patch Cable Delivered @ Catch


I'm really sorry people for the inconvenience but KG Electronic has cancelled all our orders. I wasn't expecting this happen and these were not my intentions. It seems like all the orders were cancelled.

Thanks for your understanding,

Original AUSSIE $10 off at Catch deal

Note: Many comments below notes that users with newly created accounts may not be able to use the coupon code.

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  • Cheers OP! Ordered

    • getting a response (Coupon conditions have not been met)

      what is the condition or is it expired.

      • I just signed in and applied the coupon mate.
        Given the popularity of the deal I’d say it’s expired but can’t confirm sorry

  • Thanks ordered one. 👍🏻

  • +15

    thanks! something free that is actually useful

    • And that is without + (like)

    • Maybe a +1 is in order?

  • Great ordered!

  • Gold.
    Btw it says free shipping for Club Catch members. I'm not Club Catch but still paid $0 for shipping?

    • Some sellers have free shipping

  • thanks op. got 2

  • +1

    Wow, ordered!
    Cash rewards = free money?

    • +1

      no u would get zero since cash rewards is based on the amount spent and in this case since u spent $0, u get $0 cashback….

      • +1

        Is that always the case though? I've seen cashrewards been calculated on the pre-coupon full price on many websites.

        Given that the pre-coupon price is $10, will the cashback be calculated on the $10?

        • +1

          It depends on the retailer, and what purchase amount they report back to Cashrewards.
          Some retailers will report back the pre-coupon purchase amount, whilst most others report back the amount paid by the customer (i.e. after the coupon / discount codes have been applied).

          I know from experience that Catch reports back the post-coupon price. So, in this case you will not earn any cash rewards.

        • @DoctorCalculon: Thanks for the info - good to know!

    • I got 0.02$ from cashrewards using the coupon

  • Cheers OP

  • Thanks OP…. ordered.

  • -1

    I only have like 50 lying around, happy to add more :) Good find

    • Fair enough

    • +1

      Strip the copper and sell it raw.
      Worth a lot considering the global shortage

  • +9

    Thanks OP this will make a great belt.

    • Cheap as free

  • Just got one, thanks!

  • Never better!

  • +12

    Thanks OP. Was in need of some rope for a clothesline - this is a good substitute

  • thanks. got 1

  • +17

    Thanks OP, needed some free ropes alternative to tie my wife in bed

    • +10

      Same, I needed cable to tie that guys wife in bed too.

  • Orderd! Can't beat free.

  • Thanks OP had to reset my password been so long since i've used the site.

  • +1

    Awesome! Thanks OP! I actually needed a new, long, Ethernet cable - perfect timing!

    • That's what she said

  • Now that is a deal!

  • Great - Got 1 Thanks OP

  • Thanks buddy, these long LAN cables come in so handy sometimes!!!

  • I think in the time it takes for me to sign in and checkout they won't have any stock left lol

    • nope. signed up and ordered in five minutes just now, almost two hours after your comment. hope the poor retailer gets all their money from Catch.

      thanks OP

  • +3

    "The highlighted items cannot be delivered to this postcode and/or PO Box. Click here change your delivery address."

    I guess free delivery doesn't include North Qld.

    • Same problem here for 4814 TSV, seems to be anything north of Mackay -.-

      • I asked Catch using their online chat. They said it is sent by a 3rd party and they don't send to certain postcodes. I'm guessing it is the same ones that are given special listings on delivery sites, like WA, NT and North QLD. Also there is no "Only show items that will be delivered to me" filter on the site.

  • Thanks Ordered.

  • Would this count as a first purchase for a referral sign up? :D

    • It doesn't, tested, but i assume you've already tried it out

      • Does actually lol, just delay in the credit applying. $40 on my main account before they stopped the coupon.

        • Awww shiiiet, they stopped the coupon now??

  • Thank you, as it happened was looking for one. Cheers!

  • -3

    Awesome! No idea what I will do with it as I have gone wireless all the way. But you never know.

  • Nice. hanks.

  • Nice! spare cable

  • Thanks Op. Order 1.

  • Thanks OP!

  • Thanks OP!

  • thanks op

  • Thanks mate…grabbed one too.

  • +1

    Sweet, ordered one for $0.

    What's the catch?

  • Grabbed one. Thanks for the post.

  • Anyone got order confirmation email yet?

    • +1

      Order went through but haven't gotten a confirmation email yet

      Update: Got the confirmation email! Thanks OP.

  • +2

    Surely they can’t have like upwards of 1000 cables in stock lol, I’d be so surprised if they did, great find though!

  • Cheers got one! Any other good buys?

  • TQ OP!

  • Thank you. Free cable I can definitely use.

  • +2

    Thanks Great for PoE CCTV camera (if the lead quality is good enough)

  • Nice, thanks. Let's see if it actually works out.

  • I wish it was a cross over cable.

    • really .. why?

    • +2

      They actually make devices that aren't autosensing!?

    • Use a coupler and a short crossover cable if you really need one for some reason.

  • +1

    Thanks OP “got one”. 4688 clicks. Lol.

  • Thanks OP, ordered.

  • +2

    I received a confirmation that the seller is KG Electronic

    I have doubts they can fulfill this many orders …

  • Was looking for one of these thanks OP.

  • Cheers OP - will come in handy

  • Thanks OP, Good bargain

  • great fingers crossed till i get this

  • Free is free! Always handy to have one of these long cables, thanks OP!

  • literally just broke my cable thank the lord

  • Can I add other items to my cart and get free shipping?

  • Thanks for this Catch Cat Cable deal. Just my 2c (literally, from Cashrewards).

  • Thank you

  • Anyone else regret getting the fidget spinner from earlier? Hahaha…

  • thanks op

  • +1

    Clicks are more than users now :D

    (7059 clicks)

    OZB user Statistics
    Online 1,278 users 4,536 guests

    • +3

      Minimum cat6? You actually have the need for 10gbps lines? Cat5e is 1gbps, plenty enough for virtually every situation that isn't running a data center!

      • +2

        thats no good when my internet is 1gbbps and people are transferring data on my LAN why would you bottle neck yourself for the price of a few cents extra for cat6?

        the poor guy is downvoted for speaking the truth, if you're gonna be using any cable in 2018, it should be cat6.

  • +1

    Cheers, they're only $5 on their own website (minus delivery). Probably trying to flog these off for a while, little did they expect OzB to pick it up. Will be interesting to see if they can actually fulfil the orders.

  • +2

    If you make a new account, get a referral from your current. Once you make the first purchase using the new account (in this case for $0) you will get a $10 credit! So The code is worth 20/-. Plus you will also get another $10 in the original account.

    • Hmmm…. this might be worth the effort, I think I'll try this :).

  • Thanks op

  • +3

    Coupon conditions have not been met.

    • Was fun while it lasted.

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