Cafago/Tomtop Technology Bad Service

I putchaed a Qi Fast Charge Wireless Charger from Tomtop for my iPhone X. The first night I used it my phone didn’t charge, I had a very slim, clear case on it. The second night I removed the case and again it did not charge. I charged cables, tested other phones etc and came to the realisation that it was faulty. I contacted the company and they asked for a video. So what did they want me to video, it would start to charge but then stop at some point during the night, aside from me sitting there the whole night videoing it, I don’t know how I could show them the fault. So, this went back and forth a few times with them insisting they needed a video. As it turns out the charger became more faulty and within about five days it was turning on and off regularly, so I made a video. I sent it and they offered a partial refund, which I refused as the item does not work. Then two days later they tell me that they can’t open the video and to reformat it for them. Now I have no idea how to do this, and to be honest I found it difficult to send the first video. I have purchased faulty items from eBay and AliExpress and they are great, they take your word and either refund or resend. Even though I did eventually get they video, there would have been no way I could have proven the fault, if it hadn’t got worse and they were not budging. I ended up getting a refund through PayPal, so this company have sold me crap and kept my money. I won’t be dealing with them again.

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    While I agree that what you have to go through sounds painful and the service isn't acceptable to the standards we're used to locally, that's the kind of risk that we accept when buying from such overseas sites.

    I'm not making excuses for them, but common sense says that for a store to sell items that much cheaper than everywhere else, something's got to give - in these types of stores, it's customer service.

    If customer service is that important, then buy from a local place or somewhere that's more regulated - but expect to pay more for whatever you're buying.

    Unfortunately, we can't have everything.