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Foxtel - Entertainment + Sports + HD + Free IQ3 $39/Month for 12 Months (Plus Installation $25/ $100) - New Customers Only


So Foxtel is about as popular as a fart in an elevator in these here parts - but IMO the one thing keeping them relevant is the sports coverage. As the clock quickly counts down to footy season I shudder at the thought of having to go through another season of listening to the Channel 9 NRL commentary team so seriously started looking into Foxtel deals. I almost jumped last week at a far less appealing pack but as soon as I saw this one I made the leap.
$39/mth for the first 12 months
Entertainment pack (Including Fox8, Arena, MTV, Universal, Lifestyle, Discovery, Nat Geo, Disney/Nick Jr)
Sports pack (Fox Sports 1/3/5/6, Fox Footy, Fox League, ESPN, Liverpool/Man U/Chelsea TV)
Free IQ3 box
No lock-in contract

Standard installation of $100 will also be debited from the first bill, but if your home already has Telstra cable coming in then you can simply order the Self-Install pack for $25.

Usual price would be:
Entertainment pack: $26/mth
Sports pack: $29/mth
HD: $10/mth
= $65/mth

In case you're looking to go the whole hog, Platinum HD also available at $111 with the same conditions as above.

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  • +2

    do you still have to pay $10 per month for HD?

    • +78

      This should be a crime.

      • +27

        What's a bigger crime, is the quality of the SD picture. It's nothing near the broadcast quality of an SD digital channel, to say it is is simply fraudulent misrepresentation .

      • -27

        Why? No different to stan or netflix where you pay more for HD. In fact, in lots of cases you pay more for a superior product or service compared to a base model.

        • -14

          9 negs and an unpublished comment but no one able to answer why a fee for a service superior to the basic service isnt justified when this is how most businesses operate. Laugh out loud.

        • +8


          Netflix upgraded package costs ~$4 for 4 simultaneous streams and 4K

        • SD = $9.99
          HD = $13.99
          4K = $17.99

          The better the picture quality, the more you pay, just like Foxtel.

        • +4

          @cnrmlj: You also can watch it on more screens simultaneously with each tier.

        • +8


          However all levels of broadcast are far superior to the equivalent Foxtel SD or HD, and that excludes billion of ads!!!

        • +9


          SD = $9.99
          HD = $13.99
          4K = $17.99

          Your reply just supports what Expon said.

          Foxtel charges $10 to go from below average quality SD to the HD service. That was the point bing made by ash2000 and Expon.

          Netflix charges only $4 extra for HD, and you get the "Standard Plan: 2 screen plan HD (watch on 2 screens at the same time, High Definition when available)"

          So not just HD, but being able to watch on another screen - like having another box, which Foxtel charges a "criminal" $25 extra for.

          You can by a Amazon or Roku streaming device for a non-smart TV for around $100 (I like my Roku Ultra for 4k for around $200 on eBay).

          (Don't bring Foxtel "Go" into this, as you can't use that to watch on a TV - only a tablet or phone, if you try to run it on a Android TV it won't work, or if you try to use a HDMI output on your phone it is blocked).

          So Netflix charges $4 for what Foxtel wants $35 for.

          You made Expon's point.

          Thanks for that :).

          Foxtel's pricing polices are "criminal".

        • @BargainDude8:
          My Samsung Smart TV has the Foxtel Go app, so does the Xbox One. It's the most awful piece of garbage streaming app I have ever used in my life. Foxtel Go is meant to be replaced with Foxtel Now - which can you use on a range of devices. Most TVs, Consoles and portable devices have Foxtel Now or Foxtel Go. So your agument about bringing it up is false.

          p.s. I also think how Foxtel functions is criminal, but you can't exclude the fact they are attempting to give streaming a shot. A very very poor and abysmal shot, but they're trying (badly).

        • @lasterato:

          I didn’t know Foxtel go was on Xbox! I’ve been using the ps4 more lately and was rather annoyed that I couldn’t get Foxtel Go, and have been using a Foxtel Now trial to watch the golf.

          I think I’ve used the set top box in the family room maybe once in the year since I’ve had Foxtel.

        • @lasterato:

          Have your tried using Foxtel Go on your TV with your Foxtel (NOT Foxtel Now) login?

          If you are a Foxtel (not Foxtel Now) customer, you will discover it is not possible:



        • @BargainDude8:
          I have never had just Foxtel, just streaming Foxtel. Both Now and GO work using the same login. Go is a garbage compared to Now (which is more just trash), in that i would have to Open the app, close the app, quit the app then open it again then log in again each time i wanted to use it on the Xbox for it to work properly. Thank God i'm getting this crap free with my Telstra plan.

    • Sure do. With all the changes to their packages it's crazy that this still isn't standard. Being included in this deal (which the one I mentioned from last week didn't) helped my decision a lot.

      • +7

        Thanks for the post, but they can kiss my standard definition arse.

      • +10

        Im suprised you dont have to pay extra for colour picture

  • +2

    sorry i see the HD in the title now.

  • +3

    Great deal. Would have taken up if they still had the EPL rights

    • +11

      because they don't have the EPL rights.. hence why $39 per month promotion.. lol

  • Can you please clarify how the $100 is debited in the first bill? It is not mentioned anywhere from what I can see. Thanks

    EDIT: Nevermind. I thought it will be "credited" instead of "debited". Is there a way to get rid of this $100 install fee?

    • +1

      Standard installation of $100 will also be debited from the first bill, but if your home already has Telstra cable coming in then you can simply order the Self-Install pack for $25.

      • +18

        Jesus that's almost as bad as Ticketek and Co charging you $7 to print your own tickets!

      • Doesn't seem like an option for new customers.

        • For that option I believe you have to call them up or live chat

        • @chadiwrx: live chat told me if the option was available it would be there.

          I asked them why and they asked what equipment I have installed. I said that I have Telstra cable hooked up but apparently they are not offering cable anymore to new customers as they are going fully satellite. So looks like I would have needed satellite installation anyway which is not an option.

  • +3

    Please note IQ3 are on backorder with a shipment due early Feb. So you might get IQ2 at the start (tbh its better lol).

    source: I just got foxtel installed and the installer told me.

    • Were heaps of issues with iq3 when it launched, we have an iq2 but had heard the 3s were ok these days but good to know you’ve heard otherwise from a reliable source!!

    • So you add, that it might be just for iQ3 cable. Went to have it installed last week, only to get word that they were 2 months away from being resupplied. I could have iq3 satellite done however (i didn't).

      • What I have heard is that Foxtel has heaps of IQ3s - just they are faulty and in a warehouse awaiting repair…

    • Do all the FTA channels come through on IQ3 or is it still just ABC and SBS?

      • Mine only has ABC and SBS.

      • Mine has all of them. On Cable IQ3.

    • +2

      Is IQ3 worse? IQ2 seems like ancient shit. I don’t really like Foxtel but the sports side is good.

      I heard IQ3 still hasn’t got the HDMI handshake down pat, meaning that plugging your Foxtel box into your amplifier and the amplifier into the TV results in video with no picture, if the TV has been turned off. Been stuck using optical because having to turn on appliances in a specific order is a ridiculous joke.

      • I've had an iQ3 for 2 months now.

        Wouldn't say it's amazing, but it's serviceable. Scrolling through the EPG is what screeches it to a crawl (and yeah, I guess that's the biggest problem considering how many channels there are).

        Haven't had any issues with handshake errors (although the installer told me he "hid" the warning popup for HDCP errors, so I guess it is a known problem or he wouldn't have done that, I guess).

        Recording always works. Playing always works. "Streaming" is a jarring experience though. You have to download the first 1/4 of the show before it plays, and Foxtel's connection speeds even via Ethernet are hopeless (but that's Foxtel's server's problem, not the box), so you'll be waiting a while (I have 100Mbps fibre that never drops below 95Mbps on any other device, so it's not that).

        For FTA channels, you have to have your own FTA antenna plugged into the iQ3 to pick them up (they're not beamed over the satellite). I've heard it may be different for HFC cable service, though. Once connected, all the channels you can physically receive are there in the EPG.

        • +2

          That’s pretty reasonable. I’m sick of the IQ2 interface, it’s still 4:3 stretched to 16:9 (or at least it mostly feels like that). I’m surprised the servers suck so much, given Telstra likely maintains the data centres as they own a large stake in Foxtel. I’ll probably jump on this deal, currently paying $65 for the same thing on IQ2. Cancelled most other channels because of the ads and they got a bit boring.

        • I'd say it being hosted by Telstra that's the problem. An ISP's data centre is no competition to proper cloud based CDNs like Akamai.

        • @BradH13: Coincidentally, ISPs are able to maintain very quick speed test servers… hmm.

        • Yep, HFC has all the FTA channels in the EPG. Weirdly I will sometimes get an outage on all channels except for FTA.

      • It's fine but mine is still fairly buggy after all this time. It will regularly lose the guide or have other weird glitches like losing all the icons for the channels. Doing a reset usually fixes the major problems.

    • I just got an IQ3 in a 3 day turnaround to replace my IQ2 so not sure if that info is correct.

  • I'm keen to do this, but will be moving to a new place later this year… Can boxes be moved? Will I need to get someone to uninstall/reinstall?

    • +1

      They will usually throw a free install at the new premises.

      • Usually Foxtel tries to charge you. But if you threaten to cancel they would do it for free.

  • Are all channels HD in this pack or just sports

    • All the HD channels you'll have access to will be in HD.

      • +4

        Why was this comment downvoted? It's technically correct albeit missing detail. Better stated - Foxel has some channels enabled for HD across all their packs. Enabling HD will activate whatever HD channels your pack selection has access to. Not all available channels have an HD equivalent.

        • -2

          The comment was downvoted because it was the equivalent of saying ‘All cars you can drive will be cars.’ It doesn’t tell you anything. Believ3r had a valid question and Moses just appeared to be trolling in the answer he/she have. Believ3r’s question was valid because the pack says HD Sports, and mentions 12 HD sports channels, but not necessarily any HD Entertainment channels… is your answer that HD Entertainment channels will be available too?

        • @ihavecentsnotsense: Correct. Entertainment and all other packs have some channels available in HD. Hoever not all the channels in a pack have an HD version. The more popular channels do, but I don't have a list on me to tell you exactly which HD channels exist across the range available.

    • Only 45 of Foxtel's channels have a HD multicast (and 10 of that 45 are the movie channels), whether you pay for it, or not.

      The list is here: https://www.foxtel.com.au/support/tv/understanding-packages/...

      It sucks. 2/3 of the channels I watch don't have a HD option, and the SD picture quality is woeful/almost criminal.

  • What is on Fox Sports channels 2 and 4 that you miss out on with this deal??

    • +3

      2 & 4 got rebranded to Fox NRL and Fox Footy (AFL). It's good for both codes during the footy season, but the idiots at Foxtel don't show anything other than old replays, and themed telecasts throughout the entire off-season, basically wasting 2 available channels…

      This package should also include BeIN Sport 1, 2, & 3 too.

  • +21

    To be honest you need to factor in the $100 installation cost over 12 months which brings it to $47 a month. You always had the option to get the basic pack plus sports for around $50 a month, basically you're getting HD for free for 12 months then you'll be reverted to ~$60 a month which I don't think makes this a good deal. Just my 2 cents.

    Ps it's 2018, we've moved onto 4k and these clowns are still charging $10 for HD… they won't have another cent of my hard earned $$$.

    • -5

      Loving my 4K Netflix at $18 a month for e v e r y t h i n g .

      • -7

        Everything? Yeah, right. Netflix has nothing.

      • +6

        Netflix has Sports now???!!!

        • +1

          Yes, Tv shows and movies are included with Netflix subscription there isn't a package system like Foxtel. Hope this helps.

        • -12

          I have my MCC membership to watch sports.

      • except sports

      • +4

        $18 a month for e v e r y t h i n g .

        AFL ?

        • -2

          No, but everything on Netflix is included there aren't any packages you get everything Netflix has to offer. :)

      • +5

        You say that like anyone in Australia can stream anything at 4K!

      • vote for good use of the word Clowns
  • +1

    Lots of people getting Platinum for $89.

    • +1

      If already an existing Foxtel customer it is worth calling their loyalty team on 131999 & negotiating a discounted price.

      I was given $89/mth discounted price for Platinums HD for 12 months & told to call back just before the end of the discount period to negotiate another discount.

      • I tried calling today, and they asked for a persons name who is getting this so they can match it. Anyone on here willing to PM a name or know of another avenue of getting Platinum for $89

        • Looks like the $89/MTH discounted price offer for Platinum HD has expired.

          The old offer was mentioned here:

          However they are offering new customers $99/MTH discounted for 12 months.


          Try calling Foxtel and asking them to match the $99 price? Perhaps also mention you were aware of the better $89 price deal offered in January.

          If you have been a loyal customer for many years they should match the discount. Threaten to cancel and watch the offers flood in.

        • +1


          Thank you for the guidance !

  • +1

    Foxtel? How good was Foxtel back in the day when we had no other options to watch live sports ;)

    • +1

      channel 31 in the 90's!

    • +1

      Yeah, I 'member

  • +3

    Sports keeps it relevant? They don't even have the Premier League anymore

    • +5

      Fox has Formula 1. Channel 10 has dropped almost all races.

      • and AFL

      • And Supercars, all MotoGP sessions, etc… This price will tempt me for the season just to avoid mucking around with online streams.

        • -3

          I smell a bogan thread starting

      • It's the only thing I really want TBH. I think I'll stick with my IPTV Kodi streams for $15~ p/m instead!

        • +3

          Your IPTV via Kodi costs money?

          You're getting a raw deal, my friend.

          The whole point of IPTV via Kodi is that it's illegal, and free… Haha.

        • @BradH13:

          Not if you're paying for a decent stream with all international pay tv channels, movies, etc. You need to pay if you want a decent IPTV provider with hundreds of channels and with F1 in FullHD from Skysports..
          Show me a free service that provides all that with little to no buffering.

        • @Maz78: Doesn't matter what the service offers, you're paying for something that's not even legal (not that I care about that, just the principal of paying for something illegal doesn't gel with me).

  • +9

    For those of you who already have a Foxtel, call them up and threaten to cancel your subscription, I did the same and I got an offer for Sports HD + Movie for $35 and free installation as I was moving houses.

    • +2

      I called up and cancelled last week, didn't get offered anything. Not that I would be likely to stay anyway.

    • I've heard this one works.

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