Porting from Optus to Kogan completed. Sim doesn't register on network.

I requested to port my number from Optus to Kogan (vf) last night. Both pre-paid same account details etc. Should be standard.

My old sim went dead at 17:59 today. But the Kogan sim doesn't register on Vodafone Network (multiple restarts the tried a different phone, the whole 9 yards).

Called Kogan, waited 50 minutes, who claimed it was a faulty sim, asking me to reorder sim and call back for a sim swap which could take days.

Thus I am without mobile access.

If I just give up on Kogan and request to port to Amaysim, would it be faster?

Update: After 5 calls to Kogan support, they figured out that my number was not assigned, whatever that means, which results in my sim not registered on Vodafone network and subsequent porting requests all failed.



    Yes… Everytime I order a kogan sim it takes ages. Make sure it is a sim problem. Do you have another phone to test? Tried manually inputting access point names etc?


    Can't you get a sim locally from someone. There was a website where you could post what you wanted and if someone has it spare, you can collect from them. Don't remember the address though. I am in Melbourne, if you want one, I have spare kogan sim


    Probably wouldn't register for me because the Voda reception where I am is woeful at best, and unusable in the most part.

    PS - this is why they normally give you multiple sims in the one shipment…