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  • Merged from Beko 290L Upright Freezer $960 Delivered @ Appliance Online eBay
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    Coupon Code: AFPYDY15

    Looking for a new frost free freezer to survive Syd lockdown & find out this good deal: 960$ down from 1130$

    After hours of researching, look like this Beko 290L is a best option under 1k. Here is what I've found:

    • ChiQ brand is cheapest, but the brand reliable is questionable. Since it start sell fridge from 2017 ( found on ozbargain :)) ) But 5 years warranty to back it up.
    • Hisense is around 800$ish. Made in china & mix review. A lot complaint on the drawer is hard to use & easy to broke
    • Beko is made in Turkey, 5 year warranty. It's one of the highest no of review on Appliance Online

    Just bite the bullet, hopefully it won't disappointed me :D

    Original Coupon Deal

  • Merged from [Afterpay] Logitech G915 LIGHTSPEED RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - GL Clicky $271.15 Delivered @ Scorptec eBay
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    Coupon Code: AFPYDY15

    Original Coupon Deal

    Logitech G915 LIGHTSPEED RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - GL Clicky

    Was on the lookout for one of these keyboards with the GL Clicky switches, which seem to be a little bit more expensive than the Linear/Tactile versions. This seems to be the cheapest at the moment.

    Historical low on Amazon is $282.00 ($299.00 currently)

    • +1

      $250 on Amazon couple months back:


      • That deal was for tactile.

        Still pretty good price, I love this keyboard

      • That is the tactile version, which can be found for a bit less than the clicky version. Tactile is currently $288 on Amazon, whereas the Clicky is $299

        Lowest price for GL Clicky on Amazon was $282 and for only a brief period.

    • I have one, and Im moving it on.

      Its everything it claims to be; however the extra row of G keys really throws off the alignment for a few gamers.

      I, like many, align my hand quickly by slamming my pinkie into the edge of the board, so I know where my hand falls; with the extra width, it destroys 20+ years of muscle memory.

      Ah well; was worth a try.

      • Damn it was something I really wanted to adapt to using, is it something that if you persevere it becomes an amazing addition to keybind controls? That is what I was hoping for!

      • Yeah I can definitely see how they could be annoying. I've had a keyboard with the extra macro keys on the left since the original Logitech g15 (which had 15 of them!)

        So I'm pretty used to it and find them really useful for general computing and productivity, but don't really use them for gaming. I won't buy a keyboard without them

    • Best price was $225 from Kogan with the recent Klarna deal. I bought 1 and it was amazing.

  • Merged from [Afterpay] Weber Baby Q $279.65 Delivered @ Appliances Online eBay
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    Coupon Code: AFPYDY15

    Original Coupon Deal

    Not the all time lowest but enough for me to pull the trigger

    Was also deciding between the ziggy which is currently on sale for $299 but went with the baby q due to it being slightly cheaper

    • -1

      I am also after a small weber Q after throw away my rusty 4 burners, so that I can keep it in my garage


      Last deal is so cheap, not in a hurry may wait a bit longer.

    • I have had one of these for years. Fantastic. I hardly ever use the old six burner any more. But I then bought one with the temperature gauge. Definitely better to use and control when doing a whole roast.

    • Postcode not accepted. LoL

      • item location: Sydney, Australia
        Posting to: Australia
        Excludes: Northern Territory, NSW Regional, Sydney Metro, Tasmania

    • Definitely the better choice OP.

      The Ziggy is light duty in comparison. I've tried restoring a few and you soon realise this.

      And Weber will look after you not only for parts and warranty, but you can actually ring and ask for cooking tips.

      • I was sorely tempted by the open lid ability of the ziggy but I'm glad now I went with the weber.

        • I have a Beafeater Bugg. Nice unit, but I've never used the lid open feature. The Bugg can stay at various angles but tbh, I always cook with the lid down.
          Now looking for a Weber :)

    • Slightly cheaper on my good guys commercial for those that have access

      • Showing up as $291 for me

        • Same - plus limited stock

      • Any special to apply for good guys commercial.

    • Was happy to get my Weber Q-Titanium Q 2000, last year, using Flybuys! Also got other appliances which (at the time) were triple value. When I got it, the FB points were pretty much spot-on to the pricing, but no money to pay & free shipping included. :)

    • Seem appliances online won't post to Sydney?

      I got this "Unfortunately, this seller won't post to your location. Please update your delivery address and try again."

  • Merged from [eBay Plus] Frenkel De-Lux Face Washer White $2.20 Delivered @ POK eBay
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    Coupon Code: BUY10OFF, P12OFF

    Original Coupon Deal

    With Frenkel’s De-Lux range of bathroom manchester, you don’t have to just dream about it any longer. Woven from pure cotton, these hotel-grade towels will look gorgeous in your bathroom for years to come. The hems have been double stitched for strength and durability, while the classic snow white colour will match any style of bathroom decor you desire.

    De-Lux Face Washer features:
    Designed in Australia.
    Woven from 100% cotton.
    Designed for the hospitality industry – extra thick, absorbent and durable.
    Double stitched hems.
    Machine wash and tumble dry recommended.
    Please Note: The image above is for illustrative purposes only – includes one face washer per purchase.

    Dimensions: Approx. 33cm (l) x 32cm (w).

    • +5

      Looks like you'd get the whole set, but the description mentions this

      "Please Note: The image above is for illustrative purposes only – includes one face washer per purchase."

    • +1

      If this is the price for only one washer then Spotlight (if accessible) has similar for $1.

    • +1

      Please enter a quantity of 0 or less

      Which makes the value proposition look less attractive.

  • Merged from [Used] ASUS TUF-AX3000 AX3000 Dual Band Wi-Fi 6 Router $254.99 ($249.89 with eBay Plus) Delivered @ iynool eBay
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    Coupon Code: PSVES15 PSVES17

    Original Coupon Deal

    AX3000 Dual Band WiFi 6 (802.11ax) Gaming Router, dedicated gaming port, prioritize game traffic by Gear Accelerator, support AiMesh Whole Home Mesh WiFi, Lifetime Free AiProtection Pro Internet Security, Mobile Game Boost.

    Just found this cheaper than https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/646818

    More information on ASUS Website:

    $299.99 + Free Delivery then take your 15% or 17% discount

    GL all

    • +1

      Only one available

    • Used?

  • Merged from Razer Barracuda X Wireless Headset $126.65 ($123.67 eBay Plus) Delivered @ Razer eBay
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    Coupon Code: PSVES15 PSVES17

    Cheapest so far, released July 2021 & works with the eBay / ebay plus deal for a whopping $2.98 off compared to non ebay plus.

    Considered it for work for comfort + mic, however likely to go back to my old setup instead.


    “Almost gone 7:40pm”

    Original Coupon Deal

  • Merged from Lovemee Hand Sanitiser 12 Pack 500ml $9.35 ($9.13 with eBay Plus) Delivered @ Mytopia eBay
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    Coupon Code: PSVES15 PSVES17

    Original Coupon Deal

    With a high active alcohol content of 75%, Lovemee Original Anti-bacterial Hand Sanitizer kills 99.99% of many common harmful germs and bacteria in as little as 10 seconds. With natural Aloe Vera extract it is also gentle on skin. Whether you're at home or on the road, our original formula in the handy pump pack is by your side.

    75% alcohol
    Kills 99.9% of germs
    Handy pump bottle
    Natural Aloe Vera Extract
    Sydney stock
    1 business day despatch

    Surprising Uses for Hand Sanitizer

    Give your phone’s screen a shine with a dab of the stuff on a soft cloth. Chances are good that your phone could use a thorough cleaning.
    Clean your glasses or sunglasses. It eliminates hairspray specks on your specs, too.
    Dab it on a zit. The alcohol in hand sanitizer will dry that thing right up.
    Erase “permanent” markers from whiteboards, clothing, and walls. (Be sure to test in an inconspicuous spot first.)
    Get rid of paint stains on just about any surface, including paintbrushes.
    Remove sticky residue from labels.
    Stop mosquito bites from itching. Really!
    Disinfect your makeup brushes after washing them — rub a little hand sanitizer in the bristles and allow them to air dry. (Related: How to Clean Brushes of Any Kind.)
    Deodorant substitute: wipe it on and let it dry. Don’t do this on freshly-shaved pits, though.
    Clean car mirrors and windows in a pinch. (Bonus: it will prevent frost and fogging!)
    Disinfect minor wounds for quick first-aid.
    Get sticky Christmas tree sap off your hands and other surfaces.
    Clean the spills on child car seats.
    Treat greasy stains before washing clothes. (Use unscented, uncolored sanitizer for this.)
    Clean dusty candles: wipe on then wipe away the dust.
    Get fingerprints off stainless steel. Yep, even your refrigerator!
    Remove food stains on microfiber furniture. Spot test in an inconspicuous place first, of course

    • +1

      Thanks, ordered.

  • Merged from Ubiquiti Unifi Dream Machine Pro $491.13 ($479.57 with eBay Plus) Delivered @ cablepro_15 eBay
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    Coupon Code: PSVES15 PSVES17

    Original Coupon Deal

    Came across this UDM PRO
    Bought one.
    15% off comes to $491.13 or 17% off for eBay Plus comes to $479.57 delivered
    Looks like they are selling other ubiquiti items with the same discounts

    • +1

      Ohhh, these epic Cablepro_15 guys…
      When I ordered from them some Ubiquiti gear they marked my order as shipped pretty quick. After that for over a month they were promising to ship it "next week".
      I raised a dispute 2 months later and got refund with in a minute with the comment like "We are in lockdown and we were ready to ship tomorrow but since you can't wait here is your refund".

      By promise and delay tactics as well as cancelling orders they are avoiding negative feedback.
      I was able to leave negative feedback for one item - that feedback never showed up on their feedback page (I don't know what they tell to eBay support to remove them). The second item purchased from them just disappeared from the list of purchases after the refund.

      • Yeah I have a current order which they have not shipped for a week so far. Excuses about COVID, which is fine, but don't advertise quick shipping if you know there is a problem.

        • I'm in the same boat… Hope it ships soon

          • @CrazySurfaNZ: It was the same for me - endless COVID excuses while I can see other items are getting delivered (by looking into fresh feedback).
            They canceled my orders when I raised the issue with eBay two months later.
            I hope your case will be different.

        • It was the same for me - endless COVID excuses while I can see other items are getting delivered (by looking into fresh feedback).
          They canceled my orders when I raised the issue with eBay two months later.
          I hope your case will be different.

        • I actually had it in my cart / watch list and it went out of stock.
          Then got an offer from seller for an extra 5% off at $548.91.

          Accepted back on the 30th as it brought it down to AU $455.60 with the 17% off code.

          Still not sent. Not confident they actually have any stock though.
          Seems a bit shady offering extra discount when you don't have the stock.

          • @LeftHandSeat: When you check the listing edits they just list about 5 in stock and then keep adding stock every few days.

            Not actually a limited stock offer but probably best this didn't make it to the main page due to shipping delays.

            • +1

              @leyton01: Still nothing after a few weeks. Can't see any successful feedback on them shipping unifi products, all the neutrals are for not shipping though.

  • Merged from Sony 85" Bravia X900H 4K LED TV KD85X9000H $3995 ($3795.25 with eBay Plus) Delivered to Selected Areas @ Bing Lee eBay
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    Been benefiting from OZB community for a couple of years now and this my first post

    I just picked up one last night for 3795(with eBay Plus Code), due to arrive tomorrow.

    Looks like after firmware upgrade(fix HDMI 2.1 eARC), it's neck to neck with X90J.

    You need to apply your own eBay Plus code if you are subscriber

    Deliver to Sydney Metro only
    Buy It Now price
    AU $3,995.00 + $40 Postage
    With eBay Plus Code: AU $3795.25 + $40 Postage
    5 available Currently 5 left in stock. However, last night after my purchase, there were 3 left and today they updated to 5.

    • Great tv but not sure who designed this terrible tv stands.

      • -2

        You would think most people buying an 85 inch tv would wall mount it.

    • Where is this code came?

      • it's individual eBay Plus code if you subscribe to eBay Plus

        • I have just renewed eBay Plus, is it I will receive code?

          • @superforever: yes, put it in your cart and it will show up when you do the check out. also you can find it in the description : Pay only $3785 show me how above the postage information

      • Where is this code came?


    • +4

      Shame so many places are excluded from postage…

      Excludes: Adelaide Metro, Brisbane Metro, Melbourne Metro, Northern Territory, NSW Regional, Perth Metro, QLD Far North, QLD Regional, QLD South East, SA Regional, Tasmania, VIC Regional, WA Regional, WA Remote

    • +1

      Please update the description to state Sydney metro only & only 5 left in stock. Cheers.
      Buy It Now price
      AU $3,995.00
      Read the item description or contact the seller for details
      5 available
      Item number

    • Seem same price everywhere.

      • yes, that's where the eBay Plus code comes in

        • yes, that's where the eBay Plus code comes in

          Understand but this is only for you, so not a deal for everyone.

          Understand this is your first post but we need post on ozbargain that everybody can use and the same price everywhere.

          • @superforever: Does eBay discriminate who can join eBay Plus? All major retailers have this exact same price and I compared them all and purchased through eBay Plus since it's the best deal right now.
            So, pedantic much ?
            If it's Samsung commercial link for CBA, sure, your point is valid but not here.

            • @wei2much:

              If it's Samsung commercial link, sure, your point is valid but not here.

              Samsung commercial link price may be cheaper than outside retailers but this price if you do a google search, TGG, Bing Lee, JB all the same price and not everybody have the 5% discount code.


              Also another thing with ozbargain you need more than 10 in stock to post a deal.

  • Merged from [eBay Plus] LG 65" C1 4K UHD HDR Smart OLED $3059 Delivered @ Powerland eBay
    Go to Deal
    Coupon Code: PLUS10T

    LG C1 65 Inch $3,359 from Ebay Powerland delivered.
    Ebay Plus members get $300 off reducing it down to $3,059
    Original Coupon Deal

    Might be worth while for those who've been waiting for a sub $3k deal on this TV.
    I decided to pull the trigger as delivery is included and is a big TV for my car (so would end up paying for delivery with most other sellers).

    I don't post much - if any errors in the deal just let me know.

    They had about 3 in stock at time of posting.

  • Merged from [eBay Plus, Afterpay] TP-Link Deco X20 3-Pack AX1800 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System - $293.25 Delivered @ Shopping Express eBay
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    Coupon Code: PLUS10T, PXTRA5

    15% off with Afterpay,
    Enter code at checkout to redeem. Voucher expires 14/09/21.


    Original Coupon Deal

    • +1

      How do TP-Link go these days with Deco etc?

      Used to be junk unreliable crap.. Would you take one over Asus, Eero, Nest etc?

      • My Pair of x68 is working well enough

      • Deco, eero and Nest Wi-Fi are some of the most popular but as with anything they have their pros and cons. Asus is in a league of it's own in what you can customize.

  • Merged from Bose Quietcomfort 35 II Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphone $233.99 @ iynool eBay
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    Coupon Code: PSPR20, PLUSSP22

    Original Coupon Deal

    Not sure about the seller but for $233 seems quick cheap compare with previous deal


    • Last one.

      • -1

        Hmm I can't see anywhere it said last one.

  • Merged from [eBay Plus] ENGWE GT5 Folding Electric E-Bike $725.39, Refurb MSI Gaming Laptop 3000 Series from $1549 @ PCMarket eBay
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    Coupon Code: PLUSSP22

    ENGWE GT5 Folding Electric E-Bike 400W Motor 960WH20A Battery with "PLUSSP22" 20% off.

    Buy it now price: AU $929.99
    -AU $204.60
    Your price: AU $725.39

    Limited stock for the following Manufacturer Refurbish Notebooks - comes with 2 years manufacturer warranty

    MSI GF65 Thin 10UE-036AU 15.6" 144Hz Gaming Laptop i7-10750H 16GB 512GB RTX3060

    Buy it now price: AU $1,849.00
    -AU $300.00
    Your price: AU $1,549.00

    MSI GF65 Thin 10UE 15.6" 144Hz i7-10750H 16GB RAM RTX3060 MAX-Q 512GB NVME SSD

    Buy it now price: AU $1,899.00
    -AU $300.00
    Your price: AU $1,599.00

    MSI GF63 Thin 10SCXR-814AU 15.6" i7 10750H 16GB GTX1650 512GB NVME Windows 10 Gaming Notebook -Refurb

    Buy it now price: AU $1,099.99
    -AU $242.00
    Your price: AU $857.99

    MSI GP75 Leopard 10SFK-220AU 17.3" 240Hz FHD i7 10750H 16GB DDR4 RTX 2070 512GB NVME + 1TB SATA WIN10 Gaming Laptop - Refurbished

    Buy it now price: AU $1,749.00
    -AU $300.00
    Your price: AU $1,449.00

    MSI GP76 Leopard 10UG 17.3" 240Hz Gaming Notebook i7-10750H 16GB 1TB RTX3070 W10 Refurb

    Buy it now price: AU $3,129.00
    -AU $300.00
    Your price: AU $2,829.00

    • More!

    Original Coupon Deal

    • +1

      OP, are you associated with the company?

    • Really would like an electric scooter, does anyone have a small bike like this and use it similarly, the listing says its got a throttle.

      (yes I'm aware 400w and a throttle makes an ebike illegal at least in NSW)

      But it's way less attention drawing than an actual scooter.

      • My husband's bike is a valk 20" foldable.it says 40km range , but found that to be about 60-70km in reality. Is pedalec plus has a throttle.The gears are odd- gear 1 for fast and gear 6 for going up steep things slowly, opposite to a normal bike. I took it on a 60km coastal ride(still with battery left) but my shoulders and arms were very sore as the handle bars are too far forward for me(155cm short), also wheels tiny so you pedal like a clown. Does fold down nicely in my small boot.

        Managed to get a new one listed as used as the seat had a slash in it where someone cut seat on opening box. It cost $470 on eBay auction. So keep an eye out for when this happens. It is sold by a company on eBay , but you have to collect the auction items in person.
        Around $800 new now if eBay plus member.

        • I wonder how these all compare to the Kogan Fortis models? The reviews online seem to be ok..

    • +1

      The listing is very low on detail. Where is the discount code (if any). Adding the items to the cart does not automatically add any discount. What am I missing?

      • You would need to subscribe to be an Ebay Plus member to receive the 20% off.

        These are the codes:


    • You need to add to cart and when check out the option to applied the code and get the discount.

      Anyway this a good deal for casual gaming as I need something for Diablo 2 resurrected?

      • Any of the gaming notebooks listed with a dedicated graphic card should be suitable for your casual gaming needs with games like Diablo 2 Resurrected. But if you would to set the settings higher - get a notebook with at least 2070 / 3060.

        This is a good option.

        MSI GF65 Thin 10UE-036AU 15.6" 144Hz Gaming Laptop i7-10750H 16GB 512GB RTX3060

        Buy it now price: AU $1,849.00
        -AU $300.00
        Your price: AU $1,549.00

    • For those of you who aren't Ebay Plus members:

      Can also purchase directly from our website whilst stock lasts. Many models are already out of stock.


    • Bike is illegal in NSW.
      Thought rules were must be pedal assist( no throttle) , maximum power 250w, maximum speed 25 kph.
      Think greater power , speed etc would call it a motor bike that needs to be registered.

  • Merged from Magimix Power Blender (OOS) $263.62 ($256.62 eBay Plus) + Delivery @ Peters of Kensington eBay
    Go to Deal
    Coupon Code: PSPR20, PLUSSP22

    OK not for everyone but I like my Magimix products. Bought a food processor for the missus and now got the blender for smoothies.
    Bought cheapies in the past but i hate the cheap loud high pitch noises. These are better.

    Power Blender
    RRP $399
    Peters of Kensington $329
    ebay 22% off for ebay plus $256 + 7 delivery

    Codes: PLUSSP22 PSPR20

    Power Blender Premium available

    Available from other retailers too via ebay but not sure eligible for discount.

    Original Coupon Deal

    • Oh I’ve been wanting exactly this for years. Unfortunately we now have a Ninja thing with food processor bucket but a proper blender might be good. Wife will probably not want this.

      Magimix are a top brand.

    • -1

      Is Peter from Kensington a knob? Sounds a bit like Karen from Brighton to me.

      • -1

        Peter from Kensington

        Peters of Kensington

    • Unfamiliar with Magimix, are they just as good in comparison to Vitamix blenders?

      • +2

        I would say better than Vitamix.

        Magimix use induction motors which are quiet but still powerful. Vitamix use universal motors which are noisy (the classic noise you probably associate with blenders) but cheaper. Magimix provide a 30 year motor warranty, compared to only 5 or 10 years from Vitamix.

        Magimix/Robot-Coupe essentially invented the food processor. Their food processors are the best around and Robot-Coupe is still the leading brand of professional food processors. This blender benefits from using their superior food processor motor technology.

        • This is what I understood too. My mum used to call our blender a magimix, similar to how British people call vacuums 'hoovers'. Magimix (French brand) were early in the development of home blenders.

        • Unlike their food processors which are made in France, these are made in PRC - quality isn't really the same. Not to say it's poor - just not the same standard.

          The motor carrying a 30 year warranty is almost a gimmick - they are very good motors are rarely fail - it's the other components around it that aren't of the same quality, and only have a 3 year warranty.

    • OOS.

    • That was quick. Luckily I didn't wait to source gift cards.
      I wonder if ebay funds the entire discount.

      Seems they pulled the other colours.

      Premium still available.

    • Have one. its amazing. it can power through anything i throw at it. its still loud but maybe less than others?
      I also really like its a glass container but this also makes it fairly heavy so might not be suitable for some

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