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  • Merged from LG 65" C1 4K UHD Self Lit OLED Smart TV $2755.40 + $40 Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Bing Lee eBay
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    Coupon Code: TOPITUP

    Same price as The Good Guys deal except postage is $15 cheaper

    • +3

      Won't ship to other states (looks like only NSW) and possibly selected postcode area.

    • I’m getting Won’t ship to Australia (!)

    • Use RAC to get it for $2845.25 at Retravision. It comes with $200 Retravision gift card and looks like there is a free delivery to VIC promo.

    • it's $2,995 when I click the link. Am I missing something?

      • You need to use the code at checkout

        • ahh. Got it. Thanks

  • Merged from NZXT H210i Mini ITX Case White $118.15 ($115.37 eBay Plus) Delivered @ Sydneytec eBay
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    Coupon Code: PMAY15, PMAY17

    Original Coupon Deal

    NZXT H210i Smart Mini ITX Gaming Computer Case - Matte White/Black | Patented Cable Management System | Removable Fan/Radiator Mounting Brackets | Easy-to-Use Drive Trays | Front-Panel USB-C Connector with USB 3.1 Gen 2 | Tempered Glass Side Panel | Smart Device V2 | Clean, Modern Design | Iconic Cable Management Bar | Two Aer Fans Included | Support for Radiators up to 240mm

    This includes Two Aer F120mm fans and two LED light strips.

    Normally ~$199 for the H210i (SMART) series.
    60% off, down to $139, minus 17% for code.
    Free express shipping.

    Hope this helps someone's dream build.

    • Nice, I think scorptec and PLE have these in aswell for $110 if I'm correct… PLE having free shipping. Always wanted to make a mini ATX build , one day….

      • +1

        I think they might be the model H210 - This model, the 'i' series includes the LED strips and controller.

    • FYI these things have terrible air flow

    • The case market has so much competition and NZXT is still selling the same hotbox cases.

    • +1

      There is better itx cases for cheaper.

      This case is large for itx, has limitations on gpu’s (2 slot) and poor airflow. Look elsewhere.

  • Merged from Roborock S7 Auto-Empty Dock, Bagless or Bagged $495.22 Delivered @ Selwise eBay
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    Coupon Code: SNSHOME

    Cheapest AU price I've seen by about $50, albeit imported so no manufacturer warranty and the usual overseas eBay store risk.

    Also available from Mobilecity for $549.99 with the same code if you want proper manufacturer warranty.

    Yes, I'll still need to refill the water tank and replace the mop pads every few days (I run it every night on my dining, kitchen and entryway hard floors) but these are far less messy than emptying the dustbin. I always seemed to find myself digging into that little tank with my fingers to clear the dust bunnies, which seem to stick especially stubbornly to the filter.

    Reviews seem almost universally positive, other than the price which is particularly outrageous in Australia in the official Roborock store - despite going for USD300 (A$436) in the states, the sticker price here is $699, rarely dipped to below $600 and only recently dropped to about $550 on Amazon.

    • +1

      I really want one but still too high a price. Definitely agree the dustbin could of been far easier to empty, get rid of the joins at the top and you’d be much better I think

      • +3

        Agree it's still terribly high but at least it's finally under 500. BangGood hasn't moved much and I'm doubtful the official Roborock store will discount it much more even when the new Ultra Dock arrives - their last sale promotion was particularly hilarious in offering "free shipping" on the full $699 sticker price as a "special". When I asked them how much the shipping was to Sydney suburbs, they replied $10.25. They clearly realised how insulting it would have been to put the actual saving on their site.

    • +2

      First get me a s7

    • Considering you can get this + a vac for $100 more in other brands, this is poor value. As much as I love Roborock (S50 owner).

      • +3

        Having tried some of the competitors I'm more than happy with my S7 and auto-empty dock. Neither myself or my partner have had to think about vacuuming or mopping the house since we purchased it. I fill the unit with plain tap water and rotate the mop every second day, giving it a decent coat of spray and wipe and it keeps our floors looking and feeling perfect. Working in IT, I'd consider the cost-savings of the combined hardware / software experience and cross-system integration (e.g. google home / openhab) more than makes up for the price as it saves me time, effort and hassle - it just works and does a great job.

        • While I agree I have an S50 that regularly goes for $500 and is a great unit. With a majority of my house being carpet this has been the better value solution for me

        • +1

          Nice feedback. I've read you can't put any sort of detergent or floor cleaner in the water (not sure why not?), but a spray on the mop sounds a good solution (npi).

          Convinced me not to worry about the new models coming.

    • I've been happy with the Roidmi Eve Plus from Kogan for $539.

    • Mobileciti is now $599

    • Just a note with Mobileciti's "SAME DAY DISPATCH (ORDERS PLACED BEFORE 4PM)" - I ordered a S7 MaxV on Saturday via their website and it's still "ready for dispatch" - so don't rely on that (as I did, and unnecessarily paid for express postage).

  • Merged from Apple iPhone 13 128GB Green (MNGK3X/A) $1219 @ eBay Three Brothers
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    Coupon Code: SNSMAY

    Reluctant to post this as there is only two remaining in stock. Coupon code reduces price by $100 making it the cheapest iP13 in recent deals. 3Brothers is price matched by Officeworks so you may be able to get 5% off which is the only reason I'm making this post. Otherwise First in Best dressed,

    Original Coupon Deal

    • +2

      Price on title please

    • +1

      How much ?

    • Will Officeworks match the $100 voucher though?

      • They aren't supposed to.


        What is excluded from the Price Beat Guarantee?
        Cashback and coupon offers (i.e. supplier cashback or reduced price available via paper coupon or electronic codeword)

        • I managed to from Chadstone so might depend on who you see

          • +1

            @OzCheapo: Yeah haha, that's why I said that they aren't supposed to. Doesn't necessarily mean they won't, if you get someone who doesn't know the guarantee properly or perhaps doesn't care.

  • +1
    Merged from [eBay Plus] LG 55" 4K UHD HDR Smart OLED AI Thinq C1 TV OLED55C1PTB $1791 Delivered @ Powerland eBay
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    Coupon Code: PLTTH10

    Seems like possibly cheapest ever for the 55" C1.
    Downside, there's very little stock. May make a couple of peoples day?

    • +1

      C1 65" for $2500 too. Insane value.

  • Merged from [eBay Plus] LG 65" C1 4K UHD Self Lit OLED Smart TV $2587.50 Delivered @ Powerland eBay
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    Coupon Code: PLTTH10

    Quite sure it’s close to (or it is) the cheapest price ever here in Australia.

    Free postage.

    Original Coupon Deal

  • Merged from [eBay Plus] Gigabyte Radeon RX 6600 XT GAMING OC 8G, $471.60 Delivered @ Scorptec eBay
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    Coupon Code: PLTTH10

    Original Coupon Deal

    Was looking for a 6600xt for a budget build and came across this. Might not be the best model, but it is a decent price imo.

    4 available at the time of posting

    • pulled the trigger on this one. Thanks OP.

    • Not enough stock, good deal though 6 at time of posting

      bing lee took ages to ship

      Pok will take a while also

    • My Delongi started making buzzing sound from the milk frother, does anyone have the same issue?

    • +1

      Thanks, I've actually been meaning to buy this from The Good Guys Commercial site for ~550

    • No stock

      • There were only 6 available when this was posted

    • +1

      Please enter a quantity of 0 or less

    • Is this better than Barista Pro?

    • $649 now

    • Bough the new Evo for $720.

    • I am waiting to see if the new Evo version is significantly better. Nothing much about the Evo on the web yet

      • What are the improvements? Apart from the appearance and touch panel?

  • Merged from [Refurb] MSI 27" Optix MAG274QRF-QD Gaming Monitor - Dead Pixels $341.05 Free Standard Parcel Delivery @Harris Technology
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    Coupon Code: PLUSMAY1

    Looks like the base price went up in the last 12 hours, was $303.05 when i check at 2am today

    I actually bought mine last week when it was slightly cheaper @ $296.67 with different Ebay code
    Harris Tech has it listed as limited quantity so i am not sure on how many are remaining

    Was initially hesitant to buy it but i got mine delivered yesterday and have used it to game after checking for dead pixels(Red,Green,Blue,White and Black color tests) and found 0 dead pixels even on the spot where there was a piece of tape with an arrow pointing

    I had asked HT about the “Dead pixels” seller note before buying and they advised the below


    Could i get a picture of the dead pixels as i couldn't see it in the item listing and cannot tell how noticeable the problem is



    I appreciate your interest in our product. However, The item has been restored to working order by the manufacturer, eBay seller, or a third party. The item has been inspected, cleaned, and repaired to complete working order and is in excellent condition. This item may or may not be in its original packaging. We don't have an actual picture of the item.

    Not sure if it's actually HT selling or if they are just acting as middle man for the sale from MSI/some other vendor

    Can confirm no official warranty from MSI, their support person advised of that when i checked with them on why i couldn't register using the serial number but i had got the Ebay Xcover 1 year warranty thing for $28.68 just in case as no warranty info was on the ebay page so you might also want to consider getting this for warranty for atleast 1 year

    Firmware & EDID update files

    MSI Monitor OSD(control monitor from windows instead of using the button on the back)

    Cheapest Brand new based on StaticIce is Umart @ $719.00

    Hardware Unboxed's Review of the model - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i3X3yFh0-gE

    Dead Pixel test site i used - https://lcdtech.info/en/tests/dead.pixel.htm

    • “Dead pixels” ??? XD

      • Mine may have just been a lucky one in which the pixel 'fixed' itself OR panel actually got replaced on, as i got 0 dead pixels on it

        But again the price seems to have gone up in the last 12 hours so it 'less' of a deal than when it was last week with the lower base price and 10% coupon especially if you actually get dead pixels

        My thinking was at like 40% of retail price for dead pixel/s with no details on where or how bad it was but for a still good 1440p monitor i could still use as a side monitor if dead pixel/s was in bad spot it was fine deal

  • Merged from [eBay Plus] Carrera Digital 132 Grand Victory Lane Slot Car Set $353.59 Delivered @ Metro Hobbies eBay
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    Coupon Code: PLSAVE20

    With eBay coupon code this is a fantastic entry price into digital slot cars, I wish I got in at this price. The set comes with a digital crossover track and two cars.
    It has quite a large footprint so you need space to set it up.
    Be careful because this hobby is addicting. Same seller also has various other slot cars and sets on sale for 20% off. (some of the sets are overpriced but cars are all on genuine sale with ebay coupon)

    For analogue sets, the below are excellent value.



    The difference between digital and analogue is that digital can change lanes by a button press on special track pieces and have up to six players running simultaneously on the same track.

    Original Coupon Deal

    • Wish I had space for this at my home

    • Price in title..

      That said I'd stick with the analogues

  • I don't think this is worth posting as a deal due to being clearance items & low stock… Decent price, I found a couple locally… Worth checking your local stores…

    Dune 14" Safety Case - $20

    Dune 18" Safety Case - $25

  • Merged from [eBay Plus] MSI Radeon RX 6900 XT GAMING Z TRIO 16GB Graphics Card $1329 Shipped @ BPC Technology eBay
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    Coupon Code: PLWKSAVE

    Slightly cheaper than the previous harris technology deal posted and better support by the sounds of the comments.

    Also worth noting they are only $1249 on bpc actual website but not showing stock, could possibly be worth signing up for the restock notification.

    Original Coupon Deal

    • +3


    • -1

      Boring! They need to do better.

    • +3

      Just be aware that this card has a higher GPU junction temperature than other 6900xt cards, due to how the heat pipes make direct contact with the GPU die and not via a base plate. Kitguru found that it was 5c hotter than the reference card and 11c hotter compared to the nearest custom 6900xt.

      • I have Trio 3090, which I replaced paste and thermal pads with. From the kitguru's post, the cooler design looks different, they made the heat pipe a lot longer on this card, causing heat pipe touching two of the VRAM modules. This is a bad design.

    • I really want one of these but there's no waterblocks for them that aren't like $300.

      • +1

        The only real waterblock that works with this card that is cheaper is from Bykski. You can get it from Ali Express around $200.

  • Merged from [Factory Seconds] Outlet 500GSM Australian Wool Doona Quilt Queen $79 Delivered @ Dhimanvinod eBay
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    Limited Stock
    Cover: 100% cotton
    Fill: 100% Australian wool
    Gsm: 500gsm
    Made in Australia
    Dry clean only
    Size Information: Queen 210 x 210cm

    • +1


    • I got the Queen 350GSM other week, looks new.
      Not sure why Austpost took it via Sydney since we are both in Melbourne:) it happens

      Keeps me warm and the Cat likes it also has to be good then.

    • +2

      Just no. Your previous ad post from last week had this or something very similar for $75, and now you're selling it for $79.

      We're becoming and advertising ground, and that should be deterred.

      • -1

        That was under Tontine Brand, Today's deal under a Big Brand name, we used to sell them around $100 to $109, have ended old listings as not much stock available.
        Hope it clarifies. Also I am confident when buyers going to see Brand label they will be happy!

        Thank you

        • So is this Sheridan brand

      • And only $6 more for a Linen Dreams one.
        Aussie owned, made, and wool.

        Why would I pay near new for a factory second?

    • Dont forget to add EOFY for another 10 dollars off

      • Not valid for me

    • Where is the deal here?

    • I bought the Tontine machine washable quilt for $55. That was good value.

    • used bedware? times must be really tough lol

      • Not until it's second hand underpants

    • Costco 5 years warranty and machine washable Q: $80 & K: $100

    • Just for info. Bought a 700 GSM wool quilt because I thought our 10 year old goose down quilt had lost its loft and warmth. A bit disappointed that the wool quilt was probably not as warm.

    • Hi OP, have you any King size available at a similar price?

  • Merged from [eBay Plus] Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G (6GB/128GB) Dual SIM Smartphone Global Version $386.10 @ cheap_stylus eBay
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    Coupon Code: PL10FY


    108MP pro-grade main camera
    120Hz refresh rate
    6.67 FHD+ AMOLED DotDisplay
    5000mAh and 67W turbo charging
    LiquidCool technology
    Smoother faster and more efficient

    For those who want the ultimate experience Snapdragon 695 5G processor is ready.

    5G Arrived

    Change the way you experience and share content with the power of 5G speed. Enjoy super-smooth gaming and streaming as well as ultra-fast sharing and downloading.

    108MP main camera Advanced to mature

    Great 108MP flagship imaging system. Three cameras work together to capture magnificent landscapes microcosms stunning night scenes high-level portraits.

    High refresh rate

    120Hz display gives you a higher refresh rate which will feel smoother and faster to use.As powerful as before

    A massive 5000mAh battery that ensures you don’t run out of battery while you are on the go.

    Powerhouse combo

    5000mAh battery and in-box 67W charger are bundled up for a long lasting experience.

    Much cooler than you thought

    LiquidCool technology uses multiple layers of graphite and copper foil to dissipate heat rapidly cooling the device through a massive heat dissipation area.

    Look powerful feel powerful

    Perfect combination of stylish camera and glass back. Slim flat-edge design is secure for holding in hands. When touching the frame it feels very powerful.

    What’s in the box?

    Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G


    USB Type-C Cable

    SIM Eject Tool


    Original Coupon Deal

    • Any warranty?

      • +3

        Generally with ebay the only warranty is from the 180 day Paypal protection…

      • +3

        Buy using a CC, CC protection

    • Does this phone have ads?

    • +3

      Too many ads and the camera is very bad. Not for Instagram or Facebook

      • +1

        Yes, downgrade on the 10 Pro

      • +1

        Ads can be disabled as per the above, the camera sensor is the same as the one on the Note 10 Pro so not that bad?

        • True, but photos are much more than sensors.

          • +2

            @antman: can we use GCam on this?

      • +1

        "Great 108MP flagship imaging system" lol

    • +1

      amazon got 395 bucks for higher model of POCO x4 pro 8+256

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