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      A clock that you talk to?
      We live in a strange world…

      • I have a clock that talks to me to tell me the time.

  • 40% off New Balance
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  • Merged from [VIC] Aerocool Split-G-BK-v1 Tempered Glass Mid Tower Case $39 Pickup @ CentreCom (Bendigo)
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    Aerocool Split-G-BK-v1 Tempered Glass Mid Tower Case
    Don't Pay $78
    Stylish RGB LED design in the front panel
    Comes equipped with one 12cm RGB fan in the rear of the case
    Access 13 preset lighting modes via conveniently located LED control button
    Full tempered glass side panel to showcase the inside of your rig
    Air vents on the front and sides of the front panel provide superior air flow and circulation
    Supports CPU coolers up to 155mm
    Supports high-end graphics cards up to 326mm

    • In-store only? Seems sold out

    • Sold out in most stores in Melbourne

    • normal price of tempered glass towers ?

      Seem pretty cheap

  • Merged from [NSW] Wiha 77791 | 14 Piece Ultra Driver 26-in-1 Bit Holder Set $39.75 @ Bunnings, Kempsey Nth
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    Just bought one @Bunnings marked down for $39.75. They had 4 or 5on shelf

  • Not sure if this is the right place to post this so apologies in advance. Low stock, so not in it's own post.

    Apple iPad Pro 3rd gen, 12.9" w 256Gb storage at $899 at Amazon (Renew/Refurb device).
    Low stock, 2 left right now. https://www.amazon.com.au/IPAD-12-9IN-WiFi-256GB-Renewed/dp/...

    The seller is "Deals 4 Mates" which is qualifies for Prime. They are a new seller on the platform but given they are Prime and part of the Renew program I take it they're legit. These things on eBay go for around $1300+ used with no warranty so it's a cracking discount.

    Sad story, I bought one of these a few months ago new and stepped on it, smashed the screen. It's about the same price to buy a "renewed" one than it is to get a third party repair so this came along just in time.

    • Sold out now

      • 3rd gen still going for 1300? I thought the new one is like only 1500 ish

    • Did you get it? I got mine today and it was 2nd gen

      • It didnt say 3rd gen anywhere, actually it does say A1670 in the description which is 2nd gen. I guess you can say the photos are inaccurate and return it based on that?

      • Hmm it does say A12, so I think you should not have any problem returning it.

      • Yes I got it today and returned it immediately (no problems getting a return). No wonder it was $899. Pretty annoyed given the photos and description were all leading to this being a gen 3 device.

  • Merged from Telstra 4GX Smart $1 (Save $78) @ Woolworths In-Store
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    ZTE Blade A112, locked to Telstra. Limit one per customer.
    Advertised to include a pre-paid SIM with $10 credit, but it's expired and I couldn't find an easy way to claim those $10.

    There were two more models advertised at the store for $1, but they were inferior (no 4G, original cost $69).

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      Cheap mp3/4 players

      • +1

        Or alarm clock

      • +11

        Or usb cable and charger.

      • Voice memo device.

      • +2

        White noise machine

      • +3

        Child's pretend mobile.

        • Be careful, they can typically still call 000

      • +3

        Useful for being a new customer on Uber Eats etc

      • +3

        Portable brick, perfect for road ragers.

      • +2

        The first thing my kid was excited about upon discovery was the flashlight app.

        • Lol

        • $1 for a powerful LED flashlight? bargain.

    • +3


      Sounds like a bucket of hurt. I won't even pay $1 for a bucket of hurt.

      • +11

        Wait the one dollar phone isn't very good?

        • I think you mean to say it definately is not good at $79 RRP, also not good at on sale price of $49 or even $39,

          and personally would not even buy or use it for $1/for Free.

      • Exactly, this thing would be trash even if it was free.

    • +2

      How do you check for stock levels in your local woolies?

    • +2

      Android marshmallow 😬

      Cheap paperweight though.

      • +1

        Will be fine for hot spot/cheap data thethering.

    • Can these be unlocked?

      • +1

        From https://www.telstra.com.au/support/mobiles-devices/puk-code-...

        If your service has been active for over two years, we don’t charge an unlocking fee, but if your service has been active for less than two years, we charge:
        - $80 for devices that have never been activated, or active for six months or less
        - $25 for devices activated for six months to two years

    • +8

      And if you have the 10 percent off on one shop per month deal, it's only 90 cents.
      I don't need or want another phone, I just want to be able to say that I bought a phone for 90 cents

    • Deals for burner phones?

      • +1

        Can't you guess?

        Or was that more of a "statement?"

    • +1

      Anyone confirmed at other stores?

    • +1

      There's probably a reason that it's only $1. Getting rid of old turd.

      • Probably the included sim card is nearing expiry?

      • Woolworths most likely get a rebate from Telstra for each phone sold and the rebate for this model of phone ends soon.

    • Surely this is store specific… Were there any left at Medowie?

      • Not sure. The guy behind the counter looked really surprised to find it in stock and then surprised even more when it actually scanned for $1.

        • However, he asked me to put the flyer with the ad back onto the stand where I found it (I took the last one remaining there), which may suggest there were more in stock.

    • +10

      Considering the stupid price of webcams these days, this would make a nice $1 webcam by just putting droidcam on it.

    • +5

      Can use as wifi hotspot

      • That was going to be my option if one available at local store

    • Technical Specifications Size and Weight125 × 64.6 × 10.8 mm. 127g with batteryNetworks4 G LT E B a n d 28, 3, 1, 7 (700, 1800, 2100, 2600) LTE Data Rates: 150M Down / 50M Up3G UMTS 850, 2100 MHz. HSPA+ 42Mbps data2G 900, 1800 MHz.Display4” WVGA, 480 x 800 , Capacitive touch.Camera5.0MP Rear, 2.0MP FrontCPU & Memory Quad core 1.0GHz CPU with 1GB RAM.8GB ROM with approx 4GB user space. Expandable external storage microSD(HC)™ up to 32GBOperating systemAndroid 6.0
      47BatteryCapacity1600mAh Li-ion user replaceableCharge Time3-4 hrs with AC ChargerStandby timeUp to 290 hours (ideal conditions) Voice talk timeUp to 7.5 hours (ideal conditions) ConnectivityBluetooth 4.0 , Wi-fi 802.11b/g/n, 3.5mm jack NAHJ, micro USBSIM CardMicro SIM, 3FF format

    • My mother has one of these.

      It can't fit any more update and constantly shows errors.

      It's only good for the charger if you need one.

      • +2

        If the 4gb user spece is correct ( when new or factory reset without updates I'm guessing ), and maybe 3gb free after doing updates and

        installing a couple of extra apps, then as long as you don't fill the memory up with loads of apps/messages/photos etc and time to time

        clear cashe and clean it out, should be usable as a cheap smartphone. With these cheap smartphones you have to keep on top of them to

        stop them from filling up. I had an older smartphone with only around 1.2gb free after removing any uneeded apps/clearing

        memory/clearing cashe and after app updates with only a couple of extra apps would often fall in the red with under 500 Mb free and

        needing to often fiddle with memory ( looking at you Huawie Y550 and ZTE Blitz and Optus Alcatel Pop 5 ).

        • Mine says 8GB available.

          • @leon99: What make and model phone are you talking about?

        • +1

          Huawie Y550

          Mine is still alive and well, thank you.

          • @bargainparker: Dropped mine and bounced into deep water at marina boat harbour whilst trying to juggle packet of fish &

            chips and wallet/phone/drink and the phone lost lol. Was my first Huawie and pretty snappy ( with small storage space for me ).

    • +3

      Christmas gift to the kids sorted!

      • +2

        Don't you like your kids?

        • Well they won't like him.

        • +4

          Isn't the mentality of parents they want their kids to spend less time on screens? This is the perfect way to do it!

      • You actually found stock?

    • It's amazing they make this crap and Telstra puts their name on it…

      • +1

        Depends what you use it for. As a phone for just making calls/texting for one dollar, it's great value.

        • Hotttt's Spotttt!

    • +1

      has anyone actually been able to find stock?

    • +2

      Couldn’t find any in a few stores north Canberra :(

    • Is there any way to unlock this so it works with all carriers? I got the alcatel U3 for $1 but cant unlock it and the Boost sim expired…

    • which woolworth have them in stock

    • +1

      Can we use Boost on phones locked to Telstra?

      • Or Aldi ?

        • Take a big risk ( if you can find one ) and raport back.

        • I tried WW Mobile, didn't work.

    • +2

      I found one in Williams Landing (VIC), but when they scanned it it showed $79. So no deal.

      Edit: Could be I was looking at a different Telstra variant which is also 4G and costing $79

      • This was Telstra 4GX.

    • +1

      I got the Alcatel A3 for $5 from This deal and it still works, I use it as a backup phone and the speed is decent. Might call some stores to find this phone.

    • Cant find no stock nowhere.

    • what is this a phone for ants?

      • Phone for aunts.

    • There is another listing for a phone at $99 down to $1, Telstra Smart 4gx plus, still no stock nearby

  • Got one from my local store. Staff was in shock and had to call the manager to confirm this price before handing over the phone.

    • Is it on display or you need to ask at the counter? What did u mention if you asked at the counter?

      • There is nothing on display. I had to ask staff and she brought 1 from the cupboard.

  • +1
    Merged from NetGear Prosafe 8 Port Gigabit Switch GSS10BE

    Just purchased from JB HiFi Belmont.
    SKU 975565, priced online at $79, scanned as $8.00. Paid and left quietly.

    Possibly clearance stock, was on the shelf not price tagged.

  • Merged from Intex Mini Hand Pump $3.20 + Delivery ($0 with Prime / $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU
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    Intex Double Quick Mini Hand Pump is portable and easy to carry. Made of hard plastic material in black colour. It can be used easily in your home, car, summer house, picnic, anywhere you need it.

    • This is the usual price but it goes down to 1.90 every now and then

  • +1
    Merged from Amazon Prime Day Deals with Swapware Games plus a little gift on checkout + Delivery (FREE with Prime/ $39 Spend without)
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    Our Prime Day Deals over 150 Deals !

    $20 Nintendo Switch Games (List Price ~$49.95)
    $30 Nintendo Switch Games (List Price ~59-69.95)
    $40 Nintendo Switch Games (List Price ~$79.95)
    $10 Playstation 4 & Xbox One Games
    $20 Playstation 4 Games
    $20 Playstation Vita Games
    $10 DS & 3DS Games
    and much more …

    Enjoy the deals - and the extra promotion gift at the checkout !

    Swapware Games

    • Contra Rogue Corps - Nintendo Switch $18
      Good price,Thanks OP

    • +4

      1 left in stock..

      1 left in stock..

      1 left in stock..

      don't think this meets the deal requirements

      • unfortunately we were restricted on what we could send to Amazon with lockdown restrictions in Melbourne, so we sent what we could.

    • 'furthermore not all insufficient quantity deals will be merged here'

      150+ items don't qualify i guess, bit hard done with current restrictions on warehouse, i thought my deals would be worth it.

      ozbargain isnt for small businesses i guess

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