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    • Ooni clone

      • That's what I was about to say. Fully ripped the Ooni

    • Wow, Reaches up to 510°C. I cranked up gas oven to around 320°C once, and the pizza stone cracked.

      And when the description states cooking area for 12 pizzas, I am assuming this is a typo??

      (Worked out the 12 must be referring to 12"). Not that big for a device at that price.

      • +9

        Thanks Sherlock.

        • +1

          Elementary, my dear Watson, elementary!

    • Is it practical to use it for baking things other than pizza and flatbreads, eg. a regular loaves of bread or casseroles?

      • +1

        No, too shallow. Pretty much pizza and flatbread only

        • Maybe a calzone.. 😂

    • Saw for 150 at Bundoora coles 3 days ago

    • +1

      How about in NSW?

      • +1

        Yeah if anyone has seen around Sydney at any price point, please let me know!

      • Also following if anyone in NSW finds it for a steal

      • Found 4 of them at Wetherill Park Stocklands Coles, tried to get the manager to price match at $125 but they don't match other stores. It was priced at $229 though so still cheaper then the advertised $299 price.

    • I bought one last week. I struggled to get it up to 250 deg C at the back. Maybe mine was faulty.

      • But did it cook good pizza?

        • No, it was not enough to cook good pizza. The bottom was not cooked.

      • Must have been faulty. Takes about an hour pre-heating time, but it does get up to over 400C at the back and about 300-350 in the middle. Up front is very low around 200c. This is where some type of door might help. Maybe upgrading the stone would be good too.

        • +1

          An hour?
          My ooni only takes about 15 mins (piece of foil as a heat shield door gets it cranking )

        • Wow, seriously one hour? Is this what the manual says?

          • @apu: No..

            I cooked a pizza after 25 minutes pre-heat and found it was not hot enough for my liking. It worked best after an hour.

            Next time I will use some foil to create a door, this should reduce the heating time and cook a crispier pizza.

            • @nubzy: Fair enough. An hour would burn through a fair amount of gas so good luck with the makeshift door. Let us know how it goes.

              I was tempted by this for $99 but I think I'll stick with my Breville Pizzaiolo for the convenience alone.

        • Hi. Just got one as well but trying to tell if mines faulty too. Wondering how many screws you have on the top front opening of your unit? Just the top, not the vertical or diagonal sides. I’ve only got two screws on top and when heated a gap is formed at top. I feel like my unit is missing two screws. Thanks

    • Anyone actually put it through its paces? Can't see how this is going to beat my gas oven cranked to the max.

      • +4

        Yes. This cooks authentic neapolitan style pizzas, much better than any oven can do. Of course you need to make good dough. This is my favourite: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u7Hd6ZzKgBM&ab_channel=VitoI...

        It's just like the Ooni Koda 12 apart from a slightly smaller opening. Look up reviews for that and you will see this is a great deal. Some people struggle with temp with these ovens, i've looked online and some people fashion a door (but don't close it off entirely) to help get the temperature up a bit at the front. At the back it hits 400c+ easy, you need to turn the pizza every 15 seconds if you don't want it to get too burned.

    • +4

      Am I the only one that thought it was a robotic dog in the photo?

      • +1

        Same here. Just browsing the comments and find you. Cheers

    • +2

      Seems to get much cheaper, but thanks for bringing it to our attention, was actually thinking of getting an ooni really miss eating fresh 3 min Neapolitans

    • Anyone seen in these in S.A stores?

      • Got the last one from Castle Plaza Coles. Was $249 though.

        Try the bigger stores, as Kurrulta Park didn’t even have the “special buys” section.

    • Came here to say this looks exactly like an ooni, without the price tag. I have a first gen ooni, and rate it highly - although the newer features would be worth the upgrade.

    • FWIW this link has disappeared at the moment. There has been talk of this being a rebranded ooni. Anyone able to find it elsewhere? Looking for a "Monro Gas-Powered Outdoor Pizza Oven" brings nothing.

      • Link is based on what store it is set at.

    • +4

      I already own an Ooni, but would buy this for the hell of it, if it goes down to $99.

    • why does this look like an imperial drone to me

    • Just picked one up from Coles Mt Gravatt (there were two on the shelf). Marked at $299, but rang up at $249 at checkout. Have always wanted an Ooni or Roccbox, but couldn't afford either (even if they had stock!) - so looking forward to giving this a go. Hoping this is one of those "90% of the performance at 25% of the cost" type purchases… crosses fingers

      • +1

        It is. It is basically identical to The Koda. Very simple devices anyway, it would be at least 90% as good as Ooni which you are just paying for the name/marketing. I got mine for $99 and couldn’t be happier as I was ready to drop $799 on the Roccbox until they sold out and cancelled Black Friday in AU. Now I saved a fortune and got a great oven. Super happy.

    • Has anyone seen this in WA?

  • Do Coles price match with their own stores?

    My two locals have them but at $249

    • Did you ask them when you went to both of them? Normally I found showing them ticketed price from one store could yield positive results. But it's at discretion of the store and which miserable Coles manager lady you encounter on the day.

      • Nah but I'll go in soon - called them. If anyone has a receipt that'd be great

          • +1

            @cute as ducks: Confirming they would not price match between stores.

            Not sure if I want it at $249. Bought it anyway and I'll try the other store, never know the luck

            • +2

              @scphotos: Spoke to the manager at another store - no go. She looked quite confused about asking for a price match.

              Any other punters looking for one ($249), there's two at Sippy Downs.

  • If anyone has a reciept for $99 or $124.50 I’d owe you a few cold ones! No one with it for $249.00 will budge on the price. Anyone had any luck?

    • +1

      Tried yesterday at my local and they would not budge.

    • Yea seems like it's at the managers discretion - maybe managers can mark down to clear space if they feel like they need to.

  • Merged from [VIC] AEG EX150ES 440W Random Orbital Sander $99 (Was $150) @ Bunnings (Keysborough)
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    Hello everyone,
    Just when to Bunnings Keysborough. Noticed they had 5 AEG 440w Sanders on clearance near the tool selection at front. The particular model was EX150ES. The original price was $150 now $99. Also they have 6 year warranty if you register Online.

    Thanks and Happy Christmas.

  • Merged from [XB1] Gears 5 Ultimate Edition $9 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi
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    Gears 5 Ultimate Edition includes

    • Ultimate Edition Character Pack
    • 30 days of Boost
    • Ultimate Edition exclusive Steelbook
    • Gears 5 Sticker Sheet
    • No pickup for me or delivery option

    • Insufficient stock

    • +1

      No stores were found within 200km of your location. Click the More Stores link below to see the closest stores.

      I guess that excludes Victoria?

      • +1

        There is some in vic:


        SHOP MM4, MILDURA VIC 3500
        In stock

        Item(s) ready for pick up tomorrow during store opening hours at Mildura (836.24km away).

    • -1

      How much trade-in value at eb?

    • +1

      There was a post on here to get it free (digital download)

      I snagged that one

      • That explains why I already own it :-)

  • Merged from Lian Li LANCOOL 215 Mesh Black Tempered Glass ATX Case $109 Delivered @ Harris Technology via Amazon AU
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    First time posting a deal, so obligatory "please be gentle".

    Seems to be Amazon's lowest ever price for this great case (best noise-normalised thermals according to GN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YtyWUAjmmZA)

    • +1

      Only 5 left at the moment but not sure at time of posting.

    • I have this case and it's really good. It's decently built, the included fans aren't too loud, and the airflow is great.

      My only complaint is that there is a very small gap between the top of the front panel and the top of the chassis, and a little light from the fans bleeds through and is just noticeable when the PC is below the desk.

      • Could probably just tack a piece of black card / foam over it on the inside.

    • Brilliant case for air flow.

  • Merged from [SA] Corelle Classic Dinner Set 16-Piece $12 (Save $48) @ Woolworths (Blackwood)
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    Plain white Corelle 16 piece Dinner set for $12 Clearance in store Blackwood, SA
    may be in other store also ??

    4x Dinner plates,
    4x Side plates
    4x Bowls
    4x Coffee Mugs
    Normally $60 Save $48

    There were still 5 boxes left this morning after I grabbed one - lady at checkout said a few people had been buying them.

    • great for next wedding when throw them in the fire as a tradition

      • -3

        great for Toula's wedding and let the smashing begin…

        Don't let the mustache fool you.

    • Wow, thanks OP. Anyone know if this deal is available in any Melbourne/VIC or Brisbane/QLD stores?

      • +1

        Wasn't in Gold Coast stores yesterday as I was collecting some different sets and would of taken these had they been… but who knows today!

    • +2

      Think u need to put location in title.
      This isn't available at all woolies.

      • Judging by the ticket, it appears to be a clearance item.

        And of course, it says it in the description (pardon my blindness).

    • +3

      Now everybody sing….I'm dreaming of a Greek Christmas.

    • Corelle products are "break resistant". So you are picking the wrong products if you want them to break. You can drop them from quite a height onto hard surfaces, and they are likely to survive when most other products would certainly break. So, yes, you can break them, but you've actually got to try harder to do it than you would have to than is the case for dishes that are not only easier to break but probably cheaper.

      • +2

        When they do break they "explode". We already had a few sets and generally they are pretty resilient but if the fall onto a hard surface in the wrong orientation watch out

        • When the plates are stacked you can see waves in the edges of the plates.

          edit: oops, meant to reply to GordonD.

      • +3

        I found the quality of Corelle products has declined in recent year.

        I have two of the same bowls purchased years apart and the newer one is lighter and thinner.

        • Or could mean that their glass has improved and they're now able to make it lighter and thinner.

          Corelle (and Pyrex) is owned by Corning Glass (same company that produces the gorilla glass for most smart phones) so wouldn't be surprised if this was the case.

          • @Tech45: It was owned by Corning but they sold it a long time ago.

        • +2

          I concur with this. Thickness has reduced from my old set and newer set. They seem to be more prone to breaking now. Once I accidentally pushed a glass from bench which fell into the sink and hit a bowl and it cracked in a few pieces. Another time a piece of cutley slipped from my wife's hand while washing it on a bowl and it also broke. I was thinking how easy these new ones were to breaking, but we still like them as they are the right size and don't have the hollow sound like some other brands.

      • Corelle "used to be" top-notch, no longer. Plenty of online about the reduced quality. I bought two sets two years ago. Out of the box, there were sharp, tiny "bumps" on most bowls. Other visual imperfections in the plates. Had a small plate crack in 3 pieces slipping from hand to laminated (not stone) bench (15cms)?

        I still like it, but if you want a complete set for 12, buy for 16.

    • +4

      These are pretty good, they've been selling for decades the same plain white design. Very easy to just pick up a dozen or so at a time when unloading a dishwasher. Very much everyday plates, not luxury items.

    • $36 at Woolies Marion!

      • +2

        Might just be that one store clearing them out in that case. I'm probably going to be in vicinity of Mitcham (SA) tommorow so I'll check that store

    • Fair warning on these (had mine replaced after about a year) the edges chip and you can get tiny glass fragments embedded in your fingers. Their support team said it was due to 'newer chemicals being used in dishwashers that are harder on the dishes'.

    • +3

      I like the cheap white Ikea plates, I find them just as good!

    • Well, they have to compete with ikea now

    • +2

      I've had a set of these for about 10 years and nothing has broken yet. Drop them all the time too. They're really easy to clean as well.

    • +1

      I have had mine for about 20 years, no chipping or breakages at all - they are tempered glass.

    • +1

      Drop normal plate: breaks into large pieces
      Drop old Corelle: bounce with no damage
      Drop new Corelle: sometimes is fine, usually shatters into tiny shards

      I think the new Corelle plates are actually more dangerous than regular plates, especially with small children.

      Having said that: a 16pc brand name dinner set for $12 is a great price.

    • Over the years and very recently I have bought more pieces when on special at the supermarket or Big W. I have not noticed and cannot see one iota of difference in the old ones and the very new ones. They feel the same, are also ‘indestructible’, stack the same in a pile etc. I wash up by hand, no dish washer. Interesting that some people have noticed a difference.

  • +1
    Merged from TCL 75 Inch C825 4K TV $2311 Delivered @ Appliances Online
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    Price is cheaper than previous Black Friday sale price. Been looking for a new 75 inch TV in this price range and this seems the best bang for buck.

    I noted in the reviews some issues with 4k 120hz vertical resolution being halved, but that didn't bother me as I don't have a PS5/Xbox and even my gaming PC can't do 4k 120hz.

    • +1
    • FYI this one has:
      - CPU MT5889 [4x ARM Cortex-A73 @1370MHz]
      - RAM 3GB
      - Storage 22GB
      - GPU Mali-G52

    • Thanks, just grabbed one. This is a crazy good price for this TV. Just hope these actually are in stock this time. Bought one from The Good Guys a couple months back, with supposed delivery the next week. After 6 weeks they cancelled my order as they claim there was no stock in Aust, and wouldn’t be until Feb next year at the earliest, and they cant even place a pre-order.
      For this order, Appliances Online are saying to expect delivery tomorrow!!

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