Recommend a Chainsaw (and Other Gear Needed to Cut a Big Thick Tree) ?

Edit2: I think I've over estimated the height of the hedge a bit. I think I should've used feet instead of height. Sorry for the confusion. But I thinks for eqveryone's helpful suggestions, I'm leaning towards a hedge trimmer and a hiring a professional in the future.

Edit: a bit more info:The tree is roughly 25-30m tall and over 10m wide (overgrown branches). The hedge is massive: runs basically half the length of property/fence (I'm guessing around 25m[?] long and is 20m tall: much higher than toppf roof. Hedge is giant and is pushing against deviding fence (inward towards my side of fence, if that makes sense). Every time the wind blows the fence creaks loudly. I called the council and told them it could be a fire hazard and they said they couldn't help me "because [your] neighbors aren't doing anything illegal".

Could someone please recommend a decent chainsaw (brand and model) that is easy and not too heavy (light enough) for a woman to use? I've never used one before and would appreciate any suggestions. Max budget is probably around $250. Anything reliable and is a of decent quality and has a good warranty/customer service is preferable. Also what other gear/equipment do I need besides protection glasses, ear muffs and gloves)?

My husband is no longer with us and there are a lot of odd chores and other stuff I need to attend to (namely the neighbours overgrown trees/hedges which they refuse to trim which is growing into my yard). Paying someone/some people to do it is just way too expensive for me currently and I figured doing myself is cheaper (though probably more dangerous). I've asked my next door neighbor (he owns the overgrown trees and hedges) though he wants to charge me $1200 for it. Friends either don't have a chainsaw or don't want to do it.

Are there such things as a mini chainsaw (half the regular saw/blade) side? I don't have much upper body strength and need one that is light-trees and hedges are way too high. Hedges are around 20m high, I'd guess. Much higher than the tip of a roof. Any information would be appreciated, thanks in advance.


      • Yes my husband passed away from cancer.

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      Yeah sorry it seems I may have over estimated the height. I think i shouldve put feet in instead of meters. I only guessed the height and have overestimated.

  • Just answering your question: if you really need a chainsaw definitely get a Husqvarna or stihl.

    If got the Husqvarna 236e from Arbormaster here which is currently on for a good price at A$249 (RRP about A$399). looks like a few stores have it on discount so maybe it is being discontinued. In saying that it works very well. Just make sure to maintain it properly and to use it safely (i.e. learn all safety protocols). It maybe worthwhile popping into Sydney Tools if you are in Sydney or another store to see if it's too heavy for you but I would say it's one of the more light chainsaws.

  • Ask him what he used:

    "Two men arrested and another injured after chainsaw used in street fight at Taperoo"

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    Do a chainsaw safety course before you purchase.

    That way you will understand how to safely use a dangerous device and what safety equipment is required.

    Finally you will have the knowledge to make an informed decision on what brand and type of saw to purchase.

  • Just a side note - Look up what is legally required in your council when dealing with trees. In mine for instance, I'm allowed to cut overhanging bushes/branches that encroach on my property, and throw all the trimmings back on the neighbours side. Obviously if you want to stay in their good books you wouldn't do this, but in my opinion he sounds like an ass and leaving the mess for him to clean up would be somewhat satisfying … each to their own :)

    Hire the help, its much safer and will save you LOTS of time.

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    This a bad idea, that tree is far too big for even an experienced amateur.

    You should not cut anything above shoulder height, and definitely do not cut while standing on a ladder or up a tree without proper training.

    Chainsaws are extremely dangerous.

  • try Airtasker maybe

  • Get a professional in. They can even woodchip the tree and you will have free mulch for the garden

  • Big chainsaws are needed for big jobs like you describe. If you want to teach yourself to use a chainsaw get something small and light. These are $89 You will find much bigger chainsaws in the same place for when your confidence increases for $20 -$30 more. I have bought chainsaws from these places they are Ok. Everyone will tell you how dangerous they are. Yet we still use them. Read on the net watch YouTube before you use them.

  • Best to just pay someone to do the tree and get a cheap pole pruner for the hedge.

    Cheap chainsaws = maintenance problems and safety issues.

    Novice chainsaw users = injuries.

    Cutting above head with a chainsaw = accident waiting to happen unless you’re a pro.

    Don’t poison the tree. Once it dies you’ll have a dead tree that will eventually be dropping limbs all over the place. The tree will then be even more difficult to remove.

  • What is the age of this "big thick tree" ?
    I find the older 'thick trees' tend to contain more brittle stumps and bleed much less.
    For the older and more brittles trees, best to use a diamond blade for maximum efficiency and minimum mess.
    For the younger trees, I prefer a nice big tub of acid, breaking bad style.

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    As others have said it's way to dangerous to diy. Please don't buy one and try and use it having never done it before. Not only do you need the chain saw but you really also need the safety gear. Steal cap boots+pants+helmet and mask is probably $700-800 + chain saw would be an extra $250

    You don't need a degree but you need to know what to do…

    Why does your neighbour want $1200? Has he gotten a quote and it's that over grown that it's a massive job? Or is he just trying to screw with you…? He should be the one paying regardless not you. Not to mention you've recently lost your husband to cancer he should offer to pay at least half if not the entire thing.

    Perhaps talk to your council because it sounds like it's mostly on his side and growing onto yours.

    Have a look at air tasker and ask around friends and friends of friends.

    Surely someone will help you out.

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    I'm going to apologise in advance but this is the single most misguided and daft thread I've ever seen posted on OzB and perhaps any other forum.

    I don't know how many folks who've responded have used a chainsaw in any meaningful manner - but a complete novice with zero chainsaw experience - and a woman at that (so all things being equal less physically adept at using a highly dangerous powertool) is going to in a close suburban environment hop up a ladder and use a chainsaw (NO!) or stand on a roof and use a chainsaw (NO!!).

    Honestly this is a bad Youtube video waiting to happen - except it'd have to be heavily edited to exclude where the OP likely either severely injures herself & or damages her/others property.

    In short - get a pruning pole or a ratchet pruner and cut what you can and save to pay a professional to do it properly.

    A chainsaw is without doubt the single most dangerous tool you can buy over the counter - and what I mean by that is that with a simple mistake you can do the most damage to yourself and or others. Far worse than the biggest circular saw, bandsaw, welder or angle grinder!

    The number of issues a novice female user would encounter bringing a cheap, $80-250 saw home with zero knowledge on how to use, maintain etc just is endless and there's no way you'd be able to do it even vaguely properly.

    The best advice you can get is as others have said to get a professional to do the job even if that takes longer to save up etc.

    This thread is truly Darwinian theory waiting to happen.

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      I'm afraid Nikko is right OP, I have my tree felling ticket, took me around 100 hours of training to get it. Chainsaws themselves are extremely dangerous, and felling a tree adds in numerous other hazards that are not immediately obvious. Pay somebody to do it. A good pair of chaps is $200 which you need before you buy your chainsaw.

  • A couple of ladders, a bit of scaffold and a whipper snipper is all you need.

    Seriously though, I've used chainsaws myself and it's hard work and potentially very dangerous. I've had it kickback on me but was able to control it.

    I'm also voting for getting someone to do it for you. If you do get a chainsaw, maybe use it on your neighbour instead?

    By the way, have you had a look at this website for some ideas?

  • I hope you don't plan on chopping it down. Tree felling is very technical and extremely dangerous.

    Any more info on the neighbour's quote? That sounds incredibly cheap for a job like that.

  • A SKIL 16in would be fine. around $265

    BUT.. DO NOT…………. Buy yourself a chainsaw. Inexperienced?. It's a very easy way to lose and ankle\foot. or hand.
    Even the Electric brush cutters are dangerous for you.
    In Queensland. The Councils have a list of people that go round and do jobs for
    People like yourself and Pensioners (Me 76 yrs)
    So much an hr.

    Personally. I'd buy a coupla ltrs of DIESEL or poison. Dig a shallow trench,
    Close to bottom of hedge line. on YOUR side of the Fence line. NOT his.
    Pour the diesel or poison along it. Cover it.
    and go to watch tele for a week oir so.

    Your Neighbor sounds like a self efacing Prick, You gat any big brothers or mates.
    He needs a visit.
    What State you in??.


    IF../ The BASE\ROOTS of Tree in HIS GARDEN. SIDE of fence. Pushing Towards the fence FROM his side.
    It's TOTALLy his responsibilty…. IT'S HIS TREE.
    Tell him to go whistle
    Get a gardener to come in and cut all the stuff on your side. Pushing against fence. and drop it ALL over fence to his side.
    HIS Tree HIS responsibility to clear up.
    PITY you don't live up here. Youngest son is a Bikie. Says he'd love to pay the prick az visit with a coupla mates. HIS DAD in law just died of same thing
    last yr.
    Condolences lady.

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