This was posted 11 years 5 months ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Signed Copy of "Who's That Girl" Single by Guy Sebastian for $1.10 Delivered - SMS 193123


For just $1.10 you can have the new Guy Sebastian single delivered to your door, all you have to do is send your Full name and address to 193123 and you will have a SIGNED cd at your door, Help guy be #1 this christmas!

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  • Remember to send "STOP" if they start spamming you

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      what do you mean by "if"?

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        They won't be allowed to - it's not stated anywhere in the conditions of any further charges

  • just DONT join

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    This song really Blew Me……….away.

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    Hmm premium SMS, no thanks.

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    Thanks, will make an excellent coaster for my coffee mug.

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    So Gah Sebastian signed 35,000 CD's?

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      it sure appears that way ;)

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        I bet it's just a signature copied onto the label of the CD/Cover. There is practically no way he would sign all those copies by himself.

        • +2

          probably few mangers, etc and him … each tried to impersonate his autograph, but who would know if it was real or not.

        • +3

          mangers? were the wise men involved? how very christmas of him!

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    CRAPT Song anyway

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    and is it $2 for an unsigned copy?

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        I would pay $3 for him to slip on a banana…

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          You would pay him $3 to put on a banana? Where?

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    this post is just itching for smart comments… but i better be nice and say nothing :)

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      yes i agree

  • Just shows how shonky the ARIA charts are.

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      This is a sad manipulation of the ARIA chart to try and desperately revive Sebastian's career.

      Put a CD out of my cat howling to get in, I'll sign every copy, it's 50 cents, and I'd win an ARIA award - and that's no joke.

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    It's probably worth noting that nowhere does it say who will be doing the signing, nor whose autograph it will be. So you never know, it could be Prince!

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      OMG1 prince!!! rushes off to order one BATMAN!!!

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    They have stated that it will be a one-off payment:

    " Nope just a one off $1.10 purchase!"

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      It's the stuff of nightmares… run away! Run AWAY!

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    Yeah while you're at it, send a big donation to the Hillsong Church too :|

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    Too weird/virginal/Christian/girlyman-ish

    Just waiting for the day it turns out he's a serial-killer drug junkie with a puppy fetish.
    Whatever happen to the Truth newspaper?

    • man that's some wishful thinking right there

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    haha you could give this away for free and no one would take it.

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    I don't have $1.10 but I do have an empty coke bottle I don't need anymore.

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    Pretty laughable that this type of 'sale' qualifies for Aria charts.

    But you guys do know, that Aria base their charts on cd's 'shipped' to stores, not actually sales. Laughable indeed.

    • That's right, i think it was his debut album after Idol that went No.1 before it even went on sale. Purely based on units shipped to stores.

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    i wouldn't pay a cent for this ugly butt faced singer and his awful pop music

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    How much do I have to pay to ensure they don't send it too me?

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    can't believe 7000 losers have ordered this so far

    • +1

      looool , the only way to help Guy is for him to change his songs/style. All his songs sound the same.

    • I wouldn't be surprised if someone from OzBargain bought 1K of them and is currently writing the ebay ad for them right now….

  • -1

    why would i want something from a nobody

    • -1

      He is most definitely not a nobody.
      Last time I checked he was one of the fastest selling artists in Australia's history…
      maybe you are just jealous cause he gets to be in video clips with totally hot girls and has totally awesome guns!

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    Make 'GUY' no.1 this Christmas?

    Isn't Christmas about someone else's birth? Isn't Guy a professed Christian?

    Just give him a donation so he has more time to think about what the heck he is doing.

    Merry Consumermas!

  • what a shameless play at chart manipulation

  • -1

    ily guy

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    I don't mind give this guy a little push to no.1, at least he's the only Australian artist who able to crack Aria top 3 amongst American artists this year. As I know, his new song already on top 3 for almost 3 weeks and sold more than 50,000U before this promotion started, give credit when credit's due.

    • +1

      Wow, registered just to post that? You seem very knowledgeable about it!

      • +3

        What blitz said.

        Also, hes a washed up Australian idol winner.

        (i've met him before, and he was a very polite man at the time, i just think its time to move on, kinda like beating a dead horse)

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      Cool. Guy Sebastian is an Ozbargain member now. How many other accounts you have Guy?

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    My dump from this morning is worth more than this

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    huh, it's one thing to say you don't like Guy, but hey, $1.10 is pretty good for a home-delivered, signed single by one of Australia's most popular artists. Not as if it's reasonable to go around negging every post that's of something that isn't your taste

    • fair call, however, only one user has negged the deal so far.

      Needs ~6 neg votes on his comment to auto withdraw the neg vote.

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    If anyone on OB goes in for this, can you post back and tell us what the signature looks like?

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    I wonder if this would be a good cheap investment since it's signed. I mean who knows how famous he might end up in the future - even though it's only a single it could be worth heaps in about 10 years for example. The issue is having it lying around until that day, if it ever comes - I guess you could add it to your CD selection so that you won't really notice it.

  • I messeged my name and address and it said it didn't understand my SMS. Then I sent the word 'Guy' with my name and address and I got the same reply. Clearly I fail. Is there a certain way to do it?
    I did ( Guy Firstname Lastname 123 Fake St Suburb VIC 1234 )

  • Pretty lame song. Got this stuck in my head the other week after hearing it on the radio a few times and on X Factor. So repetitive.
    Cost to post it would be $1.20 via Aus Post, standard large letter postage. Basically it's free.
    Pretty pathetic.

  • Before anyone asks yes I have just joined to reply to some of your uneducated posts. I don't give a damn what you think of Guy Sebastian, but I hate it when I see incorrect statements about his sales.

    • Phreakuency said - "But you guys do know, that Aria base their charts on cd’s ‘shipped’ to stores, not actually sales. Laughable indeed."

    No Phreakuency. The weekly ARIA Charts, End of Year Charts and the End Of Decade Chart which was released by ARIA at the beginning of this year are based on actual sales, not shipped units. Check the ARIA site and you will see that. Accreditations are based on shipped units yes, but the charts are based on ACTUAL sales.

    • Josh81 said - "That’s right, i think it was his debut album after Idol that went No.1 before it even went on sale. Purely based on units shipped to stores."

    No Josh81. Guy Sebastian went No. 1 with his first album and single at the END of the chart week, not before the cds went on sale. They went No. 1 because the single sold in excess of 128,000 copies in its first week, and the album sold more than 163,000 copies in its first week (YES SOLD, NOT SHIPPED). The single evenually went on to sell over 280,000 copies and the album 480,000 copies (60,000 more than its actual 6X Platinum accreditation)

    Every one of Guy Sebastian's albums and singles have reached their accreditation level in ACTUAL REAL SALES or sold more than their accreditation level, except for his latest album which has been accredited platinum but is yet to reach those sales. It will though because Guy is one of the highest selling artists in the country right now.

    • Davo1111 said - "Also, hes a washed up Australian idol winner".

    Really Davo1111 ??????? Six Top 10 platinum/multi platinum albums, ten Top 15 singles including six which reached Top 3 of the ARIA Charts, with four reaching No. 1. 22 platinum and 3 gold accreditations and actual real sales of 1.7 million in Australia. His single Like It Like That last year SELLING, not just shipping 3x platinum and being the highest selling Aussie artist song of 2009. Selling that amount without a single special offer or discount. 10 ARIA nominations, including 6 this year. Wow, I bet there are hundreds of musicians out there who would love to be as washed up as Guy Sebastian.

    And for all the other comments, this single has already reached over 72,000 sales in four weeks before this signed copy deal. No special offers, just people downloading the song from itunes ect. That is the reason it has been in the ARIA Top 3 for three weeks already. This deal was just to help it go a little further. The single was only a couple of thousand sales behind Grenade last week. Doesn't need many signed copies to go that one step further from No. 2 on the ARIA charts to No.1. I for one would love to see an Aussie beat the Americans on the charts right now. They get all the promotion and most of the radio play. Only a handfull of Aussie artist songs made it into the top 100 songs played on radio this year. If that happened in America and most of the top played songs on radio were Aussies the yanks would be furious.

    PS. All the sales I quoted in this post are fact. Taken from Undercover, Auspop and the Herald Sun who report actual real retail sales, not shipped units.

    Merry Christmas to you all. Or would Bah humbug be a more fitting yuletide greeting for you lot.

    • Please don't paint all users with the same brush.

      I'm not interested in the single, but admit there is some catchiness to it, as with a lot of his songs. To be around even 6 months after his Idol experience finished is a feat in itself. I don't agree with any religious angle to anyones music, but he does have singing and songwriting talent. And anything is better than another f*cking John Farnham CD. Or anything by so called 'rap artists' who owe a lot to that damn autotune. What an embarassment!

      For those who would consider buying the single, a signed copy delivered for $1.10 is CHEAP!

    • Misinformed, not uneducated.

      I heard, or read, somewhere from a fairly reliable source (TV, Newspaper) that he received a gold or platinum award for one of his early albums, before that album had gone on sale.
      Your information sounds pretty specific, and accurate.
      You seem very passionate. R U the man himself? :D

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