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Xbox One S 500GB Console Bundles (Forza Horizon 3, Minecraft, Assassins Creed, Shadow of War) $239.20 Delivered @ Microsoft eBay


Current eBay Promo (Pretty sure these we're $329 when I checked last night) - can't seem to find if it's been posted yet, but a great price all the same!

4 different packs to consider

Xbox One S 500GB Console – Forza Horizon 3 Hot Wheels Bundle
Xbox One S 500GB Console – Shadow of War Bundle
Xbox One S 500GB Console – Minecraft Complete Adventure Bundle
Xbox One S 500GB Console – Assassin’s Creed Origins Bundle


Original 20% off Selected Microsoft Surface Books and Xbox @ Microsoft eBay Store Deal Post

The newest console, Xbox One X, is excluded from the offer. In case you're wondering.

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  • +1

    They were definitely $329 last night, noticed they changed this morning too :)

    • +20

      Nice to see some negative price jacking ;)

      • +1

        negative price jacking

        Negative jacking?

        Is that like jacking but without a happy ending?

    • Can confirm

    • definitely $329 last night

      That's almost $239 if you made a mistake entering data!

    • +4

      There you are Tighty, always in the background tightening things up.

      • Niggling away like an itchy sphincter.

    • Out of stock :(

  • +1

    Great deal, almost cartel prices.

  • If only the included games piqued my interest.

    • You could always sell them.

      • Which one will sell for the most?

        Are all digital download codes, or actual discs?

        • +2

          Probably Forza Horizon 3, haven't checked prices but you should be able to get $30+.

      • +2

        Don't bank on good resale value. Because the games are bundled there will be lots of them in circulation and prices will fall. For example the AC:U pricing dropped to around $2 last year for that reason. You might get lucky though.

  • +22

    I came here hoping all the games in title were in one bundle :)

    • Now that would be nice :)

    • I thought that too.

    • +1

      Also thought the same. I'd buy in a heartbeat

    • I was under this impression for a few days, it's interesting that this deal has garnered so many votes when the Minecraft 1Tb deal was running for so long. Surely anyone who wanted one saw that deal and bought it then

      • A lot of people had double mind about green coloured console and when they finally decided, Amazon pulled the plug and took away the deal. This one is to grab those customers who are dying to buy now.

        • Set mine up the other day and its actually a great looking console, much better than one might think before seeing it. Also it's a fair difference, 20 bucks less, extra 500gb drive and a verticle stand. A. Tone who dithered for what felt to me like a whole week deserves to pay the difference, or wait u till the next deal which might be a while.

  • Sad face, just bought live gold 12months last night.

    • Xb Live Gold cards are not included in the 20% offer.

      • Haha, coolies. I was browsing the list on my phone and Live Gold was showing up.

  • 500GB or 1TB deal? Is the HDD bay easy to access if you wish to upgrade it?

  • What happened to the X? I can’t apply the code?

    • Yeah same here. Maybe they’ve excluded it?…

    • +3


      • Xbullshit

  • +3

    I barely get enough time to spend with my PS4.. But I'm still tempted for Forza and Cuphead

  • the price is showing as $400 for me now?

    • +1

      Nah all still $299 pre discount

      • how do i get the discount to apply it down to 239 from 299? That may be the part i don't really understand :(

        • +4

          Just add it to your cart (not buy it now) then proceed to checkout (this doesn't confirm the purchase yet, but gives you options of Method of Payment & Vouchers etc) Then add the promo code 'PMICROSOFT' at the voucher box near the bottom of the page… Price will go down by 20% and then you can hit confirm & pay! Simples!

  • +1

    Still a number of xbox forza horizons bundles left. Call aldi to check stock.

    • None in Sydney

      • depends if you consider campbelltown sydney

    • I called and apparently there are none left in NSW?

  • Is $240 a good deal? Want it mostly to play Ultra HD as I already have a PS4/PC for gaming, but Horizon 3 looks like a decent arcady driving game to waste some time.

    Will the next PS4 revision allow Ultra HD playback?

  • +1

    Legit been looking at xbox's all week hey. Good timing. Cheers mate

  • no Chance of the Amazon Bundle going back down ?

    • As much chance as an OW/JB/HN price match..
      In other words, next to none.

  • Guys don't buy this. I bought this and they sent me an XBOX ONE instead of XBOX ONE S.

    • sorry guys. The box said XBOX ONE, but the contents are indeed XBOX ONE S

  • Thanks op. Finally pulled the trigger.

  • Any more deals on Xbox S?

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