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About Book

The Ketogenic diet is, without doubt, a must follow diet if you want to lose weight, keep it off and obtain various other benefits such as making your skin healthy, fighting cancer, restoring insulin sensitivity and much, much more. Whether you’ve just started following the diet or have already been following the diet with impressive results, you must perhaps have noticed that one of the challenging parts about following the diet is preparing delicious meals especially when you have a busy schedule.
If you still want to stay committed to the diet, one thing you want to prioritize is cooking foods fast while of course ensuring you retain the nutrients. There is no better way to achieve that than use a pressure cooker and in particular, the modern, technologically advanced pressure cooker, known as instant pot.

This book has 100+ delicious instant pot recipes that you can prepare while on the Ketogenic diet.

By following a keto diet, you will get great benefits, such as:

✓. Lose your weight faster.
✓. Have a stable energy level.
✓. Get rid of insulin resistance.
✓. Regulate blood pressure.
✓. Enjoy increased endurance.
✓. No starvation.
✓. Improve your blood profile indicators.
✓. Reduce diabetic medications

here what you'll learn from this book:

✓Chapter 1: Ketogenic Diet: A Beginner Friendly Background
✓Chapert 2: Chicken Recipes
✓Chapter 3: Meat Recipes
✓Chpater 4: Seafood Recipes
✓Chpater 5: Fruits and Veggies Recipes
✓Chapter 6: Soups and Stews

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    Don't usually cook my Pot…?

    Cheers anyways BA, luv the usual freebies!!

  • +1 vote

    By following a keto diet, you will get great benefits, such as:
    ✓. No starvation.

    This is a good book. I like to not starve.


    Is Keto unlimited bacon and butter or is that just people that misunderstanding when told that sugar is worse than fat?


      Not unlimited. Thats the atkins diet I think, this one is no carbs and mainly meat and greens


        That's not exactly accurate. It is 70% fat, 25% protein, and 5% carbs. So there is a lot of butter, cream, coconut oil, etc.

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      I am down 24kg.
      12kg over 11 months was portion control and eating anything I wanted, anytime I wanted as long as it was small quantities. NO KFC lunch box with extra gravy, it was 3 wicked wings and I am done.
      12 kg was over 2.5 MONTHS with keto (an average of 1.2kg down per week).
      BEST thing ever, you are energised, you think clearly, no cravings, food no longer rules the day/life.

      Rules are:
      - eat only when hungry (the social culture of breakfast, lunch dinner schedule no longer exists on keto)
      - eat until satisfied, not full
      - aim for 100g of fat per meal (don't worry about protein, calories etc)
      - no sugar
      - NET carbs under 30g per day (net carbs = carbs - fibre)
      - no fruits until maintenance stage
      - no underground grown foods (carrot, potatoes)
      - No wheat products
      - water with salt (min 2L per day, add lemon,salty lemonade)

      Hard at first because:
      - You have to learn how to measure your food (use the FatSecret app), after a couple of weeks you can judge the food numbers by looking at it.
      - your brain goes "fat is bad" since we have been programmed fat is bad by marketing in order to sell products that are Light, fat free,sugar free etc..
      - Sugar is 5 times more addictive than cocaine (cocaine is the most addictive drug)
      - Carbs become sugar by the body, not burnt, becomes storage fat.

      After 4 weeks or so, you end up eating once a day with a light night snack a day with average fasting period of 16hrs hrs.
      There were days, I would eat once a day (24hrs fast). No issues at all.

      Highly recommend it.


    Give this some (podcast) thought if you're serious about attempting this and curious to hear a modern medical perspective on this diet and it's risks -



    A high protein, high fibre, low fat, low carbs/sugar diet (ketogenic) works from a scientific perspective. But would still definitely recommend some minimum daily sugar (either from fruits or some carbs) from a balanced diet viewpoint.