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  • +1

    Alcohol: helping celebrate women's day by making them appear more attractive.

  • +1

    do you need to be a woman to get the discount?
    I need to polish my cross dressing skills

    • +2

      It's 2018, just call yourself what ever you want (as long as it's the opposite of long standing biological/cultural norms) and then bask in the glory of the zeitgeist forcing society to tell you how brave you are.

      • -1

        Just go buy your alcohol with your 15.3% pay gap. You will stil be up 5.3%.

        • +1

          Well in my industry guys and gals make the same amount for the work done.

          Strange how it turns out that within industries males and females make close to the same amount, and only when comparing males vs females outside of their roles (e.g. comparing a female child care worker to a male surgeon) that the pay gap exists.


        • +1

          @c0balt: How about we look at Goverment backed reports, rather than biased news sites. news.com.au is owned by Murdoch, you know the same people who give you Fox News.



          The relevant comment is "In health services that are 72.7% female the gap is still 9.1%". Even in industries dominated by female employees there is still an imbalance of women and men in mangement levels.

        • +3

          @try2bhelpful: 'Health services' still doesn't distinguish between a receptionist and a surgeon.

        • +3


          So if a news source has a statistic that refutes your claim, you just attack who owns the source rather than the statistics behind it? Sounds a bit like how the other side will criticise a statistic just because it comes from a left leaning source. Harder to actually combat the statistics than cry about the people publishing them.

          In your sources they didn't compare job to job. They compared the whole health services field, or comparing entire maths and science graduate entry positions. Now I don't know about you, but I do think that women should be allowed to enter nursing if they prefer it rather than neurosciences, guess which one pays more?

          If there was a wage gap, then no employer would hire men to do the same job that a women could do for substantially less. I know I would have an entire female work force if I had a business and that was the case!

        • +1

          @c0balt: Studies show that even where you are talking about the same graduates, e.g. in law, there is a bias in favour of males getting better starting salaries than women. My point is that even in industries where the majority are females the management level is imbalanced to males. I'm not talking surgeons to nurses I'm talking managers.

          One must always look at the veracity of the news source, Murdoch newspapers are not noted for their even handed unbiased view of the world, as can be seen by their articles.

          I'm sure if I linked my comments to feminist websites you guys would be the first to be crying foul about my sources.

          When you do create your business please come back and tell me how many women you have hired.

      • +2

        More this, there is a new thing called "gender fluid" where you can call yourself what you want and WHEN you want!

        Youtube it :)

        • +1

          People love coming up with reasons to understand mental illnesses, even to the point of celebrating it.

        • -1

          @c0balt: so you think that people who don't identify as either "male" or "female" are mentally ill. What skin is it off your nose if you can't put people in a box, it is their life and they aren't affecting yours. Methinks you protest too much.

        • +1

          @c0balt: Well said, I'm going to say what you just said to all the YES voters. Srs!

        • @try2bhelpful:

          Yes. What skin is it off their nose if that's what I believe?

          It's not about putting people in boxes, it's about how mental illness is championed. I don't give a shit what people do in the privacy of their own homes, just don't force me to be appreciative of something and not speak my mind about it when it comes up publicly. I extend the same courtesy the other way.

          Also Homr, I voted yes. I don't think liberties should be denied to people based on sex, race, creed or ethos. I'm a strange collection of right/left, conservative/progressive which makes it very hard to have allies in today's identity politic scene.

        • +1

          @try2bhelpful: How are they not affecting our lives? During the SSM voting, I get SMS messages on my phone encouraging me to vote Yes, how in the f*** they got my number in the first place???

        • -3

          @c0balt: Unfortunately you "speaking your mind" leads to discrimination that actually hurts other people; whereas, their understanding of their own situation does not affect you one iota. I presume you have absolutely no qualification to say that gender fluidity is a mental illness, whereas, I'm sure there are a bunch of psychologists who would say it is just a normal spectrum of how people identify themselves.

          It has nothing to do with "mental illness"; in less enlightened times being "gay" was a mental illness that needed to be treated and it was also illegal. So people who were gay were imprisoned for this "crime".

          You don't have to "appreciate" that people are different, just accept it. You may have problems with people who have different skin colours to you, but that does not mean you have a right to shout racist things.

        • +5


          I don't care if it hurts people's feelings. They need to be OK with being different and not having everyone be appreciative of them.

          It's just the same that I don't care about far leftists telling me what I should or shouldn't think.

          You don't need to be the thought police man. People are allowed to think differently.

        • @Homr: ohhh, diddums you got an SMS saying it might be a good idea for you to vote YES for SSM. I get SMS messages all the time telling me I've won a bunch of prizes. Funnily enough I just ignore the message and delete it. If you did your research you would know exactly how they got your number, instead of whining about being persecuted.

          https://www.smh.com.au/national/text-message-doorknocking-fo... - randomly generated numbers

          So how does SSM affect you, at all. If you don't want to marry someone of the same sex then don't. Why do you think you have the right to deny someone the right to do what you can do, just because their consensual adult partner happens to be the same sex as they are.

        • @c0balt: They are not asking you to appreciate them, they are asking you not to treat them like they have a mental illness, which is exactly what you stated they have. You are not qualified to make a diagnosis and saying it is your opinion does not make it "fact".

        • +1


          You don't know what qualifications I have.

          Also strange how the DSM goes out of it's way to call it "not in itself a mental disorder", but then goes on to specify the treatment with very psychoactive drugs that alter the mental state of a person.

          "The main psychiatric approaches to treatment for persons diagnosed with gender dysphoria are psychotherapy or supporting the individual's preferred gender through hormone therapy, gender expression and role, or surgery."


          So if it wasn't an illness, why does it need to be treated with such drastic measures? If it wasn't a mental illness, why is psychiatric intervention a treatment for it?

        • +2

          @try2bhelpful: It's actually the other way around. Gay people and their fellow supporters needs to ACCEPT that other people are just OK with them and not need to fully appreciate and sing Kumbaya with them to celebrate that they are gay.

          People asked me if I went Mardi Gras, when I simply answered 'no', they all gave me that weird look and said why not, why don't you support this "wonderful" thing, do you have a problem with these people. Seriously? WTF?

          Gay people aren't asking for equal treatment, they are asking for special priority treatment over heterosexual people.

        • +1

          @Homr: So you are annoyed because people are celebrating that they have managed to get parity with all other consenting adults in Australia. You don't need to go to the celebrations with them but would it kill you to be happy for them.

          I bet you have been excited about something and given people that "weird" look when they weren't interested.

          I'm seriously WTF when it comes to people who wrap themselves in the flag and get pissed - but to some people aparently I am not a "real" Australian if I think this isn't a good way to show you are a patriot.

          How many people actually asked you about the Mardi Gras and gave you the "weird look" when you gave them a civil reply of "no". I suspect the look may have had more to do with the way you said it rather than the "no", given how you are commenting here.

        • +1

          @c0balt: This is probably a better site to look up Gener Fluidity rather than Gender_dysphoria. Gender fluid people are not locked to male or female they fall within a spectrum of behaviour.


          There would probably be a lot less Gender dysphoria if society wasn't so rigid on what is considered male and female behaviour. This is changing, particularly with the next generation who are less hung up on who is wearing makeup, piercings, tatoos, etc. Nobody looks twice at a women wearing "pants" nowdays but a guy in a dress is likely to get some very unwanted comments. Hopefully this will become less of an issue over time as people are able to be people rather than playing roles.

          So, please enlighten me on your psychiatric degrees, willing to bet you don't have any.

        • +1

          @try2bhelpful: wow, leave me alone you animal

        • Tumblr is a cancer on society

        • @try2bhelpful:

          Gender dysphoria is the scientific term as studied by the medical field.

          Genderqueer is a sociology term. If you want to steer the argument away from science and towards the arts, then it's pretty evident that you know what kind of water your arguments hold in the medical/science field. Sociology is what has given rise to the birth of fat acceptance and body positivity. That's the opposite advice of the medical field. That being fat is as good as an indicator of future disease as smoking or living a very stressful lifestyle.

          I don't need to tell you my qualifications. I've presented my argument based on facts and empirical evidence whilst you have now resorted to 'feelings' after being presented with facts and statistics that counter yours.

          Also you're the type of person who disregards statistics and facts based on who publishes them, rather than the merit of the statistics themselves. So I know there's no point to trying to show what my education level is as you'll just ignore it, cry about where I got my education and switch to another even weaker strawman argument like you always do.

  • BESTBUD is still active for 1st order (15% off)

  • some of their prices are surprisngly good,
    same as dans,

    Johnny walker green is cheaper without the code.

    • +1

      Yeah I look at their prices quite a bit, quite often substantially better than Dans.

      Shame they've all but sold out of Feral Biggie Juicie. That is a seriously good beer despite the high price. Probably my number one at the moment.

      • @shbshb I ordered one of the Biggie Juice to try, really looking forward to it now.

        • I've only had it on tap. Interested to know what it's like from a bottle.

  • +1

    Dont forget cashrewards for an other 7%

    • Then they also give their own cashback to redeem on next purchase!

      • +1

        Yeah! they do.

        Matso's Ginger beer is something I buy off them. Got it with BESTBUD (15% off) and my referral code for a previous purchase ($10 off) and free shipping for $65 under my wife's account!

        DM - $92
        First choice - $100
        BWS - $100

  • +1

    Don't use BESTBUD, use the referral link.