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Claim a Free Gatorade Branded 5L Tub When You Purchase 2x 1L Bottles of Gatorade Liquid Concentrate at Coles


As per Price Hipster, 1L Gatorade Concentrate Liquid is usually $10.45 at Coles.
Price history shows that it's on special approx. every 3 weeks (for 2 weeks at a time) for $6.50.

How to Claim:

  • Purchase any TWO (2) X 1L bottles of Gatorade liquid concentrate at any participating Coles store or online in one transaction during the Promotion Period; then
  • Visit the Website to complete the entry form including personal details (no PO boxes) and purchase information, before uploading a clear/legible photo of the receipt/invoice.

Number of Tubs Available:
There are 1,500 Gatorade branded 5L tubs to be redeemed. The tubs are each valued at $19.95 (inc GST).

This is a "gift with purchase" promotion. The first 1,500 entrants who submit a valid claim will receive a tub.
(If you click on 'Enter', there's a counter showing how many tubs are left)

Terms and Conditions

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  • If the prize is valued at $25 why are you telling me it's worth 19.95?

    $5 value for the joy of paperwork…

    • According to the T&Cs it’s worth $19.95.

  • Seems more like a competition than a deal

    • +7

      It's not a comp, the first 1,500 will definitely get it.

      • You're competing with everybody to be one of the first 1500 to submit a valid claim?

        • Semantics really, you could say that about most deals, particularly freebies. There's limited quantities for everything.

        • +1

          You have to make a purchase for the chance to win a prize is a competition.

        • +4

          6k+ ozb clicks - agree feels more like a comp now

  • +3


    • +3

      Just Add Water!

      • +1

        Waaaater sux, it really really suuux! 🎶

    • +1

      Like from the toilet?

  • At Coles it's $6.50 for the 1L concentrate now.
    I reckon it'll go up to $10.45 when the promo starts, so realistically you'd be paying for a portion of the prize.

    Whether you'd need a 5L tub or not, you decide

    • +4

      Of course I need a 5L tub of a drink I don't really drink that is obtained by buying something that I have never used, this is OZBARGAIN!

  • why not just use the gatorade powder?

    the liquid concentrate looks scarily like detergent

    • Or, you know… cordial.

    • +2

      liquid's just easier.
      when i used the powder, it was quite a pain to make sure all the clumps dissolved completely. of course, warm water makes it dissolve faster but sometimes it's not realistic to wait a few hours for it to chill.

      • Why not use a bit of warm/hot water, dissolve it and add the cold water and stir instead of waiting several hours?

        • +1

          you'd still have to use enough warm water to get the entire powdered bit to dissolve e.g. a couple of tablespoons of hot water won't cut it if you're making like a litre or so. therefore, the water won't be as cold.

          and for me personally…..warm gatorade smells rather gross :x

        • +1


          i've personally never had an issue with gatorade powder. i tip it in, pour ice cold water and shake it up. that said i use about 3/4 of a the scoop since i find it plenty. so potentially arent hitting the saturation point if you are adding more?

        • @alebox: or maybe i got stuck with old stock. i never follow their recommended amounts after the first mix-in was too concentrated.

    • It's scarri

    • You can also get pure concentrate. Not sure if it's Gatorade or Powerade, but comes in a 80ml squeeze bottle. Makes about 25 glasses worth and costs about $6.

      It's slightly bigger than packet of tic tacs so a lot more transposable than a 1L bottle and I keep one in my gym bag permanently.

  • +4

    Can I just buy the tub?

  • SA is excluded, this seems to be a recurring thing. I'm guessing it's another bullshit law we have?

    • Excluding SA, households may redeem a maximum of three (3) tubs.

      • So we're excluded of the three limit? ;)

        • Yeah, I think the law is that you don’t have to purchase something to enter, so you should be able to get one just by contacting them during the promo period

        • +1


          just hire a lawyer and go for it…

        • @darthhasbro:

          Law I believe is they can't charge you for tickets or entries, though it may be a promotion tied to a product or service.

          (I'm too lazy to actually check what licenses they're using, but typically this would be the case)

    • I read "Excluding SA, households may redeem a maximum of three (3) tubs." as SA can order more than three (3).SA is only state where our Fair Trading Act prohibits stores from restricting quantities.In SA it is against the law to limit supply ie when you see phones on special they will quite often print limit 3 per customer except in SA..Note that store can restrict you if you are buying for resale or a business.

    • +1

      Its a Powerade-State

  • LOL….. Starts: 12:01am 26/03/18 and Ends: 11:59pm 26/03/18 (Melbourne Time), ist gunna be a mad rush to get the entries in, in that time. :)

    • *While Stocks Last. Starts: 12.01am 26/03/2018; Ends: 11.59pm 26/04/2018 – or while stocks last, whichever is sooner. Authorised under NSW: LTPS/18/22378. 1,500 Gatorade branded 5L tubs available at start of promo. First 1,500 valid claims will receive a tub. (Exc SA, households may redeem a maximum of three tubs).

      • In the FAQ :


        Starts: 12:01am 26/03/18 and Ends: 11:59pm 26/03/18 (Melbourne Time)

        • -3

          Good reading special boy

          *While Stocks Last. Starts: 12.01am 26/03/2018; Ends: 11.59pm 26/04/2018

    • Only from Ozbargainers . Others probably don't know about it.

  • +1

    Can't enter unless it's on sale.

  • +2

    Why people drink this ?

    • Gatorade not only quenches your thirst better, it tastes better too.

    • +11

      The blue one is pleasant to vomit back out if you are super hungover

    • +1

      Well I could lose quite a few kilos, so I'm probably not their target market. :)

      It does beat the monotony of water. Gatorade in a powdered can was super cheap in Canada. Mountain walks in Alberta.

    • +4

      It's got what plants crave. It's got electrolytes.

      • +1

        Brawndo is amazing stuff

    • +1

      for long periods of activity (i play squash), i find my muscles cramp less if i have some electrolytes about 30-40 minutes in. not sure if it is 100% due to the electrolyte drinks but it seemed to correlate well.

  • +1

    We gonna see this all over ebay and gumtree..

    • And on the side of the road.

  • +7

    Sports drinks like Gatorade and Powerade literally do not have enough electrolytes in them to make a significant difference in hydration compared to plain water. Sugary as (profanity) though, so might give you a mid-game/workout perk up but you might as well just have cordial or flat coke instead.

    • +3

      Please watch this if you actually decide to drink it, from ABC's 'The Checkout': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2KmMTFGsHN8

      If you do end up drinking it, don't let it touch your teeth: https://youtu.be/2KmMTFGsHN8?t=379
      The bottle literally says on it to "minimise the contact time between the sports drink and your teeth"

      • +2

        For not touching your teeth and drink it you need a funnel… but in case of choking that's different story, no wonder they make the bottle looks like the Car Wash liquid that I usually brought from SuperCheap

    • Electrolytes don't cause you to use water better, the whole product is based on a myth so rubes buy it instead of cordial as already pointed out. They might also be scarfing down Milo in the belief that it's healthy as well.

    • +1

      Why does it taste different/ more refreshing to cordial?

      • maybe the sodium content?
        Maybe because you have it after sport?

        Dunno….it sort of does though hey. But I only have it after activities or when hungover

    • True . Plus drink BEFORE you get thirsty. As a general rule, when you feel thirsty, you have already been dehydrated for sometime.
      Also, dont gulp it down, or skull it, as this has adverse health effects.

  • +3

    Elite ozbargain athletes assemble!! Oh wait..

  • +11

    Going to get my tub for the next 7-11 BYO cup day :)

    • That's why I was considering getting it too, but I don't want diabetes.

      Could possible use as a smallish esky..

      • +1

        You could fill with cold water and ice.
        Or any beverage of choice you wish to keep cold (or warm).
        Some might want to fill with beer or punch for a mini-keg .
        I would fill with OJ or pineapple juice + vodka ;) then leave on opposing teams sideline for half-time .

  • Sounds like an ad for something for the garden

  • +1

    I'm going to Photoshop and Broden this deal.

  • From the heading I was like wtf is Gatorade making detergent?

  • +1

    Yes, it does look a bit like detergent, especially with their new "G" logo. Im going put a large "O" in front of it, if I win/am-first-1500 .

  • +15

    Went into Coles Pyrmont just before midnight.

    Got a receipt timed at 12.02am.

    Promo period started at 12.01am.

    Lodged online.

    Awaiting delivery.

    Was anyone else a midnight stalker in the aisles at Coles to be among the first 1500? :-)

    • +3

      You sir, are the ozbargainer of the year!

  • +1

    Excellent. Now I just need an NFL coach to pour it on.

  • +1

    A lot of these will end up on the nature strip at the next council collection day.

  • +2

    Thanks to this deal I'm going to have so many electrolytes that plants crave

  • -1

    would make a great beer dispenser at a party. Pour half a case into it, make sure you have a fridge than can hold this tub, and there you go, american pie style beer keg!

  • +4

    Claimed tub on 26/3, received 11/4.

  • Claimed one today. Thanks.
    If anyone is still interested, there are still 250 tubs left to be claimed.
    Local Coles had the one litre concentrate at $6.50 each, today.

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