This was posted 3 years 6 months 29 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Take 50% off 40g Bags Jerky: $3.25 each (Was $6.50) Plus Postage $8.25+ (10 Bags) @ Geronimo Jerky


Hello All,

Big Chief here,

Time for a very special 50% OFF 40g bags deal exclusive to Ozbargainers

THE DEAL- 50% of our top selling 4 flavours, our awesome foursome Original, Buckshot, PowWow and Blazin Saddles.
The choice is yours, you can purchase 1 packet or many and pick any of the four flavours you want.

Code word is ozbargain50

We feel this will be the best way for people to try our product by trying our most popular sellers.
Your best value for money on this deal if you need it delivered would be 30 x 40g bags which will fit in a 3kg bag

ALSO as a bonus we will throw in a free sample of our new flavour we are thinking about adding :-)

We have no artificial colours, no artificial flavours or artificial preservatives or msg in our product.
We don't put in beef boosters or fillers, its all natural.
Our beef is grass fed and is very lean with very low fat. It is an amazing source of iron and protein.

  1. Original (Garlic and soy flavour)
  2. Buckshot (nice cracked pepper taste)
  3. PowWow (really popular (brown sugar and ginger), teriyaki)
  4. Blazin Saddles (mid range hot)

500g bags- $8.50 We can fit 10 x 40g bags in this one.
3kg bags- $13.50 – we can fit 30 x 40g bags into this bag due to the size of the jerky bags.

IMPORTANT below is a guideline so no one is disappointed.

This is a large bargain for us and we expect a flood of orders-It will take time to go through all orders and payments and cook product fresh, pack and send out.
Once payment is cleared we try to send your jerky asap. We have a ten working day policy during a special like this (M-F) and try to send it out before this time.
If the timeframe has passed and you want to check on your order please email [email protected] with your order number, payment method and name to make it easy for us to follow up.

Take care,
The Big Chief

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      • Thanks, mate. All sorted. Should've read the text more closely… :D

      • same, chose the curry flavoured one but realise it is more expensive, then read the title only 4 flavours 50% off. Also discovered I ordered these in 2015, forgot what they taste like, so still order 3 flavours. Checked the order in 2015, price is cheaper and ordered 5 different flavours. Times changed, less to choose from and more expensive.

  • +1

    What is the expiry date? Can I store until July? Thanks.

    • 6 Months

  • Which ones are your favourites out of the four on offer everyone?

    • Do you like it hot or not?

      • Hot

        • Of the four on offer, my favourite is buck shot followed closely by blazing saddles.

  • +1

    I wish they could send some in an envelope for $2 postage just to try it. I don't know if I like jerky so don't want to spend lots of money on something I find out I don't like.

    • If you don't like it it makes an excellent present for those who do ;)

  • +1

    Dang. No sidewinder.. Will have to make do with blazing saddles.

  • Guess I'll give this a go too. Purchased x1 of each top selling flavours.

  • Any chance flaming arrow could be added? This is the only flavour I want and am prepared to buy 30.

    • I'm sure they have a reason for only 4 :) pretty sure that's not going to change.

      Maybe they only have 4 mixing bins so to pump it out quick, they don't need to wash out the bins and re-prep

  • Is there 2.1g carbs per 100g? or 21? It's not super clear.
    PowWow looks like it has 24.5g carbs/100g :/

    • PowWow is sweet if I remember correctly. Sugar explains the calories.

      Normal ones 2.1 (accuracy might be off slightly , I wouldn't imagine it would be tested for each flavour) diff should be negligible

  • Do you guys ship to New Zealand ? :(

  • ill give it a ago.

    Just ordered 5,

    PowWow x2
    Blazin Saddles

    hopefully they taste as good as people make them out to be, Spent $24.75

    • That's my hope too. Otherwise I'll stick to Biltong To Go who are flawless.

      • My last Biltong batch was super chewy (2016) regrets cos I bought a whole kg… when did you get your good batch?

        • Several orders last year. I guess it might depend on the level of wetness too.

        • @Clear: how wet do you normally do? I think I chose the dryest. Having said that, this jerky is more dry (at least felt that way back in 2015 :)

        • +1

          @plague69: I normally do wet and average dryness. Geronimo was pretty bad for me too back in 2015. I'm hoping the new owners have sorted it out.

        • @Clear: guess I'm gonna give both another go thanks to your points!

          Bye money :'D

        • @plague69: I'm sure their rep will do us another deal if we ask. They drew me a picture this one time.

        • @Clear: haha, nice. I shall wait for that while I order this :)

  • Blazin Saddles out sells spicy shaman? I wouldn't have thought that.

  • I made an order of 30 packets last week. The transaction has been progressed n paid through PayPal but haven't heard anything from the company yet.

    • Last time I ordered I didn't receive any notification that it was sent, it just turned up.

  • +1

    got this from the website - This coupon has expired.

    Is the deal finished?

  • +2

    Hello everyone-We are busy cooking and packing but will have all orders out within our set timeframe stated in the deal.
    We will be sending tracking through your email that you signed up on and also our free sample will be included :-)

    Take care and talk soon

    The Big Chief

    • thanks chief, my order is on hold, I think I ordered on Monday, anyway, I can see you haven't sent out yet, was thinking I could enjoy the jerky over the Easter long weekend, so all good. Good to see you are cooking now, so I could be assured I am getting the freshest item. Look forward to receiving the item.

    • My order is on hold as well, not sure it has not been updated yet even though it has already been shipped. Planning to take them out to overseas on 8th of April so I need to get them by 7th of Apr. i’ve purchased 40, willing to pay additional postage cost for express or overnight shipping if it is required. Couldn’t find your telephone number on your website, hope that my order has already been dispatched.

      • Have been checking daily, its still on hold, I guess it will take time to cook, as it may take time to dry etc. Although I remembered reading Buffet doesn't take your money until he knows the stuff you ordered has been sent.

        • Mine hasn't been sent yet but the money has definitely been taken.

    • Hey Chief, I still don't seem to have any email/tracking information.

      Can you please help?

      • Order says "processing" now, so already updated since.

  • There is no phone number on the web site. Only contactable through their email and facebook. Sent three emails no response for 7 days, finally was able to reach them through facebook. They were supposed to reply me by today morning but no contact again. Very disappointed.

    • Received mine today.

  • Sendle says my parcel was delivered on the third, however haven't received anything… Should I follow this up with you or Sendle?

  • +1

    I ordered mine on the 21st of March, haven’t received it yet not even a confirmation email or shipping info! Tried to email them no response at all!
    Where’s my jerkies!!!!
    How I do get my money back????

    • I ordered the same morning as you and money was immediately taken out, but my order was only being processed yesterday (Apr 5th). I hope it's worth the wait!

      • Hey, i got mine today and im located in Brisbane. I also ordered the same day as you did. I also got a Email saying it was getting delivered and another one when it arrived. Gotta admit though they are really dry and have no silica/fresh packs in them too…the original ones taste good! Im yet to try the 2 other flavours. (Pow Wow & Buckshot)

    • I've ordered x 40 on the day you ordered(21st). Have sent 4 emails so far, no reply back. I would take them out overseas the day after tomorrow but I can't.
      Ridiculous service. My order status has just been changed on-hold to 'processing' state since yesterday but still no response. Seriously ridiculous service.
      I cannot receive the order for the next 4 weeks since no one will be at home. They will go bad when I get them in 4 weeks. So terrible!

      • Why do you think they will go bad? Jerky is preserved meat.

    • Ordered on 20th Mar, somehow the confirmation and the shipping info emails were classified as Spam emails. Maybe you should give it a check.

  • Yeah certainly feel like he big chief bit off more than he could chew here with this deal.

    My order from 20/03 was dispatched yesterday and I have a Sendle notification to say that it’ll be here by Monday, which will be 20 days since ordering. I realise Easter was in there but come on Chief, 20 days really is too long.

    Not good hearing others sending emails and getting no response either..

  • The big chief did mention there will be lots of order coming. I was thinking may be he should pre cook them, by the time people made the order, you can send them straight away. He did post a message saying he is going to cook now, after we made the order. He should have done it before we make order. There is 4 flavours available, so cooking a 10 kg each should sell very quickly.

  • +1

    I received an email for a 50% off sale last night. They should be delivering on their previous sale before starting a new one :|

  • I ordered on the 20th so today is 12 working days later, and my order is now 'processing' but no dispatch notification.
    I just received an email from them regarding another 50% off sale too .

  • Ordered on th 20th March. Order still processing. Haven’t even dispatched the earlier orders and advertises another 50% promotion.

  • Dammit, I'm just getting into jerky and I missed this!

  • +2

    Received mine today.

    I must say as an avid and loyal fan of Geronimo Jerky the batch i've just received definitely lacked love…

    Was the toughest Jerky i've had to chew through and i've noticed the slices are thinner. Big Chief will be waiting a while before I order again as i'm hopeful that this might be just you getting back into the game and finding your feet again…

  • What does order status "completed" mean? Ordered 3 weeks ago and haven't received any shipping info.

  • I ordered on March 21, and just got an email stating order completed just now on April 11.
    I think they must be a little snowed under.

    • Got mine today .. not what i ordered - and the quality not as good as i remember either unfortunately.

    • I also ordered March 21 and finally received shipping notice today that sendle will be picking up the order tomorrow (April 12). Can't believe the slow turn around or that they have the hide to start a new sale without dispatching the old 😐

  • Received my order today from 20/03. There was no sample of the new flavour included, and I don't understand why the 500g satchel is limited to 10 x 40g bags, it's more than large enough to fit another two in (could probably fit around 20 in).

    • No samples? But they said ….


      Your jerky will be sent soon and within our ten working day promise. Over 10000 bags to be cooked and packed for everyone but we are nearly there.

      Also the free sample flavour will be in there for you too :-)

      Kind Regards,

      The Big Chief

      • +1

        They also promised ten working days.

  • You didn't miss much in the sample.. It was pretty bland n chewy

  • Be careful about ordering from them. I ordered on the 20/3 and still haven’t received any shipping information. Tried to message them various times on Facebook but no response so I will be filing for a bank dispute in the next couple days if nothing happens!

    • +1

      I ordered the same day and got tracking info on the 9/4 so I wouldn't be bothered with bank disputes at this stage.

    • Maybe check your Spam mailbox. I got my shipping info from there.

  • Delivery estimate 23 Apr 2018 - 24 Apr 2018 WTF??? that is over a month from when I ordered, hopefully its wrong an it comes soon.

    It better taste as good as the first time I ordered it when they first came to ozbargain before all the controversy.

  • Received a Sendle shipping notification yesterday for my order placed 20 March. Package is being collected from Geronimo today.

  • Even the courier is crap. The tracking states that my jerky parcel was delivered yesterday morning, but guess what? There's no freaking parcel arrived!
    We paid the similar postage price as Aus Post, yet they decided to use Sendle, which is cheaper (making some profits here ofc)

    Delay on making orders + Delay on courier = No No for this

  • Mine arrived this week. It's quite dry and chewy, a bit like straw perhaps. I'm not a jerky connoisseur, I've had maybe 6-7 Jerkys though from various countries and they've never been like this.

  • +1

    - price?

    - Very dry, I actually tried munching on cardboard for comparison, and cardboard was easier to tear apart.
    - Courier - Sendle. Sendle Pro rates are ~$3 off advertised postage rates.

    Won't consider delivery time a con because fair warning given.

  • Still haven't received my 30 packets almost a month later. Spent $100 and now I'm concerned about everyone saying how dry it is :( feeling like I made a bad choice… If the jerky is good it'll be worth it.. We'll see :(

  • Sorry it's not worth it, only non dry is buckshot… Rest is akin to leather…

  • I FINALLY received my order today.
    It's not even what I ordered, which was
    x3 Buckshot
    x3 Pow Wow
    x3 Original

    Instead I've received 3 Buckshot and 6 Original.
    Beyond annoyed.
    What are my options? It sounds like that don't bother to respond to contact. Wondering about lodging a dispute through Paypal.
    The jerky is dry and awful.

    • Try messaging on Facebook. My bf said his order was dry and yuk also 😠

  • i ordered 40 bags on march 20th and still waiting…:(

  • Hi still have not received my order…?

  • I ordered on 25th of March, looks like I will wait for a looooonnnnng time!, been checking my order status daily, it always says processing, so annoying!

  • I wondered if the big chief needed a deposit for a house he is going to buy.

  • How long is reasonable to wait for a reply before lodging a Paypal dispute?
    Been a day now since I emailed.

  • My order on March 21 status changed from processing to completed and i haven't even received a shipping notification. What gives OP ?

  • Mine also changed to completed yesterday (17/04) with no shipping info..

  • I've now lodged a Paypal dispute after waiting 48 hours for a response to my email.

  • I received mine this week. It's nothing like the last lot that I loved.. It's over dried and cut too thin so ends up being a lot like Jacks from a texture point of view.

    Information along the way regarding order status was minimal. There was a receipt from paypal, then sendle notifications. Nothing from the Big Chief's staff.

    Sendle took 13 days to Perth. I expect those that haven't received theirs yet, will do so soon.

  • +1

    If the big chief needs to ever reclaim his reputation, he needs to send all of us a couple of extra packets, otherwise, ordering from big chief again might be difficult. I couldn't wait, saw the biltong from woolworths from the legend brand on special, so I bought one.

  • I'm going to neg this after receiving my order and trying their entire roster. I tried every single flavour and the jerky was very very dry, hard and uncomfortable to eat. I know this is a personal preference but of you prefer a more tender jerky don't get this it's to hard.

    Im trying to come up with an example of the texture but all that comes to mind is hard plastic. Have to chew on it for a while.

    I know flavour is also different for each person so I wont neg on that, just on texture. Personally though I didn't think much of the flavour either.

    My favourite jerky I've ever tasted was a chilly Asian one I get from my local Asian store. I'll grab some this weekend and post back.

    • +1

      You're not wrong. The way these guys used to make their jerky was more palatable in terms of texture. IMO the quality is inferior.

  • +2

    Just got my 10x bags of pow wow.

    Super unhappy as it's thin, dry, tasteless and difficult to eat.

    I remember it being so good the first time…this will probably go in the bin its that bad. :(

  • +1

    Absolutely disgusting Jerky, bought $100 worth, raising a PayPal dispute to get my money back.
    I will never buy from them again.

  • After 4 weeks still no communication or shipping info :/ Filed for a bank dispute hoping to get my money back

  • Order: 10 x 40g Blazin Saddle

    Ordered 21 Mar 2018 (Wed)
    Order processed 5 Apr 2018 (Thu)
    Shipped 17 Apr 2018 (Tue)
    Received 20 Apr 2018 (Fri)

    The order also came with a small hickory maple jerky sample.

    The meat is a little dry and chewy, but I'm not too bothered by it. Was it worth the wait, though? I… am not sure.

  • got mine today, I would say taste the same as last time I ordered in 2015, their jerky is harder than jack links or legends brand. I actually like the thinner pieces. May not order again due to the long wait. Although if they dramatically reduce their price and get rid of postage fee, I may give it one more try. Otherwise, I will probably buy chips when they are half price for my movie snacks.

  • btw, another reason I may buy again is that they don't put preservative, shelf life only 6 months, so I think that is one reason why it is so dry and hard, so it will not go bad easily without preservative.

  • How's everyone going receiving their jerky?

    I lodged a Paypal dispute on 17/4 for the missing 3 bags of Pow Wow.
    Received a response on 20/4 saying they would sent out the bags, and wouldn't ask for me to return the 3 bags of Original they sent in error (how nice).
    30/4 I hadn't received anything so sent another message via Paypal. Received a reply apologising for delay and now have a Sendle notification that my package is being picked up tomorrow.

    So slack. I have until the 7th of May before Paypal closes the dispute. If I don't receive anything by then I'll have to escalate, so here's hoping it's arrived by then.

  • Finally received mine today. Over 6 weeks later. Ridiculous. Haven't tried it yet but doubt I will order again based on how long it took.

  • Filed a dispute to PayPal last week, got the refund today. I would never order from this business again…