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Dell Inspiron 5680 Gaming Desktop Core i5-8400 8GB RAM 1TB HDD GTX 1060 6GB $999.20 @ Dell eBay


First time poster, sorry for any mistakes.

New Dell Inspiron Gaming Desktop Intel i5-8400 8GB RAM 1TB HDD GTX 1060 6GB

Same as previous deal but with a GTX 1060 6gb opposed to the 3gb variant.

Use code PHLUFFY as PRINT is expired

Original 20% off Selected Sellers at eBay Deal Post

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  • +7

    Good price, though you'll probably want to spend another $120 on a SSD after.

    • Hi Scrimshaw, is it easy to move the operating system to an SSD and then configure it to store user data on the HDD?

      Last time I tried to configure windows to use D: drive for data it was a terrible mess (Win 7). Hopefully Win 10 does a better job.

      • +19

        The easiest method is to download the migration tool from your SSD's manufacturer website, Samsung, Intel and Crucial all have tools of their own.

        For people who are going to buy this desktop and then upgrade to an SSD immediately, I recommend simply clean installing Windows to the SSD rather than do a transfer. Dell Inspirons usually have some bloatware and you don't want the bloat anyway.

        You can change the location of the User's folder in Windows itself.

        • I recommend simply clean installing Windows to the SSD

          ^ this. Definitely a clean install.

        • With the clean install, I have a used Dell SFF that came with Windows 10 in a HDD. Is there a way I can do clean install in that PC with a new SSD for free? Or I have to buy the OS if I want to do clean install on a SSD?

        • +4

          You don't need to buy the OS, all you need is to download Windows 10 and make your own installation media.

        • +1

          @AussieDaddy: It's worth noting you should keep the old product key though (the one that came with your used Dell SFF). You might need it for activation.

        • @BoredMartian: Is that to do with the service tag, or one of the other numbers printed on the case? Or there's another product key that I am not aware of? Cheers

        • @scrimshaw: Thanks Scrimshaw. How will the installation validate the serial taken serial numbers are not printed these days.

        • +2

          @Gaggy: windows is bound to the Mac address of the PC so it auto validates as long as it's the same motherboard

        • @fefris: Great, so gone are the days of entering the serial…

        • @fefris: but they said it's a new pc right?

      • I bought an SSD years ago (so it's probably even easier now), and as Scrimshaw states all you need is the tool to migrate. It's as simple as choosing the to and from drives and everything gets moved over to the SSD, boot order changed and robert is your mothers brother.

        • LOL Robert is your brother's mother! I love this.

          If it will be a new machine; I too recommend a clean install of Windows.
          Windows 10 is generally pretty good with drivers, however I would recommend having them ready on a USB if you choose the clean install route. :)


        • He's my father-in-law actually…

  • Wonder what the power supply is.

  • +2

    Great little deal considering 1060 6gb's are running $400-500 at the moment. You wouldn't be able to do better buying new.

  • Ahhhhh I just bought the previous one!! mine hasn't been shipped yet.. going to message Dell and see if they can do me a solid. 6gb for $50 more is a much better deal.

  • Very capable mid range unit, bundle this with a suitable 256gb+ ssd from another seller using ebay code and you’ll be getting a great value setup.

  • +1

    Very good PC. Just add an SSD (or M.2, there's a provision for one) and you're good to go!

    • Cool, thanks. Was going to ask if it had M.2 on board.

      • +1

        Just note that as far as I know the m.2 slot it is only SATA M.2 and not the faster nvme m.2.

        • Rictzer or someone else knowledgeable…could you go so far as to making a recommendation for the actual piece of kit to buy to put the OS on please or is any SATA M.2 the way to go?

          UMART have the following for $109

          Intel SSD 545s Series 256GB M.2 80mm SATA 6Gb/s 3D2 TLC

        • +1

          @mikeroxoz: Any SATA M.2 will do the job mate. The one you mention sounds like a pretty good price.

          Some are a bit faster than others, but when comparing SATA SSDs you probably wont be able to see much of a difference between them during general use. If you want the best though, grab a samsung 850 EVO, currently $127.20 with code - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Samsung-850-Evo-250GB-M-2-SSD-2-...

        • My computer arrived yesterday - and I got the above m2 drive.
          I think i have found the slot for it hidden under the graphics card - but no screw provided on m'board or in box from samsung…any ideas where to get one?

        • I heard someone else used a pcie plate screw, the ones that secure the graphics card to the back of the case. Worth a try. Usually the screw is supplied with the motherboard, Dell should really include the screw screwed into the motherboard whether there is an m.2 installed or not.

  • I'm tempted… Pity it is only 8gb ram tho… and seems I can't buy another 8gb stick cause dont even know the model of ram :(

    • +2

      Message dell allows custom listing and you can add ram.

      • I'm on their live chat now, maybe this guy is clueless but he's basically saying It's not possible.

        • Yeah not possible to change the configuration of what you’re about to buy.

          Ask for the configuration, odds are its 1 stick of 8gb which means you just need the details (speed, etc..) then go buy a compatible 8gb stick.

        • You can message them through ebay - definitely possible on the XPS13/15 machines. Assumed it would be the same here.

          Sorry about the run around.

        • @Tech and cars: How can you add ram to the xps 13 ? It's soldered on, do you mean, get another model?

        • @The Informer: If you message dell ebay, and show them the model you want - and say I want 16gb ram and it's listed as an 8gb model, they make a custom listing for you and then you can buy that.

        • @Tech and cars: How has their pricing been for the extra 8GB though?

        • @Tech and cars: Tried that, finally got a message and they said they can't :(

    • +1

      you could pull the ram and sell it second hand for around $100 and replace it with your own 16gb kit

      • That would void system warranty right?

        • It would not void the warranty

        • +2

          RAM is considered a CRU (customer replaceable unit) so no, replacing CRU parts do not void your warranty.

          But I'm not sure if Dell would want you to ship back the original RAM module along with your desktop in case of warranty claim.

        • @scrimshaw: What about HDD? Would swapping it out for an SSD void warranty?

  • For anyone that has bought one of these systems.. are they easy to upgrade in the future, like a normal build?

  • Holy crap, does this have CPU liquid cooling?

    Just judging by the pics on the product page.

    Even if it doesn't, still a great deal

    • It does look like it, but I'm guessing it might be some sort of custom thermal duct as there doesn't seem to be a pump of some sort.

      • +1

        AIO coolers often have the pump built right into the CPU block

        • I guess that makes this a better deal than I thought it was.

    • I found a video on youtube for the 5680 and it has a poopy fan and not the watercooling shown :(

  • Great price with the 6GB GTX.
    I ordered on the previous 20% and it had 3GB for $959. $40 more would have been worth waiting.
    Mine was ordered 14 March and is apparently with local carrier and likely to be delivered Monday.

  • -2

    Buy now and avoid the 10% gst tax in July

      • +1


    • +2

      It wouldn't apply anyway because even though its shipped from overseas its from Dell Australia

  • +2

    That's a really good deal, building the same system come in at over $100 extra. That's allowing for a Mobo with wifi but no allowance for a copy of windows, not to mention that's for everything from different stores with no shipping.
    Would definitely grab this deal if I was in need of a new mid range PC.

    PC Part Picker List

    • You cheaped out really bad on the case. Its not doing too much to force the price down but it should be a bit higher

  • So tempting, another 200 on more ram and an SSD would make this a really great system

  • Almost a good deal… are prices coming back to normal?? :O

    In all seriousness, it's a shame that this probably doesn't have an unlocked core, otherwise it's solid in the current market.

    • This is only a good price since it's prebuilt and not affected by the crypto mining price hikes

      • Less affected, rather than unaffected, as you can see by the amount of RAM offered and the lack of an SSD.

  • +9

    I have just noticed this new listing on ebay. Same specs as above, but with 128GB M.2 SATA SSD + 1TB 7200RPM. Comes to $1119.20 after 20% off


    • Great find - thanks!

    • 128gb ssd for $120? nah can get 240/256gb for that.

      • +7

        Yeah I am sure you can, but for people who aren't comfortable with cloning the existing HDD, or installing a new OS, this might be an easier option.

  • Hmm link doesnt work?

    • Working now.

  • Hey guys can you add gtx 1070ti or 1080ti in this system.

    • +1

      They have a i7 8700 GTX 1070 16gb ram variant on offer in another listing

  • +1

    Dell page of further details on this great desktop

  • If anyone spots a good vfm deal on a budget home office pc, I'd be very grateful…!

  • Does the motherboard have an M.2 lot for SSD?

    • I believe it does. SATA M.2 only though, not NVMe

  • +1

    Thanks for this, I ended up purchasing it last night. Live chat said they couldn't change the amount of ram in this config and also wouldn't tell me the type of RAM in the system so I'll just have to check it out once I get it.

    I'm coming from an i3 2310 and 7800 Series GPU which has been such a stalwart for me still running Vermintide 2 on Medium and ARK on low. So this new PC will allow me to upgrade the RAM and SSD and later on the GPU when needed.

  • +1

    does it hold a coffee on top or is it curved?

  • Price goes back to $1399.

    • +1

      They restocked recently. I messaged them last night, they replied saying sorry but keep an eye out. After work today, bam. Restocked.

  • Is this compatible? WD Black 256GB Performance SSD

    • +1

      Sorry for the late reply - going by the comments above, this wouldn't be compatible, as it's NVME, not SATA.

  • Well.. i bit the bullet and purchased one XD

  • Is there anyone here who has purchased this and would like to sell me the 8gb stick of ram? Or alternatively buy my 8gb stick?

    I want to have 16 total so either solution is fine :)

    • Sent you a message.

  • +1

    Hey all. Bit the bullet and ordered it. Also ordered the 850 linked above, thank you to Riczter! Are we likely to have a thread for customisation and parts numbers and so on? I've seen it done for other prebuilts.

  • +2

    Do you guys reckon it's worth to get the GTX 1070 version with more ram, SSD and an i7 for the $700 extra?

    • I was questioning the same and ended up buying the GTX 1070 knowing I had a good unit good to go not needing any additional work. Saving is just over $700 from $2499.

  • Can somebody tell me please if their XPS range is any better/different? Thank you

  • Has anyone received a Dell confirmation email along with a Dell order number?

    I haven't yet, which is a bit worrying (though I did order on the last day this deal was active at 10pm and with the public holidays and weekend delays are possible) Thanks.

    • EDIT: Received it about 20 minutes ago.

    • Any idea on how to track it? Ebay says its sent and thats it. Would like to know roughly where along the way it is

      • They should have sent you an email that has a Dell order number. Then go to https://www.dell.com/support/orders/au/en/audhs1 and put in the number.

        Though apparently Dell's tracking isn't great - some people got their PC delivered, yet Dell says it's still in transit.

  • Still waiting for mine to ship… why does it take so long :(

  • I've received mine today. Quite annoyed at the delivery driver who said he "had permission to leave it at the door". $1k worth of stuff left at the door with Dell all over the box. Just lucky my wife had come home early sick from work otherwise I might not a new PC.

  • Anyone know how to track this properly?? I have a tracking number from ebay DELLORDERNO874642XXX however theres no way to properly track using this, ebay tells me its sent and that's it. Dells website doesn't accept the code.
    Anyone in the know?

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