ZzzAtelier Pillow Quality

Hi, has anyone used the zzzatelier pillow?
If so, are they worth the price ($40)? Seeing as they were $99 on the website but the reseller has it for $49 ($40 with the code PROJECT).

Their mattresses are 💰 so thinking same thing with pillow

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Zzz Atelier
Zzz Atelier


  • Interesting design.
    Pillow prefrences is subjective.
    At $40 roll the dice.

    • Just did. They posted yesterday and already have sold 202. I'll give it a go. Had my pillow for around 8 years now, hopefully it's worth it

      • +2

        Please let us know your review of the pillow. I hought their mattress and love it so interested in the pillow too

      • 8 years out of a pillow . should change it a lot more often than that.. google it :p

        • Scary stuff lol

  • Is this the one?


    Where did you see it for $40?

  • Thanks OP.

    I just took the plunge as I have purchased their Mattress before which is awesome.
    I hope the pillow has the same quality as the Mattress.


  • I bought one and it arrived today, unfortunately, I can't say I'm impressed by the product, the spring seems to be a single layer laid out horizontally and it's not edge to edge either.

    Also, on one side of the pillow it looks like part of the material or thread has worn and their are fibres.

    • Is it a defect? Damn mine hasn't dispatched yet so thinking of cancelling.

      • I think it may be, my phone is really crap so apologies in advance for the potato quality photo.

        Image 1 it's like that pretty much the whole way on that side.

        Image 2 Image 3

        • It looks stained?

        • @TarquinOliverNimrod: bad lighting and potato camera

        • @BarginHunter: oh ok. Not worth it to reckon? Are you gonna return?

        • I'll get mine tomorrow and have a look.

        • @TarquinOliverNimrod: For me, I'm someone that usually uses the edge of the pillows more so than the middle so the fact the "spring" doesn't even reach the ends makes this thing useless.
          Add to that the fact that It's not really springy like they claimed and for me it's no longer worth it. The poor quality control also doesn't help.

          I'm going to try to return it, but not sure if they will allow me to return.

        • @BarginHunter: that sucks. Hopefully they accept my cancellation for the pillow. Cheers for the info

        • @vinni9284: I hope you'll tell a better tale

        • +1


          Yeah.. me too! I'll let u know

        • @TarquinOliverNimrod:

          Good evening,

          I have just received mine today.

          Btw the way, the delivery was LIGHTNING fast!!! Couriers Please. 1 day!!!

          Similar stitching to @BarginHunter. A little fluff around. Where the stitching end in one of his images; its pretty sturdy there. It can be an internal stitching process .. however I am not sure.

          I mean the pillow case will cover any imperfections unless you use it without!

          Sorry @BarginHunter, I think you are being a little too pedantic.

          Each to their own. It's subjective tbh.

          I am happy with mine.


        • @vinni9284: cheers. What about the sides? He said that the springs stop before the edge

        • @TarquinOliverNimrod:

          Yes. About 5 cms from the ends.

          The question is, do you sleep on the ends of the pillow? (unless you're fast asleep.. but then you won't know lol) I don't

          Edit: I assume you were unsuccessful with the cancellation?


        • @vinni9284: I'm a side sleeper so I sleep on the edge of the pillow. I was going to cancel as they still haven't shipped mine, but I'll just give it a go. Had mine for 8 years so might as well, even if it's bust

        • @TarquinOliverNimrod:

          Fair enough.

          I mean it is only $40 so no big massive loss in my view.

          If it was top dollar, I'm sure we won't take a punt and buy it without inspecting and trying it :-)

          I hope you like it.

          I'll try sleeping on it tonight.


        • @vinni9284: Probably, I think my expectations were a bit off.

        • @vinni9284: I'd be interested in your sleep report as well. :)

        • @BarginHunter:

          Well I guess that is subjective and your interpretation of quality.


        • @EightImmortals:

          I found it pretty good. No issues. But that is over 1 day. Slept well.
          It is a quite a heavy pillow compared to my featherweight Tontine.


        • @vinni9284: The quality issues weren't the biggest deal breaker for me. The photos led me to believe that it had proper springs system in it like you would find in a bed almost.

        • @BarginHunter:

          Oh I see.

          Agree with the ends of the spring system are not prevalent on the pillow in comparison to the Mattress.