Is This a Good Price for a 65" Samsung Q7F QLED?

Shopping around for a new TV and trying to take advantage of the sales with 2018 stock being released.
The 65" Samsung Q7F at jbhifi is $2396 (which is a much better deal than at binglee WITH their current 15% discount [go figure])

  • I know a lot of people bring the hate with QLED, but I cant afford an OLED (cheapest I found was $+999 to the above price at binglee with their discount for the LG 65" OLED which as much as I'd love to bite the bullet, i'd prefer using that extra money on a good soundbar or nintendo switch)

  • 65" is perfect for me, and I have always regretted purchasing a smaller panel for better technology eg. get a 55" OLED for the same price, however I guess I could be convinced otherwise

*My main uses would be gaming/movies

Thanks guys


  • +2

    If you end up getting it, sign up to their newsletter for 5% off.

  • I have just bought the LG Oled 65" from JB Hifi today for $3460 ( can show receipt if you want ) - Knocked them down from there $3996 sale price. The TV your talking about is actually $3696 on the JB HI FI website. ?

    Is this the TV your talking about ?

    • Hi, could you please show the receipt here? Many thanks!!

  • Price changed as the sale price ended 31.3

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