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Lindt Gold Bunnies $2 (Was $5) @ Kmart


cheap gold bunnies @kmart. was $5 now $2. (coles was $4.50)

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  • Here comes the post-Easter diabetes rush…

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    Heading to Kmart now I hope to grab heaps of cheap chocolate and sell it off at school for a profit…

    • Kmart was open Easter Sunday?

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        Yep but it's not open on good Friday. Makes no sense to me but anyway

  • FYI the swiss chocolate blocks Kmart sells for $2 is just generic branded Lindt block chocolate

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      No it's not.

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      How do you know?

  • Time to hippity hop down to the Lindt DFO shops and see if they have the 1 Kg bags of eggs on special.

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      • Will get back to you on Tuesday.

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    If I get a pair will they get bonky and then I have a never ending supply of chox?

    • That's when it gets wonky.

  • plenty of chocolate left at altona north, but it doesnt look like they ever had the lindt bunnies… (no tags for them).
    why even have easter chocolate if you dont have the lindt bunnies?!?!?!?

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    Bonky made me wanna buy a bunny.

    • thats funny!

  • Nice cuticles. Have you considered hand modelling?

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    Off to get some later tonight :) thank you

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    50c off in the city XD Safeway. Damn, no kmart here.

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      Australia has many cities.

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        Some people must think their city is the only place where ozbargain.com.au is for hey?!

        • ozbargain should have its own post code

  • Christmas time is sorted! Thanks OP.

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    Jiggy jiggy I'm off to Kmart. Diahrea here I come.

  • If only the shops here in Adelaide were open - it's a joke - only time I get to go shopping and the only day that the shops opened over the Easter break was Saturday.

    • Maybe those who are employed in retail enjoyed their time off for Easter…

      Might be a joke to you, but having to work is no fun either…

  • I picked up 21 :) and some other things like the statue bunnies for $2.50. The lindt bags like 236gm with the balls/easter eggs were like $3.50 :)

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      So you can hold a bunny to your ear like a phone and say: Hollow statue? ;)

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        Someone told me some people cant stop saying puns when they speak as its natural to them/disorder they have. I half believe the person….

        • It's a very old pun about Italians learning to speak English. Also the diesel fitter joke.

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    Still expensive. so we know how much profit this fkers are making! so much margin

  • FYI - original price was $4, not $5

    • You sure…. I bought a statue bunny for $2.5 and the original price had $7 so i question them when they said half price off original

  • No many Lindt left at my local but bought some Cadbury eggs in a carton at $2 for 250grams. They expire in June and make a nice treat for lunch box. Heaps of different other chocolates were available.