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(Android) FREE Hourly Weather Pro (Was $5.49) @ Google Play


Rated 4.8 with over 5k installs and no IAP. Looks like a nice weather app.

This is pro version:
- No ads
- Full features
- 100% money back guarantee, full refund if not satisfied.

Hourly weather is one of best free weather apps with full features: Local weather, weather map and weather widgets.
Weather map: Local weather radar app free with a lot of radar scope: Rain/snow, temperature, pressure, windy, clouds, humidity, waves, … and storm radar.
Forecastle: Forecast now, hourly forecast and daily forecast app
Widgets for Android: The weather radar widget free and clock widget weather with beautiful style.

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  • Thanks, anyone else installed and find the weather data to be off?

  • Yep. It said slightly cloud and no rain even tho it's raining. The built-in weather app is more accurate

  • I find this so often with whether apps. They look good but can't do the basic thing that they are meant to do. Predict the weather and tell you want the weather is like now.

    The best one I find is Weather Bug but it's still not amazing.

    • +20

      Have you tried Pocket Weather Australia by Shifty Jelly.

      • +2

        from the same creators of Pocket Casts… that hooked me into giving it a go

      • Been using Pocket Weather for years, since I had my iPhone 3GS, lol.
        Great app. Definitely recommend. Uses BOM data from what I recall.

      • Pocket weather is great, uses BOM data which is miles ahead of anyone elses.

      • I have Pocket Weather Australia since a long time, but now I find BOM Australia more accurate.

        • Does it have a widget?
          Currently $1.99, the Ozbargainer in me tells me not to buy it and waste money if all I want is a good weather widget and it doesn't have one.

    • +2

      If a weather app doesn't use BOM data it's useless. BOM's forecasts use data and algorithms specifically created for Australian weather conditions - anyone else's is a generic one used worldwide and will be far less accurate.

      • This. BOM use software from the US but have had to heavily modify things and are continuously tweaking things to cope with Australian weather and climatic patterns

  • worst app. so inaccurate.

  • +11

    100% money back guarantee, full refund if not satisfied

    Thanks, never thought I was going to get that $0 back.

  • -3

    ??? Why not google

  • +14

    Anything but Pocket Weather/BOM = fail.

    • +13

      I find weatherzone is pretty accurate too

      • Yep, weatherzone is my choice. Very accurate (uses BOM)

    • +4

      I like the utilitarian design of the BOM app.

      • +1

        I'm with you. The BOM app has it all, lots of info, but not cluttered. Most importantly, accurate!

      • Same, kinda like msy's website lol

  • +4

    Weatherzone Plus is the most accurate by far for me.

    • Can't agree more. Been using Weatherzone+ for many years.

    • Is it just me or has weatherzone plus disappeared? I can only see the free version on the store now.

      • +2

        They turned to a subscription service, but if you previously purchased Weatherzone Plus, you get like a free year's subscription or something. However, there is a final version of their app which is no longer receiving updates, but still works. I had to dig through my Apps list from my Google account to find access to it after changing phones.

        Link: http://apps.weatherzone.com.au/news/weatherzone-plus-update/

        • Aaah that explains it. Was working fine on my phone until I had to do a reset.

        • So what do you get in the plus that you don't in the normal app?

        • No adverts, and there may have been more radar options or something that the free app didn't have.

      • @stublu - you can reinstall weatherzone plus on a new phone. You just need to use the playstore account you used to buy it and go to my apps and games/library. All the aids you ever insured on that account are listed.

        • Yeah thanks, did work that out in the end. Got the free 12 month sub to the new app so just using that for now, think I still prefer the look of the old one though.

  • +4

    I use Ausweather. It uses BoM data.

    • And its free

    • +1

      +1 for Aus Weather. Been using for years and esp love the transparent skin

    • +1, if it's "AU Weather Classic" u mean? Doesn't seem to like my new Coolpad1 very much though, seems 2 crash a little, but could my my fault as it's been 'lucky patched'… :)

      Edit: think we're talkin different app… Mine is by "tomfusion".

  • +7

    How have 45 people pos voted this app? It doesn't use the BOM data, therefore it's useless in Australia.

    • Genuine question - is BOM the only reliable source of data for weather in Australia then?

      • +1

        You would hope so, given they're the governing body that's responsible for this kind of stuff….

        • +1

          Keyword was only - I certainly expect them to be reliable but I am not sure if they are the only reliable source of data.

      • +7

        Genuine answer - yes. Any app that doesn't use the BOM data is using data from the US or Europe and is rarely very accurate.

      • Very much the case. they use the same/similar software, but heavily modified/unique algorithms to be able to get accurate results for australia They have thier own supercomputer to run it all on as well. when you check the weather for your postcode, BOM calculates a forecast on the spot using the latest available data.

  • Have used Morecast and couldn't fault the accuracy and the feature set.

  • +5

    What about free

  • oh why did I install it before reading the comments.

  • +3

    If it ain't data from BoM of yr.no then it is useless

    App is useless in Australia

    Negative vote not for op but for sheep to question app before wasting data and time

    • +1

      Unless it is BoM (which not free, but is paid for by taxpayers) then any other app is going to be nothing other than a data scraper.

    • What do you use?

      I started to use Weather Live since Weatherzone leaked over 300MB data in a few days. Devs fixed it apparently, but felt burnt after that.

      Weather Live doesn't seem to use BoM, but weather data seems accurate.

      • +3

        I use BoM app and yr.no app

        yr.no is Norwegian and amazingly accurate. I got onto this by local farmers who swear by it especially for rainfall.

        • Awesome, thanks for sharing.

  • Used the funtopia app for years. Real shame Aaron moved on. Agree really need BOM data. I don't mind the BOM app but has no historical data. I went with Aarons suggestion of Aus weather & it does the job. http://www.funtopia.tv/

  • Installed then uninstalled.

    I did give it a few hours but the app just takes over your screen/phone and its annoying.

    If they improved the UX then sure i'll give it another crack.

  • Just use the BOM app…

  • +1

    Why do people keep putting up non-BOM weather apps that they haven't used and vouch for? Yet to find one that's not total rubbish.

    • I just posted it, not vouching for it.

      • Which was indeed the question.

      • Add that you do not vouch for it in your description might save you some drama and heartache. I know it's pedantic and stupid but this is the world we live in.. I know I know.

        Always cover your butt. Always.

        It would be like me recommending you a restaurant and then you or your family getting sick or hospitalized from them.. I mean it's not my fault I just sent you the information and details I didn't vouch for it.

        Always think like a lawyer and nothing for you can go wrong.. only others.. sad world we live in unfortunately :(

        • Thanks @AlienC. Water of a duck's back to me. Can't please everyone

        • +1

          @chibot: you are so Goddamn right.. there's always that one person that comes and mucks up your party.. Always one. Sometimes it's clear and then..

          All the best to ya mate

  • Thank you. I find the APP is working well for me.

    Only negative I fund is that you cannot just swipe it to close it.
    You have to tap the right (back) button first, then as asked if you want to leave the app, you then tap the YES, so 2 steps to close. Other than that it looks pretty clean and neat app.

  • +4

    The BOM app is free…


  • +1

    I really can't understand 108 people upvoting a weather app that doesn't use local data.

    I'm not going to downvote the deal because it is technically a bargain (it's free when it used to be paid).

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