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Sydney to London $628 Return with Singapore Airlines + LOT Airlines (Nov 2018) via myholidays


Brother found this while looking for Europe flights.
Booked 3 tickets and all three went through but one sold out so get in quick.
Seems to have many date options around november.
On the confirmation there was a $10USD off code so use that also. (pick travel insurance->put code in->remove insurance)
Doesn't seem to be available from other capitals, sorry.
Sold by LOT (well know polish airline) but operated by Singapore airlines.
Can book directly with my holidays but they seem to add an agent fee onto the end which makes it more expensive.

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    That is insanely cheap!

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    Not exactly good reviews… Did you bro actually get his tickets or just an email saying pending?

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      He got the etickets issued by singapore air so shouldn't be an issue there.
      The site has been around for 3 years and only 3 reviews on that site?
      Trust pilot has 300 with an average 3/5 stars.
      Fingers crossed.

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        Nowhere does the OP say he has etickets, just that “it went through”

        I wouldn’t be counting on this being honoured…

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          You just replied to the OP saying he has etickets

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    half flight on signapore air .. the other half on LOT airlines

    • LOT still use A380-800 for Singapore<->London segment

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        So it is wow thats a great price ..

        LO 4044 Non-stop Airbus A380 (388) 14:10 Valid until 2017-11-30. Codeshare flight, operated by Singapore Airlines.(SQ 308)

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        As mentioned in the description you will be on singapore flights the whole way. From the tix:
        This flight is operated by Singapore Airlines (flight number SQ317) under a codeshare agreement with LOT Polish Airlines.

      • LOT do not have A380s. The flight is codeshared with Singapore Airlines, and you will be on Singapore Airlines aircraft all the way.

    • Good old communist airline

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    Wow. Sydney wins again.

    Melbourne needs to lift it's game with the bargain airfares.

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      Yes, when Melb. Airport stop raping airlines with high terminal fees…

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        that is after they finished with doing that to customers with parking fees! not to mention the pathetic pedestrian crossing design that holds up the traffic for multiple Ks during peak hours..

        Soon they will claim they have reduced the parking fees to just $30 per day.. for that you will be asked to park your car in Sunbury and either walk or take public transport! pathetic!

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          Have you seen the fees at Sydney!?? Doubt it's the reason…

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    I recommend a stopover in Warsaw for some yummy cheap food and great sightseeing!

    *** Disregard. I just noticed the flight from SIN to LHR does not stop in WAW. It's just a codeshare flight. Warsaw is still a great place to visit though! ;-)

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    While a great price I dont trust that site - most of their good reviews seem to be from people with only 1 review

    • I agree and having a local helps out a lot too :)

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    SOOOO Exited !!!!! :D

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      You're not getting it confused with yoghurt are you?

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      SOOOO Exited !!!!! :D

      That'll be the Brits soon.

  • Can you provide sample dates?

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      Click the link.

  • Is 8 hour 50 mins layover in Singapore enough time to explore downtown?

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    • You can book a bed in a hotel at Changi airport for a 6 hour block. Everyone's different but if I was holidaying in Europe I'd want to arrive as fresh as possible, especially since jetlag can be pretty bad flying west on a long haul flight.

      If I was flying home after my holiday I wouldn't care so much. Not much to see in Singapore at that time of night for 4-5 hours.

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        flying west is so much easier to manage than flying east.

        • Yes you are right!

    • Yes, there are free tours from the airport. Perfect for any OzBargainer.

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    Sold out? Don’t see those prices anymore

    • try other dates… also agent is myholidays - I found 5-20th of nov worked

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    i was seriously thinking about booking flights, but have read a few forums now and its too dodgy for me to be honest - here's an example…


    • Wow I was going to vote this up, I am now tempted to neg it after reading all those reviews on myholidays.com. I truly hope the OP gets his tickets and everything works out for you. There seems to be lots of comments about being ripped off!

    • +1

      You're basing your decision on a review from a semi-literate person who's scared because their statement says "pending" on the same day as the transaction…? There aren't any follow up comments either.

  • From googling I'd say it's likely that myholidays.com is a scam site. If it's too good to be true …

  • anyone having trouble clicking through from IWTF to myholiday?

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    $995 on LOT's website

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    Yeah, I can also get a $230 Melbourne - London return on their site. Definitely a scam or error.

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      What dates?

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      Dates please?

    • It was literally every date after August to European destinations but seems to be fixed now.

      • Some are still showing for multi stop flights. Here's an example 22/8 Syd - Hel 3/9 TBS - Melbourne but it works for lots of dates and destinations but that's just what I was after.

  • I"m yet to find a ticket- any dates I should be checking?

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    NO scam,

    play around with dates in OCT

    its worked for me. Try skyscanner


    • Insane prices. If it wasn't such a long flight, I'd be way more inclined to book a short trip

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      Clicking thru price is no longer available on trip.com

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    Cheapest are 781 now but that's still an amazing price, great find

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    Go to https://au.myholidays.com/ and search for any international destination. Prices from Melbourne vary from $230-450 return.

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      Stop spamming.

      Give actual destinations and date to make your point.

  • Awesomely cheap, but seems too good / suss.
    I'm looking at flights now to Warsaw in July and it's bloody expensive…

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      July is usually the most expensive month to fly to Europe.

      • Yeah I know.. Only time I can go though.

  • LOT has some of the newest fleets of any airline.

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      not sure why you got the downvote - I checked and they are flying dreamliners - maybe they have some old planes for within Europe but you are right for the SIN - WAW route

  • Hard to tell if legit.

    Do IwantThatFlight offer any guarantee?

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      I Want That Flight FAQs

      I saw a low price on IWantThatFlight, but when I went to the supplier site it had increased.

      Airfares change in price all the time and sometimes in the time it takes for the airfare to be displayed on IWantThatFlight and being sent to the supplier site the airfare has changed price. Other times, the supplier has sent an erroneous fare price to IWantThatFlight and when it comes to purchasing the airfare the supplier cannot provide it at the price. We cannont be held responsible for airfare prices sent to us by suppliers.

      Bottom line is that they're just an affiliate marketing site and would therefore offer no guarantees.

  • Wish this included December and January. Can't find anything reasonably priced with a decent airline for the dates I need /cries in ozbargain

  • Check out their Facebook page:

    One of a customers complaints was responded to by their customer service agent with their full names, email, booking reference number, and full flight details in full view.

    Surely that's not right.

  • Skyscanner is also showing flights from Melbourne @ $782 return which is pretty good (if legit)

    • Click thru and see if trip.com has the fare….

  • nothing working now…

    • Yer.

      Well done if you had the balls to book it.

      Good luck!

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    Seems you can book loads of dates with multiple airlines through lots of sites.

    Common factor seems to be the LOT leg being practically free

    Must be a price error and you are paying for the melb or syd to singapore leg only

  • Just booked … anyone know what the inclusions ie bags and food on lot is?

    • what flight cities and dates did you book??

      • Nov 10 to 25… Turns out they sent me an economy Qantas tick

        • SYD to LHR? which link did you use and how much was it?
          I'm struggling to find it :(

        • +2

          I would call qantas to check if your ticket is legit haha

        • +1

          @strawberrybug: the one on the page… Just keep messing with the dates till you find ones that work… I paid 646pp but I saw cheaper but this had the shortest layover

        • @bob_wangkar: already logged onto their website

        • @nickl1986: very lucky, I'm unable to find anything similar on your dates or nearby.

        • @strawberrybug: yeah i messaged my usual travel agent who price matches and inbetween when i was getting prices and they were checking it the prices were going up … they told me if i found one just to book it at these prices

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    This deal never existed. Saw on I want that Flight 2 days ago as soon as it was announced as I get notifications. Went online immediately and tried heaps of dates for hours. Best price was $900+, no bargain considering Polish airline crap.