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15% off @ Blunt Umbrellas Online Store (Metro + KeepCup = $84.15 + Shipping)


If you are serious about the umbrella. This is one of the best.

Email flyer: https://i.imgur.com/1HnPvG5.png

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    pretty blunt statement

    price? where's the deal? $99 before discount for a brolly?

    • If you live in Melbourne, these umbrellas are god sent :)

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        .. i thought the "gold" standard was woodworm!! :/ (yep, i know.. diff size..)

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          I bought one of the cheap 3 packs of Woodworms on here once. While very sturdy and large they're not great on a windy day. The wind catches under them like a sail and you have to grip very tightly so it doesn't fly out of your hand (and even still it'll drag you along). Otherwise they're great if you're dealing with a heavy downpour and minimal wind.

  • No second flap of fabric to make it wind resistant?

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      I had an XL model. You will probably have a greater chance of losing it than breaking it.
      Check out the video, you will see how strong these umbrellas are.

      • +1 can attest to losing it opposed to breaking. Lost my Metro XS within a few weeks, leaving it at a bar!
        Now have a bright orange XL version and it's still going strong! Great umbrella.

  • Good brolly's. I bought this as I kept losing my cheapo ones, this actually motivated me to look after it.

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    The pink and mint colours (inc. keepcup) are on sale at Rushfaster for around 70 bucks (ex. delivery)… plus some other models on sale as well


  • E X P E N S I V E

    • It's an investment!

    • Clearly not a Melburnian.

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    These have their ups and downs

  • I get a message saying I can get 15% off my first order as well. Presumably these can't be stacked.

  • The handle looks small. The diameter of the umbrella is not very wide (less 1 m) and the shape reduces its rain protection. For the price, it just didn't provide adequate rain protection.

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    I wonder how this design was developed or pitched. You'd expect that although this is an eye-jab-proof umbrella, the ones getting the eye jabs arent contributing to the purchase of the umbrella - leading one to think they wouldnt sell very many umbrellas, as the person who is buying it is less likely to worry about how many people they give eye jabs to; and if they DO worry so much, one might think they're also likely to be the kind of person who goes out of their way to prevent eye jabs anyway, not pay $100 to be the good samaritan. This seems to aim for the wrong target audience

    • I bought this because I got my hands a cut when closing my 5$ umbrella. Happened twice.

  • Our Woodworm Umbrella is still going strong… its probably 5-7 years old and survived various windy/rainy/stormy season.

    However I can't find them here anymore… can we still buy them here?

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    Not sure how an $80 umbrella is a deal.

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    I was disappointed with my purchase of the Metro, which looks to be the same umbrella but without a cup, at a lower price-point than this. The one-touch open does not double as a canopy collapse button, unlike 2 other sturdy but cheaper umbrellas I own. That fact, and the large footprint it has when folded, means that this umbrella sits in cupboard as a depressing last resort.
    You are paying for the funky design and the range of colour options, but at the expense of some handy features found on cheaper umbrellas.

    • I bought mine a few years ago for ~$60 and I agree with your points. I would also like to add that it covers a relatively small area compared to other unbranded umbrellas I've used.

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    Like, zero spiel? Come on sell it to me!

  • I have the metro and the classic and these are great during Melbourne winters.

  • Would be nice to know WHY this umbrella is so expensive. Not even the website has much info! Non-pointy corners and 'weather tested' doesn't really justify it…

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