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Free Speed Upgrade for Telstra Cable Network Customers (Power Cycle Your Cable Modem)


Telstra I don't believe have announced it as yet but all that is required is a Power Cycle (reboot) of your cable modem to update to the new configuration files

Cable (Base Plans)
Down: Will change from 36Mbps to 55Mbps
Up: Will change from 1Mbps to 5Mbsps

Cable (With Speed Boost)
Down: Will remain the same
Up: Will change from 2Mbps to 5Mbps

Speed above are approximated/average.

You can test your speed here


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        • @Wibbleman:

          Tested it twice. Got 101.9 Mbps and 101.4 Mbps - not 115.

        • @MrZ:
          Could be something else. Are you connecting through a wifi device or a 100mbit network connection?

        • @Wibbleman:

          Wired connection.

  • awesome! 114.15 and 5.29

  • Just did a power cycle. Before and after tests are about the same for me about 34/1

    • Try again and wait a couple of minutes. Make sure you power cycle the modem and not the router.
      Worked for me as well, thanks OP

    • -2

      OK well. Might have to make a phone call. Did that… Now 10/4.

      Oh, not on NBN. Just 'Cable' persè. I suspect the main feed in the area has already been switched to fiber.

    • My bad. Was on an old laptop Wi-Fi at the time. Tested on LAN and got 48/4,so pretty happy with that improvement.

  • Thank you op!!!! Excellent news and can confirmed it worked (on an old modem as well).

  • Down - will change from 36Mbps to 55Mbps Didn't change.

    Up - will change from 1Mbps to 5Mbps Did change.

    Will try again later.

    • +1

      Same here…

      • Same here :(

        Edit Switched my wifi from 2.4Ghz to 5Ghz and it is now 55Mbps. Thanks!

        • Very informative. Thanks for the tips.

    • Same.
      See comments above.

  • Did this a few minutes ago - in Adelaide.
    Can confirm working!!! Thank you :)
    Did a speedtest just before and after:
    34.03 down
    1.10 up
    12ms ping

    56.44 down
    5.25 up
    9ms ping

  • So, I am running Optus unlimited for around $70 a month What is a ballpark figure for Telstra for a high volume plan at the moment?

    Pulling 30mbps at the best of times, 1.5mbps upload with Optus.

    NBN still over a year away so might be worth a change…

    • +1

      1000gb $79

    • I’m paying $80 with 1000GB at the moment. Speed just went up after restart. I’m not heavy on streaming so it’s more than sufficient for my usage.

      Before: https://imgur.com/a/4dC5AvM
      After: https://imgur.com/a/vy6QxD6

      • Telstra have pretty nasty sign up fees. You can do a 24 month contract to half/zero them, but they can always choose to hit you with a ‘special cable install needed’ Requiring a tech. I told them I had Optus already so it should be easy, they wouldn’t promise confirming some fees until I signed up and someone attended the site.

        Setup fee was going to be between $0-500 (contract vs no contract, extra setup vs none)

        I want the speed upgrade but I can’t do a contract, nor keen on the surprise fee. (I imagine it’s rarely charged but not risking it if they can’t assess before I sign papers)

        • I didn’t even know if my cable was hooked up properly before signup. I just told the operator I do not need a technician and they never sent one. I agree 24 month lock in contract can be frustrating, Now that nbn temporarily suspended HFC rollout. I’m quite happy with my current cable connection and wish it to stay that way.

        • I was under the impression that optus and telstra use different hfc networks. Might be why? Telstra had to run a new cable?

          I had to pay around $550ish for mine as they couldn't get the HFC up the existing conduit. Became very time consuming and difficult for the installer. So was charged for a difficult install.
          He was close to giving up and getting the civil team out to dig a new trench. But I went out and helped him pull the cable through. Told him to just cut the copper cable and use that to pull the hfc through as I won't use it again.

          Worth every penny though. Was only getting around 2mbps down on adsl and nbn was years away (probably still is years away). Didn't want to wait for a free install.

    • I wouldn't risk it. Stick to your working connection. Lots of people on whirlpool forums who switched/disconnected and can't get a service at all until NBN hits their area…

    • -1

      If you have Optus cable, you won't be able to get Telstra Cable. 2 different networks

  • wow this is awesome! What a great percentage increase on the base plan.

  • afriad to ask, but as a optus customer, any chance a modem reset will improve my uplink as well!? :|

    • +1

      Probably not yet but hopefully they follow suit

    • Unlikely. Optus run their own HFC cable network.

      • -1

        arent all HFC cable networks now owned by the one entity - NBN, or something like that?

  • Can confirm this too.

    Had an outage here the other day and had to reboot and noticed it was 5Mbps upload after testing after being on 2Mbps for so long.

    That explains it..

  • What??? I have been told forever that cable can't achieve more than 1mbps upload!!!

    • +2

      Now I just need optus to follow suit!

      • -1

        Yep never going to happen, they can barely sustain the current network loads let alone giving customers more bandwidth.
        I use it as a way to gain discounts, every 12 months I call up and complain about network congestion and I get 12 month discounts

        • this was happening in my area too but I think everyone dropped optus at once or something cause I'm getting 150mbps download 24/7 but upload is still 1 :(

    • The modems have always been capable of about 30mbit iirc, including mine which is 6 years old. The providers just never offered the option.

    • I think DOCSIS 2 has that limit. They are testing v3 at gigabit speeds right now.

      • Exactly that. In Germany 300mbps is kind of standard over cable.
        Cable has still lots of potential if done right. More than 100mbps for sure

      • -1

        I was pretty excited when NBN was going to eventually support DOCSIS 3.0 for HFC and then my connection type changed to FTTC -.-

    • +1

      A non-crippled DOCSIS 3.0 network (e.g. iiNet's regional cable network with 4 upstream channels) can do significantly more than that, I break 100mbit upstream on a good day.

    • I'm on iiNet Cable in Geelong and get 450Mbps/100Mbps on the best of times and average around 300Mbps/70Mbps so it is definitely possible http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/d/45008168

  • +3

    I think we got more than 5mbit up.


    • Whaaat? Can't be, do it again! 14mbps up.. On cable?

      • I'll login to the modem to double check but I've never seen bad data from that speed test.

    • I actually ended up with an increase in download speed.. 122mbps.


  • 5 up is finally a usable speed …

    • I'm on Telstra's Velocity FTTP network, with a speed boost the upload speeds are still limited to 5mpbs. Pretty disappointing to have fibre connected to your house and have uploads limited like that.


      • Well I can’t speak for you because FTTP really should be faster, but I’m on HFC which is decades old. NBN didn’t even touch this area but the government prob paid for it anyways.

  • +2

    Can confirm 35/1 to 55/5 in Adelaide

  • Yep. Worked. 113 down and 5.23 up

  • yeah awsome. i been on 25down and .5up and then did the reset, now 53.8 down and 4.6 up

  • Awesome! 105 down/2.2 up before, 105 down and 4.9 up after. Immediately after router restart. I am super stoked!

  • +1

    Up of 5 is pretty pathetic in the scheme of things. Especially for offsite backups.

  • Sweet for the upload speed is up to 5mb now!


  • holy.. it worked. How'd you find out?

    • +3

      Thank the Ring doorbell deal :-) I needed more upload speed so got on to telstra and upgraded to the premium speed pack for $20 more to get the 1Mbps increase (from 30/1 to 100/2) and while waiting for it to take place I reboot the modem hoping it had gone through and BAMMM i had 56/5 before the speed pack even went through. Then off to whirlpool i went and found out ALL about it (",)

      • +2

        You could remove the speed pack now and save yourself the $20/month.

        • This. You have sufficient upload speed now. Don't pay the extra

  • No point paying for speed boost anymore…

  • Not working here unfortunately :(

  • Before restart the modem, which is a normal speed in my home:

    After restarted the modem:

    In summary, it works like a charm! Maybe thinking to cancel the boost speed.

  • Upload speed still just 5. :(

  • Still doesn't compare to a full-fat fibre

    • +1

      woah! what do you do with all that sweet bandwidth

  • This applies to Telstra Cable, which is NOT HFC (NBN).

    • +2

      Damn I regret upgrading from Telstra Cable to NBN HFC :(

      My NBN HFC speed varies quite a lot during the day, and I am now missing my Telstra Cable 115Mbps Download

      Today at midnight my current is ok tho..

      • Is ok…lol

        Lots of disgruntled FTTN customers envious of your speeds!

  • Confirmed and awesome! Thanks op!

  • +2

    Any idea if you think Optus will do this too to stay competitive?

  • 114/5.33 on Telstra Cable

  • +4

    The speed upgrade isn't worth the reboot time… Ill just wait till the modem crashes

  • For someone also having issue like me, after you reboot the modem and your speed get significantly dropped or not working at all instead of being increased. Give Telstra cable customer support a call and request a connection refresh from their end. It works fine after that! I got 50Mbps down 5Mbps up now. Happy! And thanks so much for the tipster

  • I'm in Sydney and no change to my download speed. I've power cycled but nothing yet am I doing something wrong

  • can confirm this works :) went from 36mbps down, 1up to 57.66mbps and 5.21mbps upload

  • +1

    Works in Brisbane?

  • +1

    Can someone confirm it works in brisvegas

  • Why people always says cable is better than NBN? The upload speed in cable is 5Mbps but the NBN can go to 40Mbps which is a huge improvement.

    • Because NBN has no many issues with traffic and slow speed due to so many people, pathetic

    • case by case.

      Some people will have a really good experience depending on the type of technology they have available and what RSP they use. For some it's awful.

  • I was setting up my TM AC-1900 today from this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/372047, did reboot my modem during the process.
    After I was done, speedtest showed 50/5 (from 35/1), I thought the router gave me the boost, but this post explains it!

  • down was still ~30mbps but up went from 1mbps to 5mbps!!!!

    great deal!

    • +1

      It may be wifi limiting or other concurrent devices/downloads

  • +4

    Damn, would absolutely love 5MB up! Bloody Optus cable :-(

  • FFS im on 4mbps down adsl and some of you guys are getting 115mbps. No option to go cable or NBN. Buffering all the time at my place. Kill me now.

  • +2

    I wish Optus cable follows suit. I’d love a 5 mbps uplink!

  • Yeap worked like a charm after reload

    Before: 27.7/0.97
    After: 54.9/5.27 (down/up)

  • Wooo! Thanks OP

  • Thank you very much to OP and to Telstra such a great move from them! Now seeing 5-6mbps upload no problem

  • Thanks OP, it worked exactly as you said.

  • We were fortunate enough to be an optus only area and because their HFC network is so friggin shit, FTTC is the flavour of NBN coming here (for better or worse).

  • Worked for me. 32 now 55 who hoo

  • Just tested and download has increased from 35 to 57Mbps, and UP from 0.91 to 5Mbps

    3/12/2018 35.54 0.91
    4/20/2018 57.16 5.3

  • Thanks. My speedtest went from 95/1.75 to 114/5.28. Ping stayed at 7ms.

  • Tested my 30/1 plan also got 57/5


    awesome :D

  • Sweet.
    Loving the additional upload as I already have speedbost

  • Better, still poor though. 115/6


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