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Seiko Auto Prospex Blue Samurai $329.00 Shipped @ Starbuy


Seiko Auto Prospex SRPB49K Blue Samurai $329.00 Shipped

  • Crystal/Lens - Hardlex
  • Diameter - 43.8mm
  • Band width - 22mm
  • Case Thickness - 13mm
  • Cal. 4R35 Automatic Movement, 23 Jewels, Self winding, Hand winding & Hacking
  • Power Reserve - 41 Hours
  • Screw Down Crown
  • Unidirectional Bezel
  • Stainless Steel Bracelet with Solid End Links
  • Water resistant - 200 metres
  • 3 year Australian warranty from Seiko Australia

Good Pictures here
Review here
Watchuseek - The New Samurai Thread
7 Reviews on Amazon
Seiko Website

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  • +2

    Thanks for sharing! 🙏

    • Thanks for vot … oh!

  • +1

    Excellent price. This Melbourne store charges $750!

  • +1

    Awesome price. Wish it was blue lagoon limited edition.

    • I like the Blue Lagoon, but not prepared to pay overs for the millions of Seiko limited editions that are basically the same watch redialed. I'm really digging the fade dial on the new Turtle SRPC25K, but the premium is nuts right now.

      • yeah, they had the nice blue dial on the PADI edition, not surprised they are doing a non-PADI one, saves on licensing costs.

        • I think the Padi is only a sunburst dial. The SRPC25K is black and blue gradient like on the Rolex DSSD D-Blue.

        • +1

          @ilikeit: yeah, padi is blue sunburst …. I thought the SRPC25K black and blue gradient was just due to light instead of actual screened colours on the face.

      • I have both Samurai and Turtle Blue Lagoon Limited edition, with both costing circa $450. I wouldn’t be prepared to pay overs for this model. This is a totally different blue and there has not been millions of the blue lagoon. The black edition was the one to get.

  • +1

    Good price on bracelet.

  • +1

    Your other deals, the last one Invicta 1089 watch. Russian diver style. Is back down to $us108.43 del, dispute the post beingarked as expired. Fascinating watxh.

    • +1

      Thanks for the heads up, stop Ozbargaining & drinking, it's dangerous, haha.

      • +3

        Aww but I just poured another… Ok. Gnite

  • +3

    Awesome price op.

  • Thanks OP

  • +3

    Thks bought one, doubt I will see it cheaper, …. the samurai and turtle have been on the radar for the last few weeks, samurai down, turtle left to go.

    • +2

      Great, look forward to your review when you get it.

    • +4

      By the power vested in me it is my solemn duty to hereby absolve you of all blame and any residual guilt concerning the essential acquisition of this premium exquisite horological masterpiece.

      • +2

        Can someone please post a deal on absolution fees?

    • +3

      Please cast your vote

    • +2

      Don't forget to upvot up vote the OP.

    • Grabbed a turtle from these guys for a great price! Worth a look

  • Classy look. Me like!

  • Have been wanting a samurai for a while but I can't justify it to myself when I just bought a watch from the Creation ebay sale and i'm already out of room in the watch box

    • One in, one out rule.

  • +4

    Incredible price for an incredible watch.

  • Arghhh! Saw this watch when I was checking Starbuy earlier, was hoping WatchNerd went out for a drink on Friday night and delay posting this so I have more time to think about it… Guess I was wrong…

    Any chance of a coupon code to sweeten an already good deal further? I am trying my luck here… ;)

    • +2

      No I already tried, but the Rep won't budge as they have sold 19 today already without this post.

      • Thanks, worth a shot…

        My experience with Seiko auto is not very positive as the accuracy is way off (upto +- 3-5 min/day), is the newer movement in this much better accuracy wise? P/s: I am not expecting quartz's accuracy.

        • -1

          Wow, that's terrible. I wonder why that is?

        • @supabrudda:

          It's a Seiko… :(

  • I'd buy this in a heartbeat if the dial wasn't so ridiculously large. If only it came in a 39 mm.

    • the omega old seamasters are 42mm, and the older ones weren't too thick and the glass is domed, so they don't feel big. The Omega coaxials are thicker and that's when you feel the watch size. So with the samurai when mine arrives will be interesting how it feels being a 13mm thick watch.

      Also the band makes a difference how it feels, the stainless is thinner than the silicone band, and a nato would be thinner again.

      • I saw a video review of the samurai. Great looking watch but it just looked unruly by being so big. I'd prefer something similar in size to the SKX007.

        • It is big but the watch hugs closely to your wrist so it wears fairly small.

          I have the exact same watch and my wrist size is 6 inches. It's still a big watch for my wrist size but I can still pull it off.

          Also, I bought my Samurai in the Philippines for a little over 300 AUD, Seikos are pretty cheap in Southeast Asia.

  • +8

    Hey OP will this help me get girls?

    • +8

      Caution: StarBuy and Seiko bear no responsibility for consequences regarding usage of this aphrodisiac horological accoutrement.

    • +7

      it will help you be punctual if you do get a girl .

  • 43.8mm :( too big for my wrist unfortunately, otherwise lovely timepiece.

  • +3

    Bought! First automatic, pretty excited. Looked like a great price i couldn't pass up on, and love the design.

    • Congratulations.

  • Arrrr it's 43…… T__T

  • Thanks OP. Got one and going overseas in few weeks. So will do TRS!

  • I'm tempted. Will be travelling in a few weeks so could claim TRS too. I have a small wrist, and I'm just worried that it might be tad too large.

    Pity the Pepsi version isn't the same price. Decisions decisions!

    • The Seiko Sea Urchin is still available and it's 42mm.

      Look under Other Watch Deals

      • That watch doesn't really tickle my fancy unfortunately. Good price though!

  • Amazing price. How would this wear on 6.5 wrist? Anyone know?

    • That's a hard question to answer, generally I would say it was a too big, but I have read that it wears small.

      This comment may trigger you to buy one, haha.

    • I just found some photos of it on a 6.5" wrist.

    • It wears small because the lugs are angled downwards so it hugs your wrist closely. My wrist size is only 6 inches but I have a pretty flat wrist. It's big but looks ok on me.

    • Is that you Yoda?

  • Niceeeeeeeeeee.

  • tempting! but already own 3 other seikos.

  • +1

    Nice deal. Thank you OP! Ordered one of these. Will claim TRS too. :)

  • +3

    I would get my nuts castrated if I got another watch… my next watch will be a grail watch and that would be me done for the next 20 years. My last watch purchase was a CW Trident that I haven't worn because my (ex)-wife thinks my last watch purchase was a Citizen Diver.

    • +1

      Here's the trick; you must condition her. Over the course of 6 months buy lots of cheapies from Aliexpress or ebay. I'm talking in the $2-10 range. Fake sub-dials, alloy, whatever…Include a couple of cheap straps and spring bars. Let her see the cheap packages. Make sure you wear them all (at home of course, hehe) and tell your (ex)-wife exactly how much they cost and what you like/dislike about them and their value - be honest. Say positive things like, "It's pretty amazing for $5." After a while, she will adjust. Then you can slowly slip your new watch into the rotation and relegate the rest to the donations pile. Just figure out the monetary part and you are set. Report back in 6 months please.

      I have a CW Trident C60 Pro 600 white face black bezel V2 logo. Tremendous watch for the money.

  • Wow. I have had a hard time finding a diver that appeals to me but this looks… really good. Just bought a watch so I think I will have to resist the urge but damn.

  • +1

    Damn you OzBargain!!! Been after one of these for years, great price. Will look good next to my Blue Turtle!! Bought one, thanks OP

  • +1

    Not many in stock now, there were 9 left at midday.

  • Sold out

  • I really like it, but I should just replace the crystal on my 007 with a double dome Sapphire. Does anyone know who I could get to for a crystal in Melbourne? I'm nervous because I do actually dive with this dive watch, so I need to be sure it's done right.

  • -1


  • +3

    Thanks Op. Bought one this morning before it sold out!!

    • +1

      Well done. And you're also in time for voting.

  • Thanks mate. Great back up watch for my Hulk

  • +1

    Rep, any chance of a deal on the mini turtle?

    • yes rep, after a mini turtle as well!

  • Thank you!

  • +1

    It seems the stock is back however the price goes up to $459.

    Rep-any chance to offer the same deal?

    • Darn on a cruise and no wifi, missed the deal

  • +1

    arrived to day , so 1-1/2 business days to melbourne.

    Samuari weighs 200gms, my seamaster is 150gms. Both seem the same size from a width perspective but the samurai is thicker.
    The seasmater has no sharp edges to attack business shirt cuffs, the samurai has a couple, but they have smootheds out the bezel so all is good.
    Great watch but the thickness makes it more of a casual watch than business attire.
    Very happy at $326 and I can see it becoming one of my favourite weekend watches.

  • +1

    Anyone having buyer's remorse and want to sell their samurai? 😉

  • +2

    Rep-any chance to offer the same deal?

    • I will be posting a Starbuy deal today around 1pm. There will be a couple of Samurai's but not this particular model.

  • +1

    Got the watch today, not as big as I thought. Yet to resize the bracelet though.

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