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Buy One Traditional or Premium Pizza, & Get One Value or Traditional Pizza for $1 @ Domino's


Here's something to consider, if you haven't figured dinner out yet! Pick up or delivered.

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    I don’t tend to figure out dinner until a few minutes before I’m going to eat…

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      I thought in Perth you just ate whatever you can catch?

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    You could use this as another alternative - Use this code for Traditional Pizza for $7.95 - 299971. You buy 2 traditional pizzas equals too $15.90 or use the code above and buy 1 traditional pizza for $14.95 + $1 value or traditional pizza equals too $15.95. Saving you 5 cents.

    • Two codes stack

      • No just one, all I was trying to say is it the exact same thing.

    • Traditional pizza at my local Domino's (Edensor Park NSW 2176) is $12.95. Your comment is assuming it's $14.95. I get 2 traditional with this code for $13.95.

      • No, it varies from store to store also I am saying the code is not worth it, because the saving is the exact same thing for traditional pizzas.If you order online 1 traditional pizza is 14.95 with the code is $7.95 each.

        • I know it varies from store to store but your comment assumes that traditional pizza is $14.95. In my case since it's $12.95 for traditional, it's cheaper with this code because I get two traditional pizzas for $13.95 compared to $15.90 with the $7.95 traditional pizza code.