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[NSW] Sony WH-1000XM2 Headphones $299 @ Sony Kiosk Castle Hill


Ozb's second favourite (debatable) headphones are back on sale for a slightly higher than before but still the cheapest price (hope I'm right).
Spotted at the Sony kiosk at Castle Hill and listed as a managers special till Sunday 29th only.

Uploaded a pic here

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  • Attaboy. Good one!

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    nice find! i prefer these to my QC35's both are really good either way

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    Regretted missing them when they were $269 at JB, will see if I can get a store in QLD to match this hopefully.

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    Hi is the WH-H900N also on sale? Thx

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      i got jb to price match addicted to audio's price at 250

      • Thank you. I tried WH 1000 and i felt uncomfortable after using it for 30 mnts. I prefer the H900N over WH 1000.

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    Great find!
    Got the $269 as a gift and recepient absolutely loves these.
    Time to pull the trigger and get myself one. Thanks OP

  • Can anyone with a set of these let me know how well they do phone conversations? I do a lot of meetings and need something with a decent mic, I saw a complaint a while back that they were no good for this but am hoping otherwise as they tick every other box..!

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      no good for phones. use a wired set for that

      • Any suggestions on a good wired headphones with mic

        • happy with my xiaomi piston set. the one with a braided coil that's around $30

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          Neggers feel like sharing their views?

    • Yup, have one and agreed that it's horrible for calls.

    • The sennheiser pxc550 had the best voice call quality of all the headsets I've tried to date. The QC35II are also decent, the wh1000xm2 are terrible.

      • Thanks I might sit it out to a good deal comes for one of those. Shame as everything else seems great about the Sony

    • Maybe my expectations aren't as high and I don't make alot of calls but I have had no issue with using mine for calls at all

    • When I used mine for calls.. I felt like my voice was in my ears like I was stuck in an elevator/toilet making a call. It didn’t stop the NC so it was strangely disturbing to hear my voice like that.

    • I have a set, while I didn't get them for making calls. I've had no issues indoor with them outdoors the mics picup any breeze.
      using with an iPhone 8. I use beatsX for making calls, as a rep i'm on the phone alot but over ears wouldn't be practical on the road.
      The noise cancelling + wireless made these a no brainer for me for listening to music & flying.

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    Did any of you purchase this one? Mind to share the receipt?

    • Didn't purchase. Already have 3 other BT headphones.

  • I did see a review on YouTube saying the mic wasn’t great….

    I’ll try and find the review

    • yea the mic isnt great when theres a lot of background noise

  • What has been the cheapest price for the QC35's?

  • Loving my QC35's but this is a great deal.

  • Also available at Chatswood.

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    can anyone upload a receipt so that we can go and price match JBHIFI?

  • Just bought some QC35s to complement by Momentum 2.0
    If Sony had better customer support, I'd be all over these. Alas, next headphones will be PSB M4U8 instead.

    • what kind of experience did you had with sony? I had 1 headphone and 2 phones fixed under warranty although they were mainly my faults. it was collected, fixed and delivered within 3 business days.

  • Whats the stock level like? Might pop by in the morning to get a pair

    • They had 4 at closing time. Both colours available. 4 that I could see in the window. Would have more stock inside.

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    First store in Adelaide/online shipped to do this price gets my money….

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    I couldn't believe this headphone allow me to sleep on a plane and silence the in laws yapping all the time.

    • According to the SMH review, you can't use noise cancelling unless they're connected (either physically or via bluetooth)…i.e. if you're on a plane, you need to have them plugged in or connected to your phone otherwise they power off. If true, a fairly major flaw.


      • Used mine for the first time and had this issue, thought I was doing something wrong, maybe I am… kept turning off unless I paired it to my phone

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        I think what you're after in that case would be ear plugs.

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        I just connect it to my phone / ipad on the phone. Don't see why that is a flaw since everyone carries a phone around.

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          bluetooth chews power on both your phone & headphones. And they're cordless, so you don't get tangled. If you fly a bit, then you probably would be disappointed with this feature.

        • @supabrudda: I fly at least twice a month. The Bluetooth version is 5.0 now. Bluetooth is no longer power hungry.

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          @supabrudda: Find an old headphones, cut the 3.5mm jack and plug it in.

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          @wongjy12: I don't think these headphones support version 5.0 though. There aren't any headphones in the market right now that support this standard.

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          @sm007h: you're probably right. What I meant was Bluetooth 4.0 already supports low energy. Regardless, I always carry my phone and my powerbank. Don't think it should be a deal breaker like what supabrudda suggested.

    • Exactly what I’m after on both accounts ;)

  • does anybody know if HN live chat match store deals or does it need to be another online retailer?

  • Is this only in NSW? anybody seen this in VIC?

    • Would love to know too. Vic has no Sony Kiosk, but does the Sony store have this offer?

      • Can't imagine there'd be any difference in sales between the store and the kiosk. Best to give them a call and find out.

        • You would think so, but history has proven otherwise..

    • I checked with VIC store and they said Castle Hill selling Sony MDR-1000X for $299 not the WH-1000XM2.
      Anyone got diff responses?

  • Is that picture enough for any store in WA to do price matching?

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    Harveynorman live chat just so rude i asked for pricematch and Jasmine the rep just closed the live chat window without warning

    • +1

      think we'll need an actual receipt of this price with a date on it. I know my HN are right bastards when it comes to price matching.

      They'll use every excuse/loophole they can.

    • Lol. Tell them you are a professional.

    • Harvey Norman customer service in general is honestly the worst I've ever dealt with, swore them off because of past experiences dealing with a faulty product.

    • Report them

  • I have a Sony Z9D TV. Are these recommended for Netflix through the internal TV app ?

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    If you have a big head go with the bose, i got these and its like wearing a vice on my head

  • I checked with VIC store and they said Castle Hill selling Sony MDR-1000X for $299 not the WH-1000XM2.
    Anyone got diff responses?

    • You didn't show him the pic?

  • Please someone buy these and upload a receipt for us not in NSW!

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    Receipt for anyone. They said they had 1.7k in stock at the warehouse so if you miss out on getting it instore, they would just order one in for you for the same price (Castle Hill).


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    if anyone interested you can call sony castle hill kiosi and they take orders over the phone and they ship interstate as well. But they will charge $9 for shipping. I just bought one.
    Enjoy shopping!!!

    • Thanks, I just called and it rang out, but they called me back a few seconds later. As per above, no problems ordering using Amex over the phone and $9 postage to send 2 sets up to QLD. Free post within NSW. Sounds like they use DHL for delivery.

      • yes they said it will sent via DHL

    • If I pay $299+$9 will make it TRS claimable? Edit answer is NO

    • they have created the DHL shipment and sent me the tracking & the receipt this morning…

  • Will JB or Harvey Norman accept a receipt from a different state?

  • Just ordered a pair over the phone. Theres no more physically in stock at the store so they'll be sourcing it from thier warehouse.

    Also confirming (checked Liverpool and Macarthur stores) that you'd be hard pressed to find a JBHIFI store that'll price match because:

    1. I was told they need to be able to see the deal online from the store directly.

    2. They simply cannot go that low.

    • +2

      Well we know that's not true because of this previous deal where they went even lower

    • Confirmed that this is also in Chatswood, but JB store upstairs won't price match as they said they can't go that low. Also the stock sneakishly disappear and we can't check their stock online (click and collect not available).

    • +1

      Funny when they had it for $269 a few weeks ago.

      • +1

        Yeah i asked the guys what the go with the $269 deal a short while back was and they claimed they had no idea about it.

        Think those two stores were just being slackers haha.

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    Just went to Castle Towers Sony Kiosk, they ran out of stock and offered to order one in and get them shipped for the same price + shipping fee.

    I went downstairs to JB hi-fi and they agreed to price match it for the same price, luckily I got the last one they had.

    Here is my receipt, for those who want to price match other stores.


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    Same price available in parramatta Sony kiosk
    Now only one gold in stock,but black can be ordered for 299

  • Got Harvey Norman blacktown to price match. Thanks op.

  • Sony shop cash only $299 nunawading
    Harvey Norman nunawading $299
    And castel hill kiosk I orded 4 at $299 each plus’s 13 bucks delivered

  • Jb stores in vic got email from head office
    Stickly don’t sell at pricematch to Sony $299

  • +3

    Ordered over the phone from Castle Hill just now, guy guessed I was from ozbargain lol.

    Poor staff having to deal with the ozbargain effect over the phone :(

  • I ordered one on the phone after JB HiFi wouldn't price match the receipt from Castle Hill or the one from the South Australia JB. Then I called back and ordered a second pair when my wife heard… The guy was awesome but definitely tiring a bit. Good on the store for honoring it for us!

  • Hope these help someone

  • Anyone know how to force there into stereo mode when connected to PC via Bluetooth? For some applications, it runs only on headset (mono) mode.

    Saw a post in one of these threads, cant seem to find it.

  • Is this deal still available?

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