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Apple 27-Inch iMac Pro - 3.2GHz 8-Core Xeon with 5K Retina Display $6569 @ Harvey Norman


This popular deal is back. Enjoy :)


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$7299 @ JB Hi- Fi

iMac Pro features the most powerful processors and graphics ever in a Mac, along with the most advanced memory and storage - so the most demanding professionals can turn their biggest ideas into their greatest work.

Now everyone from video editors to 3D animators to musicians and software developers can turn big ideas into amazing work like never before. iMac Pro is powered by an Intel Xeon W Process with 8 cores for incredible performance. Its Radeon Pro Vega graphics chip lets you build and render amazingly lifelike special effects and VR worlds. And with 32GB of memory and 1TB of flash storage, projects load and save almost instantly. Introducing iMac Pro, the most powerful Mac ever.

Key Features

  • 27-inch (diagonal) Retina 5K display
  • 5120-by-2880 resolution with support for 1 billion colours
  • 8-core Xeon W processor
  • Radeon Pro Vega 56 graphics with 8GB of HBM2 memory, configurable to Vega 64 with 16GB of HBM2 memory (sold separately*)
  • 32GB of memory, configurable to 64GB or 128GB (sold separately*)
  • 1TB of storage, configurable to 2TB or 4TB SSD (sold separately*)
  • Four Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) ports / Four USB 3 ports / SDXC card slot / 10Gb Ethernet / 3.5-mm headphone jack / Stereo speakers / Four microphones

*For more information about configurable options, Please contact your local store.

What's In The Box?

  • 1x Space Grey iMac Pro (with 8-core Intel Xeon W, 32GB RAM & 1TB SSD)
  • 1x Space Grey Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad
  • 1x Space Grey Magic Mouse2

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • +8

    When I won $1m, I’ll buy one of these.

    • +70

      If you have already won it then you should buy one

    • +30

      Why? It's still a waste of money.. Who is actually crazy enough to buy this overpriced garbage? I could build a way faster computer for half the price. Apple's success just proves there are way to many dumb people in this world.

      • Because he's going to be rich?

        • +5

          Not going to stay rich for long with $1m if you splurge on stuff like this.

      • -3

        That could run iOS with the same performance?

        Err IO X

        Err Mac OS

        lol whatever it is.

        • +4

          You can actually build a hackintosh with equivalent specs for similar price (note the workstation class mobo/cpu which add a lot of cost) but if you use consumer parts you can build something that outperforms it at half the price.

      • -8

        It's aimed at the cashed up IT guy, who values warranty and support over saving a few bucks.

        • +39

          Warranty? Really? Apple cannot even repair these machines even if you are wanting to pay for it.

        • +6

          A few bucks or enough for a decent holiday?

        • @Rayve:
          Good to see another Linus Tech fan!

        • +25

          i can tell you mac's are not aimed at any 'IT guys'.

        • +2

          @xEnt: I love you.

        • It's aimed at older cashed up doctors who have been told by younger doctors that everything just works.

          The irony is that 6 months with one of these guys and it will be running just as poorly as their Windows machine.

      • +4

        Guess you never priced those parts then silly boy.

      • I could build a way faster computer for half the price.

        LTT would disagree with you https://youtu.be/SONKIJd8xRM?t=186

      • +1

        If you have to ask if you need one, you don’t need one. I could use one and make it pay for itself, so therefore it would be useful.

      • -1

        I just spent 15 hours trying to research why my start menu button and other shell elements on my Windows 10 computer stopped working, tried all sorts of solutions, went 10 pages deep into Google. That's 15 hours I could have been working and billing clients for instead, if I had a more reliable MacOS workstation.

      • No you can’t.

      • too many dumb people in this world

    • Me too but I spent my last 1 million on the "this app costs 1 million dollars - I am rich' app

    • If I had a million dollars
      I wouldn't have to eat Kraft dinner
      But I would eat Kraft dinner
      Of course, I’d would, I’d just eat more
      And buy really expensive ketchups with it
      That's right, all the fanciest Dijon ketchup

  • +28

    Purchased as a backup.

    • +5

      loose bottom now?

  • those should be ECC RAMs right?

    and my 8 core is way cheaper than that….1700x..

    • Yep, the iMac Pro uses ECC memory.

    • -1

      Its not jut the cPU, its all the other components and would be very similar quality as server hardware will would set you back close or more then this

        • +5

          All wrap inside a thin 5K monitor as well, and adding a apple logo.

          Thats like saying that a Porsche has the same engine as a bettle so should be the same price

        • +12

          Is this what you're referring to? https://youtu.be/SONKIJd8xRM?t=188

          Makes it sound like it's good value if anything

        • +5

          Anyone buying one of these isn't exactly going to running it as a gaming rig. Much for the same reasons the same people look at equivalent HP8xx series or Supermicrco workstations may also be considering them. Because of the footprint/noise vs cost.

          I'm considering buying one to reduce the work my aging dual hex core DL380 G7 server is doing now. My issue is that it doesn't support enough memory @ 128gb of ram and has lower core counts than I would like.

          edit: One thing that put me off OSX (using it as one of my admin machines, field notebook is a dell running linux) is that the tools available on Linux are not anywhere near as updated/available on OSX which is a pain. And I couldn't give too stiff shits about windows.

        • +14

          You clearly didn't watch the LTT video, because component for component, the iMac Pro is cheaper than buying the parts, and integrated. They did stipulate you could build a system that was faster in some applications for less, by using non pro components however. But if you want the full Pro Xeon/ECC/SSD/5K screen, you can't do it cheaper.

        • +3

          @cruelsinger: This thing sucks ass for gaming. trust me, a 8700k and a 1080ti would smash this overpriced garbage for gaming and you'd have more than half the money left over.

        • +4

          @herballizard: cool story bro

        • +4

          @Tythefly86: Have you actually read any of the previous comments?

          This isn't designed for gaming, it's a professional workstation computer designed with things like 3D Animation, Editing, Colour Grading, CAD, etc in mind, not fortnite.

          As was mentioned above by BurnerToasty, this iMac is actually cheaper than the equivalent PC as a whole.

        • +4

          Let’s not use LTT as the standard for what’s the right choice in pro workstations shall we? The guys an idiot

      • +5

        Server hardware isn't always more reliable it's just generally just very redundant and easy to fix. Alot of them have motherboards which can be removed without a screwdriver. apple on the other hand has like 30 different size screws so you have to remember where you took each screw from.

  • +6

    Thanks bought 3

    • Proof or it never happened!

      • +86

        It never happened

        • +1

          Damn it.

        • @homersimpson: Don't you mean, "D'oh!"?

  • +6

    Linus did a video on this one
    Unbox and review

    "It's too bad praying to the Apple gods don't make it any cheaper" ~ Linus , 2017.

    • +9

      and has since had issues with it.

      • +6

        Wow. They wouldn't even repair it because they haven't got any spare parts available? WTF.

        • yep! obviously pushed out the product before they had the infrastructure and procedures to support it. poor form for that market segment.

        • +1

          And this is what the apple fanboys can't see. All they see is oh he opened it no repair for you even you are willing to pay. But if you look at why they dont repair it is because they can't due to not having spares nor any certified 3rd party repairer. That is just inexcuseable.

          So how do these sheep try to defend apple had it been a customer through no fault of their own get a faulty product seeing they dont have spare parts to repair it. Will parts magically be available for said customer and not LTT?

        • -5

          The real reason is because he tampered so much with it that no one (apple or third-party repairs) can guarantee that it can be fixed.

          It's the equivalent of getting your car to the mechanic with lots of non-genuine parts and modifications and telling them "just fix it man"

        • +1

          @batouchu: He didn't change anything though. He just opened it.
          Your analogy is completely wrong.

        • +2

          @batouchu: That's not what Apple said, they said they currently can't support it, and neither can any Authorised Repairer.
          They can't order the parts because they aren't available.

        • @smalltime0:

          The reason is likely that though:


          An original product that is inoperable due to unauthorized modifications or has failed due to catastrophic damage, such as the product separating into multiple pieces, are examples of a product that is ineligible for Out of Warranty Service.

          He disassembled it, cracked the screen, and he also mentions the logic board and power supply needs replacing as well in the original video, so who knows what else got fried. That looks well into catastrophic damage to me.

        • +1

          @batouchu: All well and good if apple from the beginning said this and took this stance but they didn't. They said they don't have the parts to be able to repair it.

          Ok we can agree LTT shouldn't have opened it. They shouldn't have disassembled it either. Let's move past that shall we.

          Still doesn't change what apple said which was can't fix it no spare parts to be able to fix it. So basically anyone who ends up with a faulty imac pro through no fault of their own is out of luck getting it fixed warranty repair or out of warranty repair if apple don't have the parts to do so.

          Can you see how ridiculous this sounds? A multibillion dollar company is putting out products they themselves can't support.

        • @xoom:

          They said limited stocks for replacement parts. I can totes understand why they'd want to keep them for machines they have a good chance to fix.

        • @batouchu: that's not what is said in the video. It clearly said can't fix it because they can't get the parts.

          They were told to go to third party apple authorised service provider. Who at the time was not certified to work on these imac pro.

          The video goes on say even if they were certified they cannot just sell LTT the parts to repair it themselves. If they do they could lose their certification.

          So basically this leaves them high and dry. Did i forget to mention how apple likes to screw their customers who go to third party repairer by bricking their devices. Touch id button replacements as an example.

          Technicians even did 2 iphones out of the box. Swap the screen and it stops working.

          With other industry this behaviour is frowned upon and shunned but somehow apple seems to get their fans justifying this as ok.

          Now im not an LTT fan. Just calling out behaviour that should be nipped in the bud.

    • Thanks to all the posters on this comment, I don't need to watch Linus video.

      Some guys have voices that deserve to be read, only.

      I hate his voice, it irritates me.

  • -2

    thanks Op, bought 30, 29 backups and 1 for daily entertaining. Hahah

  • +8

    Careful when buying a iMac Pro, apple won't repair this if you open it yourself. They Are quite strict for this model apparently.

    • +58

      At that price, if it breaks, I want the ceo to personally collect it with a loaner.

      • +4

        Collect it with a boner? Sorry… Misread loaner.

        • +3

          Correct. Mistyped loaner. Damn you atoucorecct.

        • +1

          @TightBottom: Autocorrect? What's wrong with Batou's erect? I find it quite useful.

      • The CEO should bring you an apple pie while collecting the dead mac.

        • as long as its not the pie from american pie

    • +3

      why would you buy an all in one pc and then open it yourself? If you want something that you can modify do not buy this.

    • -3

      There is nothing to replace anyway, memory and storage are part of the motherboard, not removable

      • +8

        Incorrect. The RAM, hard drives and even the CPU can be upgraded with off the shelf components. The GPU is the only major component that is soldered to the board.

        The downside is that there's no access hatch, so you have to disassemble the whole device to do it, and this not only voids warranty but also they may refuse to ever do repairs on it or supply spare parts.

        The reason you might want to open it up is fairly obvious…you may find that your needs change and extra power would be an advantage. And rather than buying a whole new machine, it would be preferable to just tweak a few components. Plus some of Apple's upgrade prices are unjustifiably high.

        • +14

          It doesn't void the warranty, you are allowed to open devices you purchase, a seal or agreement that voids the warranty for opening a device is illegal, unless the act of opening the device will destroy it.

          Basically, 3rd party repair does not impact warranty, for instance if you got a 3rd party to upgrade the RAM or hard drive and the screen died 3 months later, they still have to repair the screen.

          The ACCC has in fact taken Apple to court just last year over their claims.

        • +7

          @nmartin84: Be that as it may, Apple stores won't touch the mac if you do open it. I understand it does not void the warranty from a legal standpoint but in practice Apple is refusing worldwide to touch the iMac Pros. For more info, search for Linus and Rossman videos on the subject.

        • This model I would say that's not exactly true because consideration needs to be made about thermal profiles (TDP). You can't just dump any old skylake xeon in the thing, they are sub-model B series which is hardly an off the shelf CPU.

          Its something Intel has cooked up specifically to match the chassis its going into.

          As a example TDP on a W-2135 is 140W and most of the W series family are found here


          At work (HPC Engineer) we run thousands and thousands of cores worth of Intel Platinum/Gold CPUS they run hot as hell. Either full submersion cooled in tanks of oil (@ my old job) or water-cooled. Its a different CPU again to the W series but that is an off the shelf part.

          Imac's have always been a pain to fix, that's not to say they are unfixable nor totally unserviceable but when apple shifts to more SoC based parts. Third party swap out becomes allot harder.

        • +1

          @herballizard: It just seems to be an underclocked W-2145.

        • @nmartin84: agree. If only companies like apple will stop bricking your device if you attempt a third party repair.

          Touch sensor bricking

          Ambient light sensor screen bricking

          Rewa technology youtube channel video below.

          Show the lengths apple has gone to bricking your phone if you attempt a third party repair. Even an oem apple part straight out of the very same model iphone bricks the phone.

  • +12

    Cant the os be upgraded to windows?

    • +19

      That'll be a downgrade according to Apple lovers.

    • +1

      Why, you can run WINE to run windows Apps

      • +1

        Can this box run crysis in wine?

    • +1

      Wouldn't you run Windows in a VM, using Parallels Desktop or VMWare?

      • +4

        Because it's bucketloads slower.


        • -2

          5% hit from Parallels on this $6k system will be nothing.

        • @twocsies: Parallels 13 supports DirectX 10 but not DirectX 11. AAA Gaming for 2018 games, bootcamp. Older games with Parallels 13 Pro with many cores and plenty of RAM, your experience may vary.

        • -2

          But this iMac Pro is bucketloads powerful.

        • @AustriaBargain: No, it is not.

      • +3

        No, you'd buy a windows PC. Anyone who can afford this machine can afford a windows machine.

    • Upgrade? When did virus and malware and personal collection of data become an upgrade?

    • +2

      will this thing run IE6. My bank says I need to use IE6.

    • +1

      I bought 1 and installed android on it … Best mobile phone ever!

  • +36

    Thanks, do you know if this would be good enough for my mum to send a few emails and browsing the the web?

    • +10

      It will work, but you need to buy an add on device for it though.

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