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Jetstar Birthday Sale - Return for Free Fares (MEL > SGN $259) (SYD > HKT $319) Return (Public Access Now On)


There are some fares available during summer holidays but they're mostly domestic.

Public Access on now - this deal expires tomorrow at 11.59pm.



Melbourne, Aus > Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam $259 RETURN 22 Oct 18 - 13 Dec 18
Sydney, Aus > Phuket, Thailand $319 RETURN 22 Oct 18 - 13 Dec 18 (Less than 400 seats)
Melbourne, Aus > Gold Coast, Aus $99 RETURN 08 Jan 19 - 27 Feb 19

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  • Are you a club member? If yes, can help to check the price for Mel - Singapore Mel - Dept 3rd / 4th May and return 7th - 2 adults 1 child.. thanks in advance..

    • I am, however I believe there aren’t any sales for Mel > Sin.

      Fares are available to search for the public including the Club Jetstar fares but you cant purchase it unless you have a membership.

  • OK thanks.. I thought I wasn't able to view them as well.. yes, no deal for Mel - SG sector at the moment

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    Any Japan deals? Specifically during Dec-Jan.

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      Seems like some deals from Cairns in early December but generally the Christmas period doesn't get touched by Jetstar sales for obvious reasons.

      • Is post Christmas and January generally peak season for flights to Japan? Or is it a bit cheaper due to winter over there?

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          Peak mid Dec the until around mid Jan.

          Week of Xmas/NYE last year was about $1200 each way every day.

    • No dice from Melbourne to Japan :(

      • Damn. Gonna be an expensive Wrestle Kingdom next year at this rate. :(

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    What dates did you see MEL > SYD for $59? I could only see $91?

    • Early Jan, there are departure dates for only $59.

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    Phuket airport code is HKT, whereas title says PHK which is Palm Beach Glades, USA

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      Nah, make it even more confusing, use ICAO codes instead;

      Jetstar Birthday Sale - Return for Free Fares (YMML > YSSY $59) (YSSY > VTSP) $319) Return (Club Jetstar Early Access)


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    I can't see any return fares for free? What steps do you follow to enable this?

    • Sales availability are at the end of the page.

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    I was able to browse for a bit before they shut me down, saw some flights to bkk $229, and $0 return, worth it to become a member.

    • EDIT: wrong thread

    • ….

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    holy cow. Gold Coast <—> Narita cheapest departure Oct 23rd $299

    edit: all tuesday departures are $299

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    I'm sitting here considering if it's worth paying for Club JetStar membership..hmm

    • +1

      yes :)

      • Bit the bullet..Could have waited to see what Tiger responded with tomorrow but I've been caught out previously where cheaper flights were never offered :)

        Hopefully use the JetStar membership throughout the year..do you know if it auto debits the following year? As I'd probably only want to do it for this year

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          Dont know about the auto debits but you always can call up and cancel it before the expriry date i guess hehe :)

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          Log into your account, go to club jetstar and untick auto renewal

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    Amazing thank you!! Just booked my fam (2 adults, child and infant) return to Phuket in Nov for $1200!! Luggage, selected seats, direct flights!

  • SO it's reurn (at a crap time) for free.

    Lets seee what Tiger offers tomorrow. Hopefully they'll do 1/2 price fares & we can price beat them down.

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    Just booked 2 X tickets from SYD to HCM return for $229 each. Thanks OP….been waiting for a sale!

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      Congrats! Have fun at VN ;)

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        Thanks again. I'm actually taking my 13yo boy who has a mild intellectual disability. We are doing a 4200km bike trip from HCM to Hanoi and everywhere in between! Most things have been organised, have just been waiting for some cheap flight and these ones suited perfectly.

        Really looking forward to some father and son bonding and confidence building.

        • +1

          If you're into philosophy at all you should read Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance before you go

        • @edd91:

          Thanks a lot for that, looks really interesting.

        • Is that a bike ride? Would love to see the itinerary! Sounds awesome.

        • +2


          I can't take credit for the route, I pinched it from a site called the Vietnam Coracle which is a wealth of information for travelling the country http://vietnamcoracle.com/saigon-to-hanoi-by-motorbike-5-sug...

          The 4200km route is #4 and called "The Big One". A copy of the map is below:


          I'm renting a 150cc Honda Winner with side Givi Boxes and Rack through TIGIT Motorcycles for about $450USD for the 2 months. You can get cheaper but these guys are great https://www.tigitmotorbikes.com/travel/honda-winner-150cc/

          We'll be staying in Homestays mostly, but will splurge a bit in the beginning and at the end.

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          Awesome father!! Hope you both have the best time!! :)

        • @f1ng3rs:Sounds amazing - trip of a lifetime! Just read the fine print on your travel insurance. There was a case recently where the insurer denied indemnity to a fellow from Perth who was injured on a bike because he didn’t have a motorbike license in Australia. Most places overseas will let you hire with an ordinary car license.

        • @LXE3:

          Unfortunately in Vietnam you can't legally ride a bike as a tourist, even though it's common place.

          All of the travel insurance companies state, if it's legal to ride in the country you are visiting then you will be covered. So while they will take your premium, there won't be any payout in the case of an accident.

        • … in Vietnam you can't legally ride a bike as a tourist …

          A bicycle? Are you sure?

        • @f1ng3rs:

          I need to retract this. Just had a reply from QBE (below), who I emailed yesterday. Amazing because I think I have read more than 50 different websites regarding motorcycle riding in Vietnam as well as Australian Insurance Companies

          QBE Reply = "We do not require a valid licence in the country you are visiting. We only need you to hold a valid and unrestricted licence in the country of your residence."

          Their only motorcycle restrictions are:

          (i) without wearing a helmet, or
          (ii) without an unrestricted motorcycle licence that is valid in your country of residence, or
          (iii) with an engine capacity greater than 250cc

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          No, a motorcycle as mention in the previous posts.

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    anyone else getting an "Access Denied" error when trying to book?

    • +1

      Try incognito browsing, worked for me.

    • I did for a while, I kept trying and eventually the page came up ok.

    • yes, but worked fine on the app

  • I don't understand, these are without taxes included right?

    • Includes taxes

      • Maybe I'm missing something but not when I'm going through the screens, I get tax even for the $0 return flight?

  • Can anyone see any sydney to Hawaii cheap return flights in around august-sept?

    • If you can’t see them online then there is zilch. Non Members and members can see the same flights whether it’s presale or not. It’s just non members can’t proceed past the flight selection page

      • Note that they have travel periods.

        SYD > HNL - 12 Feb 19 - 27 Mar 19

  • jeeps Perth got roasted on this one …. Melbourne only

    • All route ex Perth on sale.

      Have a closer look at the sales page .

  • I thought they normally have Sydney>Japan for their birthday sale… Damn

  • Got $229 per adult for Sydney - Phuket return in March 2018 :D

    • March 18? How was the trip? :) hehee

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    Phantom scared of heights.

    Old Jungle saying.

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    Thanks OP - just booked for 10 of us to Vietnam in March 19!

    $350pp including baggage/food and entertainment.

    Club Jetstar was worth it - cost $50 but saved $200 on the extras (20% off seat selection and baggage).

  • Is the site working for anyone?
    I can't seem to even search for any dates without getting a "Gateway Timeout" error.

    • Try on your mobile. Or the mobile app.

      I had trouble yesterday on my laptop before it was released to the public but it worked on my mobile (not the app).

  • Woohoo return from Sydney to Launcheston for $59 :)

  • Bought 5 adults to Honolulu - $1850 with baggage. How much luck will I need for DaVita to have a deal on dialysis sessions in Honolulu?

  • Thanks OP Melb to Gold Coast in January - $365 return for 2.. 20kg of luggage

  • Lol can get $85 return to Hobart from Adelaide, but the flight arrives 10:00pm. Literally any money i'd save would be spent on wasted accomodation for the night.

  • Hi, I'm n perth and need family of 4 tx to goldcoast or Brisbane for this September. Is it worth joining?

  • I don't seem to find many free return flights :(

  • Site must be getting hammered

  • When I try book with more than 1 person I can't get the $0 return flights…. :/

    • Where I would love a free return flight:( I couldn't find anything

  • Haha! ozbargained, no $0 return left or they have pulled the pin, a lot of peeps couldn't even log in yesterday, servers were overloaded,same gin different day.

  • How do you choose the 'free return' deal? What happens if the return flight is priced higher than the 'to' flight? Are taxes and baggage on the return leg also free?