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20% off 53 Selected Sellers @ eBay (Allphones, Dell, Catch, amaysim, Futu, Sydneytec + More)


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Participating stores include:

  • 24 Hour Nutrition
  • Activinstinct
  • Allphones Online
  • amaysim
  • Amcal
  • Blacks Outdoor
  • boohoo_official_store
  • buymobileau
  • Catch
  • Cellar Master Wines
  • Chalet Online
  • Cookware Brands
  • Dell Australia
  • Discount Brands Australia
  • Fab-Living
  • fishingtackledeals1
  • Futu_Online
  • Genesis
  • GraysOnline Australia
  • hardtofind
  • House
  • Jeanswest
  • Kathmandu
  • KG Electronic
  • Kitchen Warehouse
  • Knives & more
  • knives online
  • Lorna Jane Active
  • Matchbox
  • Millets
  • Motherworld
  • NO Frills
  • On Sport
  • oz-quicker
  • oz.sunshine
  • OZOstore
  • Ozplza living
  • PC Byte
  • PurpleSpoilz
  • Revcom
  • Robins Kitchen
  • Ryda
  • Sello-Products
  • Shopping Express Outlet
  • Simply Homeware
  • Sydney Sports Direct
  • Sydneytec
  • The Beauty Club
  • Vaya
  • Videopro Australia
  • Wine Market
  • winehaven
  • Zanui


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This is part of Mother's Day deals for 2018.

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  • +8

    What a surprise!

  • +7

    in b4 search link request

    • +3

      Beat me!!

    • +18

      inb4 price jacking complaints and how ACCC lets down every father, mother and child.

      • +9

        ACCC let’s down my dog…

        • +31

          That apostrophe…

        • @xrailgun:


        • Don’t let the dogs out man..

        • @xrailgun: he let all of us down

        • @xrailgun:

          Lol spell check… too lazy to recorrect it at times but I’ll leave it, as I kind of get a kick from it as it bothers some people :)

        • +1

          lol I like it. I find spelling and grammar errors much more tolerable than their whining about them :)

      • +3

        So the ACCC won't let me be or let me be me so let me see
        They tried to shut me down on MTV
        But it feels so empty without me.

    • Search link please?

  • +9

    All PRAISE the price jack!

    • Hopefully they jack off this time

      • +6

        Hope they don’t prematurely end it like Officeworks does..

        • lol yeah, hopefully these guys have better endurance.

          I guess we can get our carts all lubed up with items and pull the trigger as soon as the sale starts.

    • +1

      Not sure they need to… a 20% code always seems to be available for these stores so they can just leave them permanently up.

    • +2

      Should use code GROUNDHOGDAY

    • YES, as usual. :)


  • +8

    heh nice timing for the gift cards we all just bought

    • Glad I got 2k worth. The extra 10% might almost claw back the price jacking

    • What deal was this? :(

  • Praised price

  • +1

    Praise jebus.

  • por que no los dos

  • Maybe time for me to buy that Dell machine:) or build a new PC before end of financial year

  • +1

    Praise AMAZON..

  • +1


  • +1

    Would like a second monitor, but do I worry about 144FPS when I don't even have a current gaming rig?!

    • +1

      Not really worth it unless you get over 144fps (or plan on that soon) and play a lot of competitive FPS. The best thing you could do is look at the difference in store. The visual jump from 60hz to 140hz is quite minimal but a 60hz monitor will have either better image quality or lower cost. Ultimately it comes down to what you value the most.

      • +2

        Agreed. As a non-gamer, I instead bought a 32" IPS monitor for photo and video editing. Very happy with it.

  • Need a powerbank 10K mAh - where is the best place? Also, are 20,000 mAh allowed in the plane ? Flying to US in two weeks time, or am I better off buying there?

    • You should get this if you want the 10k.

      • Yeah I saw that and was waiting for the black one(any idea when?). Might just get the silver next week.

        • +1

          Not too sure unfortunately, you can get this one but not 100% sure about shipping times.

        • +1

          @doweyy: Cheers doweyy, appreciated!

    • Anything up to 100 Watt hours (100Wh) should be acceptable. https://www.casa.gov.au/standard-page/travelling-safely-batt...

      • Cheers. I have never owned one and when I used my gf's during travelling, it was so handy and a must IMO.

    • +2

      are 20,000 mAh allowed in the plane ?

      Yes, you can carry lithium batteries up to 100Wh rating (~26,800mAh) on to the plane.

      • Sydney airport is the only place I've ever had my power banks checked before though. Surprisingly not when I travelled all over Asia who have much stricter limits.

        • TLDR - should be fine.

          In December flew Sydney —> Guanzhou —> Heathrow return and they inspected them in Guanzhou as I expected - no issues with Xiaomi 2C 20,000mAh (74Wh @3.7V, equiv 13000mAh @ 5.1V battery).

        • +1

          @Wilburre: I think Shenzhen is the only one that will give you real trouble with power banks. I've seen a lot of people having their 20000mAh confiscated but having never been through there I have no idea.

        • +1

          Had my 10,000mAH checked in both Thailand and Vietnam last year and they were a little cagey about it, no way I'd risk a 20,000mAH one.

        • @dav3:

          TLDR - everyone check the rules of countries you are flying in/out of and the airline rules!

          I think the other thing to consider is the airline restrictions - old mate above listed the CASA guidelines which for Australia state you will be fine with <100Wh, with 100-160Wh requiring prior permission. Other countries and airlines of course have their own rules/restrictions etc about carrying them and/or using them on flight which could be different to CASA regs.

          I'm quoting my experience as China is known to be pretty cagey about it - but I also checked the rules for the airline and airports I used which happen to be in line with the CASA ones above. Everywhere could be different guys!

        • @Clear: Yep could be certain airlines in and out of Shenzen or the security rules at that airport. Always check the rules of the specific airline and airport. They usually have something online about batteries, same as liquids, aerosols, anything slightly interesting haha.

        • @dav3:
          How do they check? Is it like a physical inspection where they see if you've opened it or do they put it through an xray?
          Just curious not making a b-word or anything though i might be on a few lists now

        • +1


          They physically read the numbers on the brick, if they aren't visible, they may confiscate them. They check during scans.

          I've only had checks around Asia, China being the worst for checks. China allow 2 per person under 100Wh, I usually carry 2x 20,000mah. If you have 3, or any over 100Wh, they will confiscate them.

          If you checkin in China they won't allow them in bags either, they scan your bags and will make you remove them before handing you your boarding passes. Last year I had these checks in Pudong, Wuxi, Beijing, Guangzhou, and Chongqing, so I assume all Chinese airports work like this.

    • +1

      I've brought https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MZ61PRW/ref=emc_b_5_i on the plane home from the US without any issues. Purchased direct from amazon.

  • -2


    • +9

      Quite a few pillows to choose from at Catch & Zanui

    • +2


  • -2

    Yeah nah.. no thanks.

  • Is there any way to search for products from this list of sellers? obviously don't want to trawl through the whole of ebay and have to manually sort stores

    • +1

      BlazinPost posted it below

  • +1

    I came here just for the price jacking comments :O

    • -2

      Great.. now everyone just cums here…what a mess..

  • +2

    no computer alliance, no deal!

  • +3

    Search Link Currently Fixing for all sellers

    • +1

      Getting "One or more of the seller user IDs you entered was not found."

    • +6

      When I search for something, the seller list disappears

      • +2

        Open in Desktop site window if on mobile

        • :p the instruction is likely too challenging for Apple users.

        • @googleyahoo69: haha maybe I should change it to:
          it will work when you are on your $6500 imac pro

      • +2

        I'm getting this too on desktop :(

    • +3

      Same for me, how do you search without the seller filter disappearing?

    • +2

      Correct Instructions: Use the search link above, don't enter anything into the search box, but click on the Advanced Search. Now search here (you should see the sellers restriction in the advanced options when you search).

  • I'm in the market for an OLED. This one @ $1692 delivered is a pretty decent price.

  • +1

    A pity that South Coast Music never seems to be part of these deals any more.

    There's a very nice guitar that I have my eye on in their on-line store - it would be nice to save $240!

    I've bought a couple of amps from them previously, and they never appear to price-jack.

    • Probably why they domt participate anymore. As much as we hate the pricr jack it probably keeps some borderline sellers in the game

  • +10

    Proper search link. All 53 stores plus the right Boohoo store this time ;)

    • +8

      Incase you sellers disappear, when searching list of sellers to put in advanced search;

      24-hour-nutrition activinstinct_australia allphones_online amaysim amcalonline blacks_outdoor boohoo_official_store buymobileau catch cellarmaster-wines chalet-online* cookware_brands dell_australia discountbrandsaustralia* fab-living fishingtackledeals9 futu_online genesisaus graysonline-australia hardtofind_australia houseonline jeanswest_australia kathmandu_official_store k.g.electronic kitchen_warehouse knivesandmoreaus* knives-online* lornajaneactive matchbox_australia millets.outdoor motherworld-au nofrillssydney onsport_com_au oz-quicker oz.sunshine ozo.estore ozplaza.living pc.byte purplespoilz_au* revcom robins.kitchen.official ryda-online sello-products shopping-express-clearance simply.homeware sydneysportsdirectaus sydneytec the_beauty_club_au vaya_shop videopro_online winemarket grangesrus zanui

      • Awesome, this works perfectly.

    • +3

      Sorry, they changed which boohoo store to use this time, dang it. The right search link is this one: Search link

      • Edit your OP, will make it easier :)

      • Doesn't seem to be accurate.
        You got my super excited, thinking Camera House were part of the sale however, they are not listed as a store.

        • +2

          The issue isn't the link, the issue is that the seller list is not being filtered in when searching. Problem is most likely with eBay.

        • @nurries:

          Ah, I see.
          Yeah, I had a look at the URL and couldn't see Ted's or Camera House (though I was getting items form their store).

    • yeah doesnt work for me

  • +3

    Sorry guys.. But how do I use the search link from my mobile… It doesn't search the filtered ones… Any offers on tab a with s pen… Or any good tab/surface with a good pen for drawing

    • Open URL as "Desktop Site" on your said browser.

      • Thanks! That worked!!

        • Doesn't work for me on a PC.

  • +1

    shut up n take my money!!!

    • +2

      Can you please send your credit card details so we can start the process.. tnx

      • I'll take 3. My Amex is 371449635398431, expiry 05/18. Please process ASAP and provide tracking number.

  • +1

    Correct search link

    Shout out to my Python program :p

    Oops, I should've refreshed the page hahah

    • Mind sharing the file? :p

  • +13

    Lol price jacking at its best - list price is $298 but the picture under item description is still showing as $259

    To revcom - did U forget to update the picture? Very sloppy


    • +1

      Wow pretty bad

    • +1

      I don’t expect anything less anymore. See it every time with the retailers.

    • Save $20.60 (7.95%) rather than $51.80 (from the original list price).

      This is typical of these "20% off" sales. They should stop beating round the bush and just call them "5-10% off" sales.

      • +2

        1-5% off

    • +4

      I called them out on it :p


      Details about item: roxywarrior sent a message about Razer Leviathan 5.1 Channel Surround Sound Speakers #142715497111
      Sent:30-Apr-18 22:03

      New message to: revcom

      The price listed says $298… If I scroll down under the item description it says $259.00… Getting ready for the eBay 20% off code are we? You need more work on your price jacking skills…

      • +1

        LOL! They responded:

        Hi Roxywarrior,

        No "price jacking", just a pricing error. the below price is what the item sells for on our website, everything in the black and orange template section is imported from there, this price is normally changed to reflect the eBay price, which while yes we normally sell items at a higher price on eBay to cover eBay and PayPal related selling fees, we don't "price jack".


        Matthew Garner

        Revcom | Customer Care Team

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